Eggnogg is thick and heavy as so is the band

A recent discovery for me was finding "Eggnogg" a hard rock/sludge band from upstate New York. They are not your typical sludge/doom band as they have their own sound happening while still remaining real heavy within the stoner/sludge/doom genre. I wanted to find out more about the band so i asked for this interview and they agreed to do it. Read the interview and go check out the tunes, they are a band to look out for.

Hello and thanks for the interview, first question is how long has the band been together and how did the band formed?
Eggnogg has its roots in a band called GonZo that we formed in high school in 2004, which had as its core members Justin, Quinn, and I.

I must asked this, how and why did you come up the name "Eggnogg"?
Upon recording our latest album, we decided that there were too many bands using the same name as us, and so we figured we ought to change our name before releasing it. As for the specific name "Eggnogg," I'm uncertain what made it stand out above the others we had in mind. Possibly it was because the name is meaningless, and unused. Reflecting after the fact, I suppose a rational reason would be that the drink is thick and heavy, and an acquired taste.

How would you describe the sound of the band?
Heavy Rock. Others may choose to call it doom, sludge, fuzz-rock, or psychedelia.

The album has pretty good production, where did you do the recording?
We recorded the album at Justin's house, producing the entire thing ourselves.

Do you have specific themes for your songs or are they just inspired by whats in your head at the time of writing?
Often times I'm unsure where the songs are coming from when I'm writing them, but they always turn out to be very significant and even prophetic of my own life. There is always a meaning to be found in our music, and these themes tie in with each other, illustrating large philosophical concepts that cannot otherwise be described.

Has the band played many live shows ? The reason is ask is the band has been a pretty well kept secret so far!
We played quite a few shows in our home town throughout the years, but recently we have often been distanced from each other for one reason or another.

What is your local scene like and is there many venues at the moment where you live for Sludge/Doom bands?
There is no scene at all for our kind of music where we're from. And on top of that, there are very few musicians around willing to play that kind of music. Venues in the area are generally bars looking for cover bands.

What band do you think has the ultimate sound and do you model yourself on any bands in particular?
We have our inspirations, but our collective vision for the music is to do something new. Some of my favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Pink Floyd.

Does the band have any long term ambitions in terms of touring and record deals etc?
Definitely. We're hoping a label will pick us up so the album can have a proper release, but right now we're a bit too unknown to have drawn much attention.

Has the band had many reviews ? From my research i have only found one so far which was a really positive but short review on the Sludge Swamp website.
Well, not many, since we just recently adopted our current name and recorded our first album only last summer. Hopefully the word will spread about us.

How is the album being distributed and how can the readers get hold of the CD?
We haven't managed to get the CD in stores yet, but you can get it directly through us by emailing to
Any other inquiries should also be sent to this address.

One thing i noticed about the band is some of the great solo guitar work, its real heavy but there is also a hint of melody also. What is your personal opinion on the songs, are you happy with the way they turned out or do you wish you could change some parts?
I am very content with how the album turned out. We have been recording for years, and I think we've finally managed to make something that captures how we actually sound.

So what is in the immediate future for the band ? Is there any shows lined up you want to mentioned right now?
Nothing planned at the present. We'll be writing the next album this winter, and doing some demos. Recently I moved to Brooklyn, and so the band is separated for the moment, but hopefully we can make a new home for ourselves down here in the city.

Thanks again for the interview, any last words?
Check us out. Torrent the album if you have to. The songs are up on Youtube. Spread the word. Burn it for your friends. At this point I'm only concerned with getting our name out there. My biggest goal is for people to hear us.
Interviewer: Ed
Dec 1, 2009

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