El Kaso Urkijo show us the way to the morgue

El Kaso Urkijo is possibly the oldest and most respected grindcore band from Spain. They start in 1987 with the demo "Padre del año… violador!” (Father of the Year ... rapist!) and divided in 1995, but after fourteen years of silence, in 2009 they recorded new songs to edit the album "La bañera fué su nicho” (The bathtub was his niche) and this year threaten us again with his new album titled "Psicofonías desde el depósito” (EVP from the morgue). We spoke with Jordi “Popeye Warheads”, the drummer and one of the founders of El Kaso Urkijo.

Hi Jordi, could you talk about the origin of the band and who are the members of El Kaso Urkijo?
The band was formed in 1987 in Viladecans (the rotten and corrupt industrial belt of Barcelona), the current formation are Israeleitor –bass-, Aliento Putrefacto –vocals-, Carbonizado -guitar- and Popeye –drums-

Juan Obeja was an important part of the band during the early years of the band and we only hear something about him in the lyrics of a song of your previous album. How it relates to the band currently and Why he's not involved in this new era?
Bears no relation with us since many years, now is missing and I think that's better for everyone. Also even if this were not so, nor will we proposed return to the band, we say that their stage in the band, step into history.

In the first stage of the band you had a good source of inspiration to the late newspaper "El Caso", which was several crimes and incidents, to write lyrics for your songs, what you draw your inspiration for writing the lyrics?
We were inspired by actual events day by day, the reality is stranger than fiction... lol

El Kaso Urkijo has always had a particular and unmistakable sound, but you have some influence from other bands?
Our major influences from the beginning, were old albums of bands such as Septic Death, Cryptic Slaughter, Repulsion, Celtic Frost, Venom, Fear Of God.

For the album " Psicofonías desde el depósito" the band have re-recorded classic tracks as "Vacaciones en Puerto Hurraco", "Kaniche asesino" or "El Kaso Urkijo". The fans of the band asked to you if you could to include those songs on the album? You feel nostalgia of the old times? Or what reasons led you to put these issues instead new ones?
On the new album there's about 45 minutes of new material. We could have taken an album only with new songs, but also we decided to include classic themes of the band recorded with the current formation and mix it with the new songs, the result has been brutal,  no waste. Our fans are asking us for classic themes in our shows, so this is like a gift to say thank them all.

You have done concerts with groups that practice very different musical styles to yours. How is the react of fans of the other bands when you are playing your music in the scenario?
Normally everyone knows us and they knows the intense noise tsunami that they are exposed. They don't like our style of music so much, but we see enjoy to people as bastards.

You are one of the most veteran bands of the Spanish scene (if not the oldest), what changes have you seen in the extreme metal scene since you started until now?
Before, the people was involved a lot and they gave a true support to the bands. Albums and demos were running all over, now all this has changed a lot. Now, all is filled of posh children, saying that they are very brutal but they are only a fucking stupid posers that don't know anything about the extreme metal scene and they move only for profit.

Do you think people in Spain and national labels involved enough and give real support to the scene or should do more for lesser known bands?
I think here nobody does anything for anybody if there's not through money, I tell you from my experience, the underground spirit went to hell time ago.

Cooperativa del Ruido Records is the label who launch your last work. You have made contact with other major labels to sign with them to edit this album?
There have been some labels showing interest in us, in Spain and Europe, especially with our last recording. We were about to sign with another label that made a good deal, but at the last minute after thinking well, we decided to edit the album with Cooperativa del Ruido because this label is full of transparency and cooperation, we know that no one will profit from our work ... to hell with the men in suits who take profit of the groups!!!

Those who have known for a long time ago to El Kaso Urkijo know that members of the band ever have maintained various parallel music projects like La Conjura de los Boyardos, Candelabro, Carne, Splatter Grind, Likidillo De Kontainer, Nevera, Pepito, Industrial Noise, Gestörte Nachbarn, Chernobyl, Anal Pus, Freidora Jonki, Audio Zumbido, Kataratax and many more. Are you now solely dedicated to the band or do you have another active projects?
Popeye is currently in Gallumbo Grinder, Carbonizado in SELF EATEN and Aliento Putrefacto in Carnaca.

Characters like Kaniche Asesino, Padre Wisla and some more continuously appear in your lyrics, websites, artwork of your albums, etc. How were born these characters?
Lol, Kaniche Asesino was a poodle with bad attitude that always we kept sleeping in the rehearsal room (as a security measure lol), until one day he went across the street and was killed by a bus, then we decided to put his name to a song in his honor... In our rehearsal room also happen paranormal, things were moving, some amplifiers stops to work, alcoholic drinks disappears (lol), bulbs that explode, etc... and we decide to  baptized with the name of Padre Wisla to all this events.

Thanks for everything and good luck with the band and other projects.
Thank you for your support, do not fail to hear the latest Urkijo EVP.
We are here for whatever you want ... health and grindcore!!!
Interviewer: Hijo del Dolor
Oct 18, 2011

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