Extreem Exzeem ready to contaminate human kind globally

interview with Mark on 16-12-2004

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I'm Mark, I played in Pernicious ( one demo and two cd's ) for nine years and now I'm playing in Extreem Eczeem for one and a half years. Extreem Eczeem was already an existing band, the band was founded in 1996. We only have a live album and one studio album recorded, that's just released.

Why was this sick bandname chosen? Hidden sexual afrodisiac?
The name is autobiographic to some members of the band, look inside the layout and you'll understand. Sexual aphrodisiac has got nothing to do with it.

Did you have problems making the artwork? Pics out the private collection? No problem with the German printer who rejected it?
Yeah, we had some problems with it. We are not that handy with those computer programs, so two of our friends helped us out. The pictures inside are from live gigs, and some of the front and back pictures with those rashes are ours too. And about the German printer; they rejected the first picture on it, so we had to make another front.

What is the most repulsive artwork you have at home? Is our stomach turning around easily?
The most repulsive is Deifecation with their latest album; there is a pregnant woman on it, just delivering, and a guy kicking it back inside... Very cool! And my stomach can have something, that’s not a problem.

You also played in Pernicous. Why did you leave or still with them? What is the biggest effort of Pernicous?
Pernicious doesn't exist anymore due to motivation problems. The whole band didn't like to come to the rehearsal room anymore, even with gigs it was gone. So we decided to quit. The biggest effort is probably playing with Cannibal Corpse in our hometown, we also played on Fuck The Commerce, that was one of the highlights too. Since that gig we are coming every year to that festival. The best festival I have seen so far!

Isn't it difficult to promote an album you did not play on? Was it difficult to learn the drumparts from another drummer?
No, no problem at all. I play now in Extreem Eczeem, so I do everything I can to promote the band. Every drummer has got his own style, but it was not difficult to learn it. I have some expierence, and that helps a lot. The whole set was in my head within two months, with one practice a week. I think that's ok.

Is the old drummer still a friend of the band or is he devilsh covered with the black plague?
Sometimes a certain combination doesn't work, this was one of them. They don't hate eachother for it. He first played in Death Squad, Pernicious did some gigs with them some years ago, so I just know him a little.

How are the reactions on the disc? Do people appreciate it? What was the most negative remark?
What do you think? So far so good, we cannot complain. Besides the blastparts that you wished, ha, ha! I must say we don't have much remarks on the cd yet. We are pretty busy to send it around the world. So we'll wait and see hat happens.

Does your family like parents and grandparents listen to it? Do relatives get a free copy anyway?
They don't want it for free! Of course the cd was recorded without me, so they listened once to it. And that's it. But that's no problem, the next one will include me, so then they're more interested.

Which 2 cartoonfigures would you like to see married? Why?
Ren and Stimpy, cause they were always assmates!

What is the goal for Extreem Eczeem? What would be top that could be reached? How much time and effort will go in it?
Our goal is to contaminate human kind globally with our putrid vibes as much as we can. Just like every other band that is totally into their own music.

How does a show look like? What is the visual aspect and how much decibels do you produce?
Why don't you come and watch for yourself? Something in-between the Looney Tunes and the World Wrestling Federation! A combination of humour and brutal metal is what we stand for.

Do you have some memorable shows? How do you interacte with the crowd? Getting much male underware thrown on stage?
All of our shows are memorable to our public. Interaction is not always easy, especially when we are the first band on stage. But halfway through our set the public is enough infected with our music that they are getting uncontrollable spasms!

Can male-dwarfs blow you to get a free gigticket? How do you select people to come backstage?
Only if they are from Hobbits ton or the shire. Oh, and Gollum has also a nice pair of teeth. Only bigboobed girls are allowed backstage.

The end of 2004 is coming, what are your wishes for 2005? What are you hoping for?
Touring! We are doing an European tour with Mortuary i.o.d. and Steel Death next year june and we still have some dates open. If anybody is interested.... Mail us! With Pernicious I tried to do a tour, but it was already too late, let's hope this time we will!

Any other refreshing statement you wanna make? Maybe something that can shock us?
Come and watch us at the Baggerfest in Rijssen (Holland)! The gig is at Lucky, on the 28th of December. With Holy Moses!

Last rites?
Hail to Dimebag Darrel and agonizing torment to the bastard that shot him! (He’s dead too, so let’s hope Lucifer will set his balls eternally on fire...Twan)
Interviewer: twansibon
Dec 16, 2004

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