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Noctis - Vokill Assault
Blackthorn - 6 Strings Of Death
Azentrius - 6 Strings Of Death
Culg-Gath - Nuclear Bass Meltdown
S.D. Hellstorm - Lucifer's Hammers

Releases -
’Ezurate’ Demo '95
’Possessed By The Demon’ demo '97
’Infernal Dominatio’ full length 2000

interview with the guitarist Azentrius on 28-04-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hail!! Ezurate is a Chicago based black metal band that originated in late 1993, early 1994. We've gone through several line up changes over the years, and it wasn't until early 2000 that the line up was completely stable. We recorded our first album, ’Infernal Dominatio’ in April of 2000 and it is currently available from the mighty label Forever Underground Records. (www.foreverunderground.com)

The Time Has Come... for what?
The time has come for Ezurate to be unleashed on CD after 7 years of demo tapes and line up changes!!

Do you live like a satanist?
This is a strange question, but I'd certainly say that I personally do and that the rest of us definitly incorporate Satanic ideologies in our day to day lives. We are not Anton LaVey-ist Satanists though, we each hold our own opinions and Satanism to us is what we want it to be, a brutal lifestyle that shows no mercy for the weak and a deep seeded hatred for the Christian faith!!!

What is the main difference between US and European BM bands?
The US black metal scene is more about being ’underground’ as a whole I guess is the only difference. In Europe, many bands have commercialized black metal and abandoned their original true black metal roots. Here in the U.S., many bands have sworn their allegiance to the underground and will never sell out to corporate trends. Musically, the U.S. stuff tends to be more barbaric and hateful than many of today's European bands. However, there are still plenty of Euro-bands that completely slay and are true to their roots.

Why do you prefer BM over Death Metal?
I personally feel that black metal is more hateful and evil than death metal. Death metal is more focused on brutality in the music and most of the time supports a violent or gore-induced theme. Black metal tends to base itself on more thought out musical structure, and very sinister lyrical content, at least Ezurate does. We do like some death metal however.

Is the CD artwork in black because you play BM?
I don't think the CD artwork being black has anything to do with us being a black metal band, it has more to do with the fact that we like the all black and white layout concept that great bands like Darkthrone and (old) Burzum have used over the years, it has a certain grim quality to it that is appealing to us and we feel that it fits our music.

What is your drive to make music?
Our drive is that we want to create the most extreme, evil music we possibly can.

Where you do get inspiration from?
We all draw inspiration from different things or experiences in our lives. I can't speak for the other four members of Ezurate, but I personally feel that my inspiration comes from my personal hatred for Christianity and the millions of sheep who follow the false faith.

Is it difficult to get on stage?
No, not at all. We all enjoy playing for an audience of blood thirsty metalheads.

Do you visit concert yourself?
I go to shows occasionally, but normally just bands that I know. It's not very often that a band I like plays a show in Chicago.

What do you think of the new president?
I could care less about politics, so I really have no opinion. I hope that he starts World War III.

Last rites
Check out the many side projects of Ezurate members, our bass player (Culg-Gath) has a side project called CULT OF DAATH. They have a 4 way split vinyl LP with Blood Storm, Thornspawn and Maseus coming out on Poser Holocaust Records sometime soon and a full length CD due out this summer on War Hammer Records. I have my project NACHTMYSTIUM, cold grim black metal in the vein of Graveland and old Dark Throne. NACHTMYSTIUM has a demo entitled ’Holocaust of Eternity’ that is still available, but the remaining copies are very limited, contact Ezurate for more info. A full length album will be unleashed sometime within the next 6 months, we're currently switching labels due to some disagreements with War Hammer Records, the label originally intended to release it. Our drummer, S.D. Hellstorm has a project called NIHASA, which is fast black metal, fans of Ezurate would enjoy this. Again, contact Ezurate for more info. And finally, Noctis, our vokillist, has a project entitled HVELVENGEL AV HELVETE which is very orignal and raw black metal. There is a demo available entitled ’Unholy Dark Death Eternal’

Contact us for info. Thanks for the interview!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Apr 28, 2001

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