Falkenbach always did what it stands for today

Vratyas twenty years ago gave birth to Falkenbach, one of the first heathen/viking metal bands that in some ways has opened the door for bands like Enslaved and Amon Amarth. Even not as big as Enslaved, Amon Amarth, and Unleashed, one can't deny the role they had in the viking metal movement. After a six month sabbatical  Falkenbach released "Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty" which for the first Vratyas had some help with some guest musicians.  After years of waiting for Odin's call, Falkenbach has released "Tiurida" in Febuary of this year. Never toured or played live, Falkenbach is planning to do live appearances at some festivals in Germany. So let's check what the man has to say.

Guten tag Vratyas. How hot is it in Germany, it's a blistering 104F degrees here in Texas?
Well, we face a more or less non existing summer here right now.

How long has Falkenbach been around? The band is around for quite a long time.
The first tape was done in 1989, followed by several more tapes. In the middle of the 90s the first album was released, so meanwhile Falkenbach is there for rather any about 20 years.

Right now I'm listening to your recent release "Tiurida". This is the first for me in my case that I got to finally hear your music. Some of the songs reminds me of some later Bathory material when they ventured
into viking metal side. When did you started writing viking metal songs?
Well, Falkenbach started with folk songs somehow, the metal aspects were added song by song, tape by tape. But the style in general did not change, Falkenbach always did what it stands for today.

How does "Tiurida" differ from the band's previous works?
Hard to say. It's a typical Falkenbach album, as well as all the other albums, there's not too much so called 'progress'. On one hand, there're less lyrics on "Tiurida" compared to other albums, alot of instrumental parts in general. Beside that, we used much more real instrument instead of samples.

This time you worked with Patrick Damiani at Tidalwave Studio. Can you tell me a little about him and the studio?
It's been the 3rd album I recorded there, he's doing a really great job. Check www.tidalwave.de to make up your own mind.

Was he more of a hands off type of producer?
He's there with some fresh ideas if a song needs it, but he's also keeping himself in the background to let the bands do what they want. It depends on what exactly a band wants, he's able to play both roles.

Does Falkenbach ever tour or do doing any shows in Germany?
So far, Falkenbach did never play live. Maybe there's a chance for a couple of gigs in 2012, check www.facebook.com/falkenbach or www.falkenbach.de, there you'll find news about it first.

You played all of the instruments on this album?
No, Hagalaz, Tyrann, Boltthorn and Alboin were part of the recording of "Tiurida".

What is your opinion on the viking metal scene in Germany? Name some of the bands that's worthy of attention, in your own opinion what bands worth checking out?
To be honest, I do not listen to alot of metal bands in general, and haven't listened to new stuff for years now actually, at least not intensively. So I am afraid there's not too much I can say about it.

What are your plans for 2011?
Probably starting with the recordings for the new album already and having the first rehearsals for Falkenbach playing live in 2012.
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Aug 9, 2011

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