Fatalist and who they are ripping off?

When I heard this album memories of Stockholm death metal scene comes to mind. Stockton, California Fatalist debut "Depths Of Inhumanity" will bring you back to the glory days of the early 90s Stockholm that was made famous by Entombed, Dismember and Grave. Let's check out what guitarist/vocalist Neil has to say.

How long Fatalist been together been now and when the band first formed?
The band formed in May of 2006, so it has been 3.5 years now.

Some of the band member were also involved in Bay Area grind legends Impaled right? Are these members are still involved in Impaled?
No one has ever been in Impaled, although we know the Impaled guys. Our old member Wes was in Exhumed for about 6 months before they broke up.

The band recently had some band members left the band what were the circumstances behind their departure?
Well, I can’t really answer that question the way I would like to answer it. Let’s just say that there comes a time when you have to stop babysitting people and see people for who they really are. These two guys just didn’t give a shit about the band for the last 2 years and we had to miss some great opportunities because of them. We are starting to get offers for some great shows and we had to turn them down because these guys couldn’t and wouldn’t do their job within the band. I have already said too much and I would rather stop there.

You have any potential canidates to replace them or the band going to stay as a four piece?
Yeah, I have a new drummer and lead guitarist that I am working with right now. I have no idea if they will work out yet, but they are learning the songs right now. We are looking for a full time vocalist so I can just play guitar. If or when I think they are working out, I will announce the new members on line.

When I first heard the CD the first thing that came to mind was Carnage "Dark Recollections" and a faster Dismember "Like An Ever Flowing Stream".
Well, I appreciate the comparisons to those 2 classic albums. They were a huge influence on us for sure. Even though I tried to write like early Entombed, the songs came out sounding more like Dismember. I have no idea why.

Have the band been accused of being Entombed rip offs when the band first started?
Not that I know of. I don't think we sound as Swedish as people say we do. I still think we sound American in the way we write songs and put them together. If anyone accused us of ripping off Entombed, well that's a compliment. Of course we ripped off Entombed!!! We didn't invent this sound and we don't pretend not to rip off Entombed.

Explain how the band got hooked up with Ibex Moon and explain the detail of the deal.
I had bought the last Nominon CD that Ibex Moon released and I thought that they would be the perfect label for us. They are not too big and not too small. I talked to Wes about it and we agreed to try for Ibex moon. luckily John like what he heard and gave me a call. We talked on the phone for about 2 months before I signed the contract. The deal was just for one album with the option for a 2nd album. We are lucky that everything worked out for us.

What have been press reaction to "Depths Of Inhumanity" far as reviews.
From what I have read, it has been mostly positive. There are a few people who thought we were just OK, but most reviews have been really great. I couldn't have asked for more to be honest with you. I'm not stupid enough to think we can't improve as song writers. Hopefully the next album will be loved by all...and if not, no big deal.

What the reaction in the US been so far?
The reaction in the US is always much smaller than everywhere else. Americans don't give shit about the type of music Fatalist plays. We do hear from Americans that like our album, but mostly it comes from Europe. We have a hard time even playing a good show out here. It sucks sometimes to honest with you.

Is there any new material ready for the next album and you have a working title yet?
I have been working on some new songs and I have 5-6 songs started or finished. I hope to be able to start recording at the start of 2011.

When I seen the back cover of the CD it remind me of "Left Hand Path" was this the same location as the "Left Hand Path" photo?
No, this was shot at the top of a mountain here in Southern California. It was meant to be a tribute to that album and as sort of a joke. We are not fooling anyone. Everyone knows who we sound like.

What are the bands plans for 2010?
Our plans are to get this new line up together so we can play some festivals and maybe comes out to Europe later this year. That would be a dream come true.

Can you name some of songs you have written for the upcoming album?
None of the songs have lyrics yet. Hopefully a new singer will come along and write some lyrics for the album.

Well I like to thank for your time have anything you like to add?
Thanks for the interview and buy our album "The Depths Of Inhumanity" on Ibex Moon Records.
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Feb 13, 2010

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