Flesh Consumed keeps it brutal as possible

intie with Corey, April 2007

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
What’s up brother! I am Corey- Vocalist/Guitarist/founder of Flesh Consumed.

So what the hell is Flesh Consumed all about?
Flesh Consumed is a machine. Everyone knows their role in the band and we are very professional when it comes to business. With the music and lyrics we try to keep it as brutal as possible. We try to make it fresh and original.

Describe to the r&b/hiphipfans how Flesh Consumed sound like?
It’s got a beat and at times the music is up beat. A lot of death metal revolves around the drums and the beat. The same goes for hip-hop. The imagery and brutality might appeal to people into gangster rap.

What is the fun of playing brutal death metal? What is the difference between playing and listening?
When playing, I feel a sense of power. I just love when I’m nailing the riffs and vocal patterns. When everything is tight and executed properly it’s euphoric. Listening to other people play is different, you still feel a sense of power, but each band has a different aura to them and since your not focusing on your playing, you can hear the band as one entity.

Is the band a hobby or are trying to make a living out of it?
The band is my life. I have a job to support me cuz there is no money in death metal, but I am extremely serious and willing to do anything to make this work.

What is the most important thing the band achieved?
I would have to say, the contracts with Sevared.

Your debut album is out now on Sevared Records. Did you threat Barrett for this?
We are definitely satisfied with Barrett’s professionalism and how he has promoted the release.

Are you satisfied with the end resultfo the disc? Why is it a must have?
I’m about 80% satisfied. The production is good, but not the best. For the next album, “Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate” we decided to pay a couple grand on the recording and go with the best in the Bay Area. We have all been working with each other for a while now, as before I was working with all new members so we were just starting to get a feel for the chemistry.

What are the disappointments when getting the retail copy in your hands? What did you learn when recording and will you do different the next time.
I don’t think I was disappointed at all when I got the retail copy. The art transferred very well and it was better than expected. We kind of had to rush the Fermented Slaughter Ep because Alex was getting locked up, so we are definitely going to be completely solid when it comes to the next recording.

Are there unachieved goals for Flesh Consumed? Which ones?
Well we’ve been working on new material and recording for a year and a half straight, so we are going to focus on touring and playing festivals which are some goals we need to work on.

What is your speciality:
- in cooking Pot roast
- in sports Ju Jitzu
- in actiongames Don’t break the ice
- in sex Everything

Do you think Flesh Consumed is a live band or more studio focused? Why?
As of right now, we are more of a studio band because we have been recording non-stop but we don’t lack anything in our live show, and as soon as the “Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate” album is out we are going to be touring until the next recording.

Are you also having a home studio?
I record extremely shitty song demos on my 8 track just so we can remember the songs, but I hope to get some good equipment when I got the cash.

What can we expect when entering your shows? What can we do when we are disappointed about the gig?
We try to make our live sound at least as good as the albums. You won’t be disappointed.

Do you give discount to deaf persons? How will you check if they are real deaf?
It doesn’t matter what kind of disability yo have, if your cool and a little short on cash we’ll probably hook you up a little.

Do you have backup support from your family? Do they understand the metal love?
All of my family is down with Flesh Consumed and have supported every step I have taken in my death metal career. I’m sure the same goes for the other members.

The youth is the future so what do you teach your own children?
None of us have children, but I’m sure when I have kids they will be musicians and have a free mind.

Plans for the future? For the band? Personal life?
Flesh Consumed is just going to be writing albums and touring for the next 20 years, then I’ll kick back with my wife until the reaper gets me.

Also, Lenard and I are going to start up a custom guitar shop called “Consumed”. We are going to specialize in high quality death metal axes.

Some shameless promotion for “Fermented Slaughter_Inhuman Butchery”?
Pick up our disc it’s got all flavors of death metal, groove, tech, blast, slow, fast.

Last rites?
Just wanted to say thank you for the interview and everyone that supports FC. Check us out at www.fleshconsumed.com
Interviewer: twansibon
Apr 20, 2007

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