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A couple of years ago two friends Dionysos and Leandros started composing some tunes for their own joy without ever believing that this could go any further. One and a half year ago Dionisos (drums) and Leandros (guitars), decided to transform their home rehearsals into songs, meaning to find a couple more guys and form a band. So here comes Stelios (vocals) to join the serial crew and the birth of FLESHART becomes a fact. Several rehearsals followed during all this time and a couple of bassists played along with the band unsuccessfully. So FLESHART decided to enter the studio and record as a trio their 5-piece debut demo-cd of homicidal brutality, entitled “Devoted to Flesh”. After the recordings a couple of new guys showed interest for the bass position. One of them was Panagiotis (bass), who eventually entered the band. Now as a quartet we hope to carry on producing our music and perform live as much as we can. Our forthcoming release will be a single track promo, entitled “I Fuck You Dead” and shall be released within October 2001.

interview with Stelios on 07-02-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hey man this is Stelios from FLESHART. I'm 25 years old dedicated to extreme music since age 13. I live with my parents, I have one degree as a dental technician and now I study to become a dentist. I have several hobies like reading books, cinema, playing football and of course messing with underground movements like REPULSIVE ECHO mag, FLESHART GORENEWS newsletter, NECROMANCE mag, vomiting the lyrics I write and other similar shit!

Why did you started with Fleshart? What was the main reason?
The one and only reason is to play with my fellows the music we worship, meaning extreme brutal underground death metal!

Why the brutal style? Ever tried other styles?
Simply because this is what we enjoy the most. About other styles, yes I had along with a couple of friends a death metal band called NOCTURNAL HOWLING, performing less brutal music with a touch of black metal vocals combining with the brutal ones, but it was nothing compared to FLESHART!!!

How do you practive your vocal cords?
There is no such thing as practice for me. I just sing my favorite tunes along with my stereo when I listen to music and shit! Well whenever I listen to DEVOURMENT stuff I say I will quit HA, HA, HA!!

Do you think people can follow your lyrics?
It's not the easiest thing to do, but I really like to do so when I listen to music, even with the most brutal and extreme ones!

What do you do besides the band for the UG scene?
Well here we go. Along with a friend we publish REPULSIVE ECHO mag and we run a small distro. I publish the FLESHART GORENEWS newsletter and I write lyrics for some fellow bands. Recently I also got an offer from the guys in NECROMANCE mag (Spain) to co-operate with them making some inties and stuff. It's cool.

Do you spend all your free time in the UG scene?
Not exactly, but most of it!

What do you do in daily life? Job, study?
Right now I'm not working anywhere cause things at the university are pretty tight and I need to study really hard. As for my studies no need to mention them again, check question nr.1

What do you want to do when you grow up?
Have a nice family, be a dentist, keep slumming with FLESHART and own my own underground record company! Do I ask for much?

Do you make Ouzo yourself?

Any problems with your family when you talk about the band?
No problems! You see all these years they are used to the idea of their son being obsessed by death metal lunacy!

Did you loose friends when they notice the band?
No, no problems there too. You see I have real friends surrounding me not pussy ones-most of the times!!!

Do you think friendship is important? Can it be bought?
Friendship is something that cannot be bought or exchanged with any shit, (except for a deal with CORPSEGRISTLE REC. and a tour with PROPHECY, DEVOURMENT, SINTURY & SECT OF EXECRATION – HA,HA,HA!!!). Honestly, I really feel pity for all humans that haven't felt true friendship, but mostly for those who think that have ’friends’, while these so called friends are the worst wormy, filthy slime, which can cause only problems and hatred through jelousy and egopathy.

How is the metal scene in Greece?
We are trying, but our big egos prevent us from embracing each other truly, as we all (and I say all) should do!

Can you go see concerts of famous bands in your country?
Merely, but things now seem better than 10 years ago, when the most extreme band you could watch was PARADISE LOST, but I will never forget that NAPALM DEATH concert in 1992!!!

Did you joined the army? Nice time?
No, not yet due to my studies, but till next year this time I will.

Does legitimed murder exists?
Definitely!!! And it's called ’ACTIVE EUTHANASIA’. You should chat a bit with Dr Kevorkian for such an issue or just buy our debut demo cd and read the lyrics of the self-titled track!

How does the world come to an end?
It's simply matter of time and as always the utter destruction comes from human sickened will and self centred egomaniac humanoids! The end probably will come in the form of a merciless plague!!! I envision a viral holocaust for our race to follow! EBOLA RULES !!!

Why do you shave your armpits?
Well don't get so personal! These are matters of sexual preference and health. My girlfriend likes to leak them all the time. You see I have no pussy to shave - HA,HA,HA!!!

Ever been to a slaughterhouse? Wanted to take the knife yourself?
No, but I come from a village in Crete where my uncle and cousins keep animals. So I have witnessed several slaughters there, pigs, birds, rabbits, goats etc, I had helped with a rabbit once!

What is your bloodiest experience?
The animal killings I have pre-mentioned are my bloodiest experiences.

What do you want to teach your children?
Loyalty, honesty, integrity and be always vigilant, cause in any other case they will never see the shit goin&Mac226; down on them!

Do you save all your metal collectors for your (grand)children?
Sure thing, but I will never force them to listen to the stuff if they don't like it!!!

Which art do you enjoy? Some artists?
Speaking of music I worship the U.S. scene, especially TEXAS DEATH METAL. Bands like SUFFOCATION (RIP) LIVIDITY, PROPHECY, INTERNAL BLEEDING, PYREXIA, DEVOURMENT, IMMOLATION, BROKEN HOPE, INCANTATION, REGURGITATION, SINTURY, MALAMOR, DEHUMANIZED (RIP), ENTORTUREMENT (RIP); fuckin&Mac226; rule!!! Cinema is also cool and guys like R. DENIRO, AL PACINO, G. OLDMAN, S. NEAL, K. SPACY, B. DEL TORO, TARANTINO, H. KEITEL, J. NICHOLSON, B. PITT are really great. Last but not least comes reading and of course writers like H.P. LOVECRAFT, C. BARKER, G. MASTERTON, M. MOORCOCK, R. HOWARD, T. HARRIS, R. BLOCH, B. LUMLEY are some of my faves!!!

Last rites?
MEGA THANKS to you bro for the intie & all help. Good luck with all your projects!!! Check our stuff out at www.fleshart.cjb.net and feel free to write for info and merch at S. KRITHINAKIS/ 212 K. MATAPA/ 185 46 PIRAEUS/ GREECE or stelios34@hotmail.com - Be also alerted cause a couple of official releases for FLESHART are on their way!!! Till then,. . . . as Brian would say-KEEP IT FUCKIN' SICK!!!


- New 1 track promo CD out entitled “I FUCK YOU DEAD” for 2$ (P&P included).
- Still available our debut 5 track demo CD – “DEVOTED TO FLESH” for 7$ (P&P included).
- REPULSIVE ECHOmag #2 is out with tones of brutal stuff !!! CONTACT NOW !!!
- FLESHART GORENEWS #1 (HARMONY DIES, KEVLAR SKIN) is out too! An underground newsletter you can’t miss ! Already working on issue #2 featuring LIVIDITY, CENTURIAN, CARNAL REDEMPTION, HOLOCAUST and many more ... The price, just 1$ (NOT FOR OUR PROFIT, BUT ONLY TO COVER THE P&P EXPENSES!)
Interviewer: twansibon
Feb 7, 2002

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