Fleshcut bring the death metal!

It’s not very often that one finds a band that is really amped up about their genre, but Fleshcut really mean business when it comes to their death metal. They have their heart more set on EPs than full lengths, but only because they want to deliver the best of their music to their fans. Rather than blatantly release large doses of metal that may be mediocre or not, Fleshcut unleash it in small doses so it can easily be digested and can tweak and adjust their music as reviews and new ideas come along so they can continue to perfect their technique. I got a chance to discuss Fleshcut’s musical style and philosophy with the band so fans could get a good insight to what these guys are about as far as metal goes.

Hello guys how are things going in Sweden? What have you been up to since the release of your last EP back in February? New album in the works?
Hey man! We've gone straight to more songwriting and gig-hunting since the release. We have some stuff for an upcoming release, but nothing is really ready to be recorded yet - we worked pretty hard on the songs for "Evil Unfolds" so we're not gonna do a sloppy job for the next release either, which at the moment is planned to also be an EP - since it's smoother to record and spread than a full-length.

Will the new album be something completely different for Fleshcut fans to enjoy or do you think you found your niche with your debut album’s sound?
We haven't actually found the sound and style that we're 100% comfortble and pleased with until recently, like the songs on "Evil Unfolds". I guess we were just searching for our sound on the first two releases. We've always known what "type" of death metal we want to do, but like I said, it's really on "Evil Unfolds" were we're the most pleased! The songs we're working on now for the next release are a little bit different actually. It's still filthy fucking death metal and people will recognize us, but we've started to slow the tempo down somewhat. But don't worry, Fleshcut and intensity goes hand in hand and will always do haha!

On your bio you say you were greatly influenced, and even got the honor, to play with Entombed. Why is that?
Yes, Entombed is one of our biggest influences and we ended up on the same bill as them at a festival called Armageddon Open Air back in 2007. We kind of knew one of the arrangers, so we more or less asked straight up if we could play the festival. We were the first band to play, and Entombed were one of the last bands to play so it's not like we supported them - but still it felt cool as fuck to be on the same bill as one of you biggest influences.

What is Felshcult’s musical philosophy towards your style? What drives you the most to keep going in this band?
The thing that drives me the most to keep this band running is the total intensity of playing this music to be fired straight into the face of the listener. We also play what WE want to hear and we are totally ignorant to trends and we'll never fall to what other people want us to play or sound like. Ofcourse we appreciate our fans and we love it when people go insane infront of the stage, and we also know how to deal with bad criticism - but we'll always play whatever we want to play. But at the end of the day, I just simply worship death metal and to be a part of it by playing it myself is enough for me!

Do you think your latest EP reflects the best of your work so far, or is it just a momentary bone to be thrown to the fans that hunger for your music? Any particular track that has any special meaning that you’d like to share?
This EP has the songs that we're the most pleased with so far, but I don't want fans to be satisfied. Even how good or bad our songs turns out, I still want them to scream for more! All the songs has a special meaning to me, since we felt that we finally found our sound and way to play. We were not as pleased with the previous full-length as e wanted, so it felt really good to crush that one haha!

So why cover Nirvana’s ‘Mourning;’ it’s not really the typical hit that other bands would cover…?
Because it's a fucking masterpiece of a song! And by playing it live feels somewhat like "paying respect to the gods" haha! It's just a really good song by a really good band!

Any touring plans at the moment?
We want to, more than anything! But there are nothing that is nailed at the moment!

Is there anything specific that you guys do when you’re on tour, like a staple goal you bring to each show or a ‘good luck’ ritual to make sure everything goes well haha?
We've never been on tour, but before gigs we just pump each other up to do a hell of a gig!

In the digital world of metal where CDs are becoming less and less valuable, where do you see the future of music going as far as access and creation goes and how will it affect Fleshcut, for better or worse?
I'm a record collector and I really don't believe that records will die, but ofcourse most people prefer to download than to buy the actual release. I'm not against downloading, I just see it as another way to spread your music. I think metal bands in particular are pretty safe, since alot of metalheads are record collectors and prefer the physical product instead of an mp3 version. My creativity won't stop just because people aren't buying my bands' records, I care more about having alot of people going crazy at the gigs!

Your fans are obviously important; anything that a fan(s) has done that has really made an impact on the made and confirmed that death metal was the right way to go?
I think, when you really FIND death metal you'll be a fan for the rest of your life and all death metal fans has that in common. It's like air - it's there all the time and you fucking love every second of it!

That’s about all I have for now… stay brutal and good luck with the future metal endeavors. Any last words to our readers?
Thanks alot for the interview! STAY SICK AND KEEP SUPPORTING DEATH METAL!!!
Interviewer: devilmetal747
May 11, 2011

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