Fleshless gets their energy from the crowd

interview fleshless

interview with Vladimir on 05-02-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Fleshless has came on the scene in 1993. From this time they made two demos: Stench of rotting head + Grinding, one split MC with Mastic Scum and 3 CDs Grindgod, Abhorrence of cadaveric + Nice to Eat You. We have played already more than 350 gigs all around the world: Germany, Lithuania, Malta, Hungary, USA...etc. with bands like: Sodom, Napalm Death, Nasum, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation etc...The present line up is: Vladimir - throat, Michal - guit., Ludek - guit. Vitys - drums.

Is it an advancement of disadvancement that you're from the Czech?
In the past we were just strangers from the Eastern Europe, former communist country (although Czech Rep. is not eastern but middle Europe). Nowadays it has changed - now people don't look on where are you from, but: what do you do and how well... I am glad I am coming from the CZ!!!!

How is the situation of daily life in the Czech?
Just look at my personal daily life: I get up at about 8 a.m., then I surf internet (daily about 2 hours). My work begins at about 2pm, mon-thurs, so every working day at about 1pm I am preparing to leave to work. (it is about 15 km far from my home) Weekends I spend with band on the roads, except Sundays when I try to relax and be a family man. My job is a teacher in a correction agency for the youth.

What is the idea behind the album title?
There is no serious idea. It is just a fun : Like Nice to meet you, you know?

Your reaction on the end result of ’Nice to eat you’?
We are satisfied, it was a hard work! Every part is OK : sound - it's exactly what we wanted to use on previous CD's, we like our booklet and idea of Chymus (ISACAARUM singer) with Recipe book in booklet that in the best way correspond with our concept of this CD...

Was it hard to get the album recorded? Any troubles?
Yep, there were moments, it was before mastering, when our sound master thought he had lost all recordings somewhere in his computer.... it looked tragic for a while, but in the end he found it - it was a good luck!

Do you think you can go more extreme than this album?
I really don’t know that... We would like to play typical Fleshless music even on next records. One thing is for sure - no commerce, no more slow!

Did you suggest the brutal cover? Or did Jiri get total freedom?
We just wanted the cover to be according to the name of the CD. The kitchen is our common idea, but the extreme details are coming from Jiri's sick head and they are excellent!

Do you expect any problems with censorship? Your opinion on censorship?
One big SHIT! Poor people who don't understand our black humour!

Do you have a sick-twisted mind yourself?
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don ’t. The most sicko is Chymus, singer from Isacaarum, he is the biggest maniac for sicko lyrics...

Why are there so many brutal bands from Czech?
I don't know. Probably it is so many brutal people living here, hahaha... death/grind is really very popular here. A lot of our bands are succesfull also abroad, all around the world.

Do you have contact with them? is it important to help/support each other?
I am in contact with the most of them. Yep, supporting is very important. I know a lot of good friends in underground. But some people are not so friendly and some of them try to destroy your work. It sucks!

Any connections with overseas bands? Think it can help to get concerts overthere?
Yes, I have a lot of friends, espec. in the USA (Lividity, Pessimist, Mortician, Fleshgrind, Cryptopsy......). A lot of our US friends did help us while we were on our first US tour - Kiblers, March from Deathgasm Rec., Pessimist, Fleshtized and others. Thank you guys! I Hope we will meet again soon!!!

Do you like playing on stage? How do you feel after a gig?
Amazing feelings! Big energy! We play very often (about 55 gigs a year). It is so nice to meet new places and new people! I love it!

How do you keep in shape to get wild on stage?
Nothing special. It is the energy coming mostly from the crowd!.

Do like to see fans getting on the stage and sing along the songs?
YES!!! It is the best! I like it (except when some of them destroy our instruments and cables). Fans are for us the most important thing! We thank them all!!!

Do you play airguitar while visiting a gig yourself?
Sometimes, when I am totally swallowed by the music. It is a good fun.

What is your favorit song to play airguitar?
Right now it is a cover song from ROOT, ’Body Bag Blues’, ’Then Dank Smell of Rotting Ovulation’ and from the other band: NAPALM DEATH ’Suffer To Children’ or SLAYER ’Angel of Death’... cool!

What are you doing in daily life? Job or fulltime musician?
No, I am a teacher for more than 10 years. And I like my job!

Do you dream about making a living out of music?
Sure! But death metal is not commercial, so it is just for fun.

When you were a teenager, what did you want to become? Fireman, astronaut?
I guess I supposed to be an police officer. My present job is very close to it. Young criminals are sometimes very brutal....

What will you do in 10 years from now on?
I don't know what I will do in a week, but I prefer to stay playing music, have children and family and create something good that will stay after I left...

Few words to promote the ’Nice to eat you’ menucard?
1/2 hour death/gring ride with some melodies, accustic parts, not just a brutality, but also a sense for a music... It is the right CD for all metal fans!

Last rites?
Thanx for this wide interview and good questions, thanx for supporting us. People, write us e-mails, support gigs and stay BRUTAL!!!!! Check us out at facebook !!!