Forn Valdyrheim with beer and ceremonial slaughter

FORN VALDYRHEIM was concieved in late 2003 under previous name, A Solemn Death. Only one recording was done as A Solemn Death. The beginnings were uncertain with Dan'thaal and Disembowelled the only stable members and ever changing line ups. Karnull and Sacorus became full time additions in 2004 and this laid the ground work for what would become Forn Valdyrheim. A demo CD soon followed. Before the mixing was even complete the band wanted a new direction with the sound and also recruited Miasmyr (formerly of Catacomb and Urgrund). New ideas manifested from new inspirations and ideas. It was thus that A Solemn Death was over and Forn Valdyrheim rose from its wake.

Forn Valdyrheim plays a very 90s European-rich style of black metal, consiting of epic guitars and synthetics. Bands like Abigor, Emperor, Satyricon and Setherial collectively influence Forn Valdyrheim's sound.

By 2005 Forn Valdyrheim released a debut CD name Reminisce Eternity that has been well recieved. Forn Valdyrheim continues to grow and evolve, already playing along side warbrothers such as Spear of Longinus, Battalion, Misery, and Nocturnal Graves and there are big things happening in Forn Valdyrheim's sights.

interview with Dan'thaal on 18-05-2005

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
The Eternal Order of Forn Valdyrheim. Five entities, like the five points of the star, conjuring up hymns of pummeling eternal paradoxes, reminiscing ancient times and nocturnal forces.

Forn Valdyrheim? Explain, share the secret with us...
Forn Valdyrheim roughly translate from Old Norse to Ancient Wolf Home. There are numorous reasons to the selection of this title. The music of Forn Valdyrheim is not native to our southern domain, but rather the lands of our viking ancestry. Only this title gives proper imagery to the sound. The other reason is on a more philosophical level.In Norse mythology, it is the great wolves that will cause destruction during the time of Ragnarok. The wolf is the eternal image of war, savagery and is the beast of man. It is man, the wolf, that will crush it's own and surrounding existence

Sawdust or woodchips?
Woodchips burn...

Best tattoo-artist ever?
There are so many! Though an artist that goes by the title of 'Nutz' from the Gold Coast, Australia, has dorned myself some spectactular line work

Any chance we might see you guy's in Holland?
Forn Valdyrheim is a very active Black Metal band. One day, unless due to uncontrollable circumstances, we will assault the lands of Holland!

Nicest combination of food and drinks?
Beer and pizza.

What band can ’warm up’ the crowd the best?
There Australian Black Metal band, Nazxul, has been said to create one of the most awe inspiring live Black Metal performances achievable. Though another Australian band, Portal, unleashes the most crushing and twisted sonic assualt capable by corporeal entities. There is nothing left to do when witnessing Portal other than succumbing to their audial ritual.

Wanna smoke?
Yes, over beer and ceremonial slaughter!

How's the metal-scene in Austalia?
There is no correct way to answer this as there will always be a crowd that disagrees. The metal 'scene' in Australia varies from region to region. Australia currently has an overwhelming supply of gore, death, and grind bands. Unfortunately only a smaller portion of them are worth anyone's while. In the Australian underground there is also still a large following of the traditional Australian war death/thrash metal.

’One night stands’ or ’love for live’?
Whatever appeases you. Suit yourself, and no one else!

Last rites?
Eternal hails for taking time and interest! Hopefully the debut Forn Valdyrheim release, Reminisce Eternity, will be distributed on European soil sometime soon, we're still seeking a label/distro deal in the Black Metal territories!
Interviewer: twansibon
May 18, 2005

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