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interview with Fuck The Facts

Fuck The Facts first began in 1998 as the solo project of Topon Das (Kuru, Fourth Dimension, Corpus). In the early stages various tracks were recorded for compilations, eventually accumalting to the tracks that would be featured on FTFs first and self-titled tape release on DEDFUK RECORDS. Over the next couple of years splits were done with such bands as MASTECTOMIA, S.M.E.S, LONG DREAM DEAD, and CULT OF THE DAMNED, as well as being featured on numerous compilations.
In late 2000 the second full length was released. ’Vagina Dancer’, an all noise effort was release in tape form by label WHERETHELATEBIRDSSANG. Shortly after this release work was begun on FTF next effort. Over the fall/winter period of 2000/01 ten tracks were written/recorded, and in January 2001, ’DISCOING THE DEAD’ FTFs first CD was released on GHETTO BLASTER recordings.
With the incentive of the many good reviews and responses to everything so far, the next step made was to begin work on bringing FTF to the live stage. In February 2001 Matt Connell was brought in as the drummer for FTF, shortly after this Tim Audette joined the band on guitar. This line-up would then record a 15 minute long grind/noise experimentation track for a split release with noise ensemble AMES SANGLANTES on GHETTO BLASTER Recordings.
In another short while FTF had aquired two new members, Brent Christoff (Kuru) on vocals, and Shomir Das (Evolution Fail, Nefarious) on bass. With the new line-up complete the band re-recorded 4 older tracks along with a BEACH BOYS cover, creating the CD-EP ’Four0ninE’ on GHETTO BLASTER, which will later be released as a split seven inch. Shorly after recording ’Four0ninE’ Shomir Das left Fuck The Facts. FTF was unable to find a suitable replacement for Shomir, but pressed on regardless and made their live debut in August 2001 at the MELBOURNE PUNKFEST 2001. Since then FTF has played a multitude of live shows with such bands as EXHUMED, BODYBAG, LARIAT, BURIED INSIDE, OPPRESSED CONSCIENCE, THE DEVIATES and SOUL LESS DIVINE. Fuck The Facts are currently working on new material for a full length album due to be recorded in early 2002, as well as having a number of split seven inches in the works.

interview with Topon on 04-02-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
..Hi! i play in Fuck The Facts....i like long walks on the beach and sitting on the couch drinking coco with that special someone...maybe it's you!!

Is Topon Das your real name? Because it sounds like German slang.
..Yes, it's my birth name... it's Bengali, from West Bengal (India). My father is Indian. I know that ’das’ is ’the’ in German.... but, i probably don't want to know what ’topon’ sounds like in German.

Why did you choose the FTF bandname? Want to make a statement?
..I'd say it's partially to make a statement, but mostly cause we like the sound of it... The statement would be more based on our music then a political one. To me it means we do whatever we feel like with our music and make sure we never feel forced to play a certain way to fit in with a certain genre... We're not a grind band, or noise band or punk band.. we're just 4 guys who get together with all different ideas and mesh them together to create music or whatever.. that's the FTF phliosophy.. to create without borders.

What is the main spirit/the goal of the band? In other words: why playing music?
..Basiaclly, what i just said.. but also, to produce albums and recordings we really like and love to listen to. We also love to travel and visit different city and this gives us a way to do it, and pays atleast the gas money... But, it all comes down to the fact that it's fun, and that's why we do it... if one day we don't enjoy it anymore we'll stop.

How was it to play your first gig in Australia?
..Actually, it was in Melbourne, Quebec...in Canada. It's about 4-5 hours from where we live, and it was a 2 day Punkfest. it was killer fun..we went on at 4am....but still a good crowd to see the show, there was even 2 bands after us. Lot's of crazy drunk, and drugged out crust punks. We hope to play again this year if we can.

Did it taste for more? Are you currently performing live?
...Our next show was only 8 days later... so we didn't have to wait long. But, yes,..it definitly did make us want to play more shows. We've started playing live again after a 2 month break to write and work on our next album... Now we play about 3-5 shows per month, with some mini-tours here and there.. we'll be going on our first tour in May when we do eastren U.S.A. for 2 weeks.

How do you behave on stage? Totally uncontrolled?
...We've been told that we have a very ’crazy chaotic’ live show... I must admit that there's alot of moving around from us when we play live. We usally don't use a stage and we like to get right into the crowd... i've been cut and hit a few times during our shows.....i feel our music has alot of moods, and we sort of act them out in our live show, by drawing attention to them.

What kind of car do you use as a touring vehicle?
..Right now, we tour around in a Toyota Siena... it's a mini-van. it's very cramped in there, we only have enough room to fit our gear and ourselves... no room to relax. Actually, we joke that it's good that we don't have a bass player at the moment, cause we'd have no where to put him! We hope to get a trailer soon.

How is the scene in Canada?
...Canada is very big and very different from east to west... the scene where we are is not bad. We haven't gone further then 6-7 hours away from where we live, but we always seem to meet nice people... ocassionally some asshole, but i manage to just forget those people. Lots of cool bands, etc... i'm sure it's not very different from your scene.

Your fav fuck position?
...It's wierd how this question ends up in quite a few interviews... I like sex with many different positions.. though, my fav at the moment is ’girl on top’.

Ever tried some kinky sex?

How do you try to get attention to the band? Does this cost lots of time?
It definitly takes alot of time. A day doesn't go by that i'm not doing something for this band... we try and play alot of different cities, meet and work with different bands and labels, and basically just build our name whatever way we can... it's all fun anyway..
What do you do in daily life?
Well, when i'm not doing music... i have a shitty job here, working in shipping and recieving for a department store... i also run my own distro and put on local gig, etc.. with GHETTO BLASTER PRODUCTIONS, check out my site at: http://get.to/ghettoblaster

Do you have a hobby that has noting to do with music?
I like to read occasionally, sometimes i draw comics and doodle... but music is definitly the focus of my life.

Do you own a tattoo or piercing? If yes what and if no why not?
Believe it or not, i don't have one tatoo...it's more rare now to not have any tatoos i think.. but, i do have my tounge and septum pierced. I have no real reason, why or why not.. my piercings are 2-3 years old now, and i don't know if i'd get more... i've thought about getting a tatoo, but was never able to draw well enough to be happy with it....i would hate to pick something off a wall at a tattoo shop.

Ever used a pizza as a frisbee?
It's mean to tease a poor man with pizza... No i never did that, i love eating pizza too much to let that ever happen.

Is there a dresscode in grind noise scene? Do you wear it?
..i would hate to think so, but there probably is to a certain extent... I have dreadlocks and my nose pierced, so i would even say that makes me some what of a fashion victim.

Is it important to you to belong to something?
...I don't think so...if you mean like a scene or something, i would have to say no... i hang out with all different kinds of people, punks, hardcore kids, even ’jock’ type people.. i don't let scene or style get inbetween me and my friends.

What makes FTF differ from other grind noise bands?
I personally haven't really ever heard a band like us, like i said before i think we're much more then just a grind/noise band... cause if we where just a grind noise band, there probably wouldn't be anything that made us different... we experiment with a lot more things than most bands, and have even touched such taboo styles as hip-hop, surf rock, black metal, disco, and much more.... I'm not saying we're the most original band out there, we just steal our ideas from a wider range of styles than most band.

Last rites?
Yo bro! Thanx a million for the killer interview.... we really appreciate your interest in us, and your great support. We have a new CD out now called ’MULLET FEVER’ it's 37 songs in 35 minutes, we've released it independantly through my label as a limited edition of 200 copies... A bunch of the trax will be coming out on a split 7’ with Kastrat (italy) on iZAS! recs (italy), we also got a split 7’ with Mortuary I.O.D. coming out in the near future, as well as a bunch of other stuff in the works...and like i said earlier we've started to record our next album, and hope to have it out this spring... check out our web-site at: http://www.fuckthefacts.tk for all the info... or e-mail us at: discocore@yahoo.com thanx again, for all yr support and rock out!!!