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interview with Gerbe Of Life

In 1997, Seb and Chris (ex DISGUST bassist) decided to create GERBE OF LIFE.Taking influences from and mixing several extreme musical waves such as Grind, Crust, Death, Black and Indus. They’re playing a music that’s sincere and without compromise.Immediately, french lyrics were choosed to show a symbiosis between brutal music and french lyrics is possible, but also not to take the easy opportunity to sing in english to follow the mass.
To underline the mix of influences and the rejection of convention, a name mixing both french and english was choosed : ’ Gerbe Of Life ’. An intriguing name that sums up the band’s state of mind : ’ Life is a sick individual that vomits the worst pestilencial horrors, the darkest and the more disgusting sides of the human being’, that sums up the brutality of the music. Inspired by the news and some personal experiences, the lyrics shouts at us about the world that surronds us, about the individual and some obscures experiences of life.
The life of the band wasn’t a long and silent river, after 3 months of existence, Gabriel S., bassist, joins us. Unfortunately, 3 months later, the rehearsal’s material was stolen. The band had to stop it’s activities for a long year.In the middle of 1998, ’Gerbe Of Life’ starts to write songs again. But, sometimes later, Gabriel leaves for musical diferents. In 1999 and 2000, Michael and Vincent joigned us for the vocals and the 2nd guitar. But their later arrival didn’t allow them to take part in the conception and the recording of the album.

The band is looking for a label to release the CD in a biggest quantity.
The CD is totally recorded, mixed and produced, the design of the CD
and cover are finished.
The CDs' pressing and covers' print are the only remaining tasks.

interview with Seb on 29-3-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hi, here's Seb from GOL. We formed the band in 1997 with the idea of playing a music mixing various extreme waves with Grindcore as a main basis. We wanted to speak about subjects (for the lyrics) such as newsreals, the obscure nature of mankind, all what corrupts it, conditions it and by this fact destructs it.

Explain the french part of your bandname? And why do you have a non readable logo?
The french part of the name means the vomit of life, gerbe is the slang language.
About the logo, if you read it from far, you'll see one can perfectly read it!

Felt it natural to play this kind of metal?
It's totally natural for us to play this stuff because it's what we feel deep inside of us (I think you have felt it in our music)

Ever played other styles? Maybe non metal schoolbands?
Christophe has played some Brutal Death with DISGUST and I've played in a Grind band that never released something.

Any interest in schoolgirls?
I don't understand the meaning of your question! (If it's sexual, not specially, Christophe has got a wife and a child, for myself I'm 27 so for the school girls...

What is your daily adventure?
It's everybody's adventure! To wake up, go to work, eating, sleeping, and when we can to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Can you keep your darkside under control?
Hopefully! This is also the reason why we're playing this kind of music, it makes us able to evacuate the negativity.

Why are the lyrics in french?
Because we wanted to express the subjects we're speaking about in our natural language. We didn't want to do as everyone else (we felt it this way), all the more it avoids an uniformisation (The society tries to make us being some clones! It shouldn't happen in the music, there are enough bands sounding the same!

Why don't release the CD yourself? Instead of finding a label?
We had engaged some kind of moral deal with a pressing company, but they didn't answer back our request, all the more we had some financial problems that made us stop the project (we're also only two guys in the band to finance this project!)

Ever had some interest of labels?
Yes, but it was to distribute the CD, but not to finance and release it. There was only Phil Fasciana (MALEVOLENT CREATION) who was interested in working with us, we must contact him again after MALEVOLENT's European tour. In fact, we had some very good reviews (Eternal frost, Collateral damage, X-trim, lots of radios, and even the ENTOMBED site 's webmaster did us some promo on his site!), but inspite of all this: no label!
But, when you listen to some bands you can wonder how they've found a label. I think the labels don't want to risk themselves because it's our first release, a lot of bands have signed a deal after several demos, so we'll see.

Why are the french lousy cardrivers?
I don't know at all! This is maybe because they're too much stressed, they should smoke more Marijuana (ah,ah, ah!!)

What is your goal with the band?
To find a solid line up, a label, to release a second CD ( because we've got 4 new tracks that crush even more!), and to do some gigs, mostly in other countries than France.

Any idea who stole your rehearsel material?
Not at all, unfortunately!

Is the crime solved? Did you hired inspector Clousseau?
No, because we don't know who this inspector is.

Why did you stopped for one year? What was the drive to start again?
We had to stop for a year because of this material's stealing. We had to pay more cash to buy back all the instruments and I'll confess the motivation for the band was severely broken, the moral was very low. But the passion was stronger!

Other activities in the UG?
No, we haven't got any activity in the underground.

How do you spend your free time?
You know, everydays' life takes us a lot of time, so we spend the few free time we can have by doing what we like, and the music is a part of our tastes.

How can people show you some respect?
If you respect the people first, then they'll respect you.

Last rites?
Thanks for your interview and for your review (that we like!), keep on supporting the bands that want to achieve something.
Interviewer: twansibon
Mar 29, 2002

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