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interview with Quazarre, May 2008

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hi there!!! First of all – I’d like to apologise for being non responsive for such long time. It’s because we’ve been extremely busy over the last few months and I just wasn’t able to do everything on time. We’re back from the road now trying to put all the shit together once again and I hope it’s still not too late – haha. Short introduction to myself... Hmm... I am Quazarre, Devilish Impressions’ vocalist and a guitar player. I’m the main composer of the band’s music, evil and handsome as fuck – haha. That’s more or less everything I know about myself... Joking obviously? I’d say only my music truly express what sort of person I am. Listen to my songs, read my lyrics – that’s what I’m, that’s what behind Quazarre’s stage disguise...

And what can you tell about your bandmates?
Well, that’s a hell of a question... My bandmates are simply the perfectly selected ones according to the band’s message, its aims and activities. We’ve gone through significant line-up changes over the last two years and I’m extremely happy we’ve finally managed to find suitable people whom I’m more than pleased to keep on spreading Devilish Impressions’ crusade with...

Is the band a hobby or trying to make a living out of it?
We’d love to live on music yet at this level we still have to work to keep the band going. You know, playing this sort of music rarely gives you the opportunity to live on it simply because extreme metal bands don’t sell hundreds thousands of CDs as rock or pop bands do. It’s a way of life, I’d say, always struggling with financial problem in order to leave your own mark out there... But at the same time we couldn’t ask for better reward than seeing a crowd of maniacs ready to blow the room away when we take over the stage. Dose of adrenaline that is being given during the live shows is sometimes much better than orgasm itself...

The new album is out. What can we expect according the previous one?
Expect the unexpected... We’ve developed many elements and put them together with much better, straightforward arrangements. I believe the “Diabolicanos” album shows the band in a really powerful state, with lots of ideas put into the certain tracks and their atmosphere. Obviously there’s still room for a bit of experimental works, things that make our music sort of avant-garde yet this time we were more concentrated on composing solid rhythm construction rather than going into the melodies only. Everything is now based on an ass-kicking riffs and tempos, filled with many unconventional breaks and slow-downs. It’s still Devilish Impressions though... With enough crazy things to surprise many...

In what way do you think you improved yourselves? And what have you done different according the previous recording?
I’d start from the album’s production... We have had so many problems while recording the previous album (“Plurima Mortis Imago”) that – if I had to compare both studio sessions – the one for the “Diabolicanos” record was simply a blast, with everything going so smoothly one may not believe in it. We’ve spent over a month and a half in studio in order to reach the sound that we’d be really proud of, having worked on many particular instrument’s details for as long as we thought it was necessary to. Talking about the music – you know I’m not the one to judge. It’s the fans opinion that really matters. I believe we’ve done something remarkable and so far all the reviews we get as well as the reactions of crowds on all the shows we played completely please our expectations regarding this album’s response. I think with the “Diabolicanos” album we’ve somehow managed to make a serious step up in our career as it allowed us to take part in really prestigious European tours and performances alongside such great acts as Behemoth (The Apostasy European tour), Overkill, Samael, Enslaved, Tristania (Wacken Road Show), Dismember (UK, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland tour), Hate (Rebel Angel Tour in Poland), Satyricon etc. Right after the album was released we also did headlining Ukraine tour (Verbum Diaboli Tour) and it all just helped a lot to get the album out there, to let all the maniacs not only to listen to the CD but also to take part in our performances.
Since the band had been formed we’ve been always trying to find perfect combination between aggression and melody, between catchiness and dark atmosphere so important to Devilish Impressions’ music and I think with ”Diabolicanos” we just got closer to it... It is very extreme from its first till the very closing sounds yet we haven’t forgotten to put in it as much of the Devilish Impressions’ atmosphere as possible.

You say you play modern Black Death metal. What do you consider modern in your style?
Devilish Impressions has always played music hard to be easily classified, music that consist of many elements not associated to black or death metal only especially in its classical forms of expression so it wouldn’t be fare to say we play black / death metal because most of the maniacs would automatically link definition we’ve been given to the likes of, I don’t know, Dark Throne or Burzum... Some say we’ve matched those two worlds – world of old school aggressiveness and world of modern, way more sophisticated expression. I believe bands like Devilish Impressions represent new black / death metal generation – based on its solid foundation but being stimulated to wear many other types of disguise...

Can people play metal when they have the musical skills but no metal interest?
I don’t really think so. I mean, there’s plenty of very talented musicians around capable of playing all sorts of music yet I believe playing metal is completely different than playing anything else. Metal is all about the spirit of rebellion and you have to be really into it to create something convincing. It just wouldn’t work other way round!

What kind of music do you listen to in your free time? And music do you like but don't want to admit?
Well, I have nothing to hide, really... Good music is a good music, no matter what style of it we are talking about. I do love metal and without any doubts this is what I mostly listen to but I also like some classical stuff as well as movies’ soundtracks. Sometimes I fancy listening good rock songs, especially the ones that influenced early metal scene. It’s just too many to mention them all

What is your speciality:
in cooking – nothing in particular, except I can make fucking awesome sandwiches and a cup of tea - haha; luckily my wife knows how to prepare every singly thing I’d wish for?
in sports – I used to play handball for more than 8 years but was forced to quit due to numerous reasons. I also played basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis and was involved in many other sport activities. Nowadays – if I only have spare time – I go to a gym. If you consider lifting heavy glasses filled with alcohol as a sport then this is also one of my favourites nowadays?
in actiongames – I never play games! To me it’s just a waste of time.
in sex - ... :-)

Currently you are on tour with Dismember. What are and were your expectations? And how did you end up to tour with them?
Hell yeah! The tour was really good and honestly speaking I didn’t expect Dismember guys to be so down-to earth. You know, after being on this bloody scene for 20 years they’ve got their reasons to held their heads high yet you wouldn’t even dare to call anyone of their line-up a fucking star or whatsoever. We went on really well together and I already miss those motherfuckers? Touring with Dismember gave us opportunity to play for rather older generation of metalheads and that’s what I truly loved about it. It’s completely different to hear some positive opinions regarding your music or live performance from someone who’s been into metal for so long, rather than from someone who’s into it for 3 up to 5 years only.

Are you against the death penalty? Who should get one?
I guess you shall be the one for asking me so many strange questions – haha. Hmm... It’s pretty hard to say, you see. In the past I’ve had much more radical view on certain things, including the death penalty. I still believe though, that there are crimes which commitment deserves it. The only serious problem is how to prove this or other asshole is guilty? Who should get one? Hmm... Many creatures on this planet...

How do you travel? All together in a rent car or on the luxurious tourbus? Having roadies of your own?
It all depends what mean of transport is being provided by certain tour’s organiser. Sometimes it’s a van, sometimes night-liner... Depending on how many bands are taking part in the tour.

What can we expect when entering your shows? What can we do when we are disappointed about the gig?
Well, there’s nothing you can do about it, I’m afraid... Besides I don’t see any reason for which you should not like our show since we’re so bloody good onstage? Frankly speaking – it’s all about musical taste. The only thing I’d promise is that we always put as much energy into our shows as possible and that we play not to take any slaves afterwards! No matter whether there’s 5000-strong crowd or 5 people only – we’d go and do our thing with the same passion and devotion.

Do you give discount to deaf persons?
It seems like I should get one then too :-) Can’t help it though.

You also did a tour with Behemoth. They are your fellow countrymen, so how was that tour? How strong is the friendship in the Polish scene?
Touring with Behemoth was probably the most prestigious thing we’ve done so far. I mean, we played with bigger, older bands but I’m talking about being on regular tour that rolled across the whole fucking Europe. We actually knew each other for a few years so it ended up with huge parties right from the tour’s beginning. Behemoth is not only a great band that grew up from the depths of ‘pagan vastlands’ to eventually become one of the international genre’s leaders but also a bunch of fantastic guys to hang out with. We had really enjoyed spending this time with them and can’t wait to hit the stages together in the coming future. Talking about the Polish scene – I believe bands are supporting each other on one hand but on the other there’s this completely incomprehensible competition that seems to be going on between them all the time. It doesn’t change the fact we’ve got plenty of extremely talented hordes over here.

And what could be the reason why there are so many good extreme Polish bands? Also a lot of anti christian based bands. Is that because you delivered a Pope?
I don’t think this is the reason. I believe impressively high number of anti-christian bands in Poland is a matter of fact that we – as the Poles representing slightly different type of society – have always had to face Church’s extremely intolerant politic that would let other people think of you as of an asshole just because you’re wearing black clothes and have long hair. Over the years their aim was to marginalise individual way of thinking and that may be the reason so many bands in our country put their anger against them now.

Any suggestions for a nice evening?
Hell yeah!!! Just grab some bottle and drink to the mirror... Satisfaction guaranteed :-)

You also have a link on your site to Mantas Tattoo. Are you tattooed yourself?
Yes, I am. Actually, not only I but also Turquoissa (synth) and Cultus (bass) got some of our tattoos done by the above-mentioned guy – Mantas. He’s an incredibly talented artist with passion, skills and unique visions and I strongly recommend anyone who’d like to get a good tattoo to pay him a visit. I am more than sure you wouldn’t regret it. You know, some people make this stupid mistakes and try not to spend much money on tattoo yet they don’t realise it stays on your body till the rest of your fucking days therefore there’s no point in saving money on it.

Do you have any interesting hobbies? Or do you collect something?
I love reading books and watching movies. I used to have many other interests but was forced to drop them off since music became so important thing in my life. The only things I collect nowadays are CDs :-)

What are plans for the future?
We’re having a short break now before we hit the road again in autumn. Meanwhile we’ll play at Metal Heads Mission summer open-air festival (Crimea – along Gorgoroth, Samael, Moonspell etc.) as well as at Pro Rock festival (Ukraine – co-headlining slot with Rage). We’re being booked for some interesting gigs yet it’s too early to reveal details yet. Keep checking our both myspace and website for latest news.

Any career outside the music scene when you are a couple of years older or having a family?
Along with Turquoissa we’ve sacrificed everything we’ve had to the band and it’s an amazing feeling to see things turning out good for us these days. You see, we’ve been together for 9 years now and have nothing apart of the band, its equipment and collection of CDs. I don’t think of myself getting older as it’d simply extort taking up certain steps in order to set my life up rather than to keep the band going. I’d love to have a child but it’s definitely not a good time for it. Such things most certainly lead you to eventually change your priorities simply because you wouldn’t like your child to be hungry or not to have any dress...

Anything wanna say that is important to know?
Yeah, is anyone still out there? :-)

Last rites?
Thanks a lot for your support, Twan and once again sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I really appreciate all sorts of support we get and wouldn’t like people to think of us as of a bunch of ignorant. To all of you motherfuckers, still awaken and ready to face the truth - Devil’s Dogs are on a hunt again... See you all soon!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
May 15, 2008

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