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Scars is an old band of Thrash Metal that there is more than seven years it was stopped. Now that is passed, the band has just thrown EP The Nether Hell where demonstrates all your force, speed and cohesion in Thrash Metal. I had the opportunity of a to talk little with André (Bass) on this whole time that the band was without activities. Check this exclusive one!

intie with Andre on 17-7-2005

Scars began your activities officially in 1991, releasing your first disk in 1994. After eleven years without activity you come back with total force. During that whole time the band did always think about returning the active?
Actually they were 7 years without activity of the band, because same going by a phase a shy “amount” without appearing a lot in the media, the band still maintained even your activities middles of 98, but certainly the absence of the band left a very big gap for us that whole period and in the bottom we were sure that the band would return to your time, on time to occupy your definitive place in the scenery national underground, it was alone a subject of same time.

Well, is it having a revival of bands oitentistas (the one what is great!). Would it be this one of the reasons so that the band Scars returned your activity? Did more reasons exist, which?
Yes certainly that also contributed to relight the fire of the hell of Scars (laughter’s), because it was also in a show in the year passed in São Paulo of a band that was also stopped for a certain time and it returned your activities, more properly speaking to Destruction, where guitarists Alex and Edu were present and attending all that after some beers said one for the other ’ we will return Scars!!!’ But above all what really motivated it was us the passion for the Metal, because even without the band, one way or another, we were always connected with the metallic universe, the thirst of doing, to create music and to arise to the stages was always presents with us, and then for that group of factors Scars this of turn to the scenery.

Is the Metal now in evidence, do bands return for the love to the Metal other just seeking the financial subject (do I believe that is not the case of Scars). Should the band try Logically to reconcile the two parts, but the one what you think to I respect?
It can bet that that is not the case of Scars, because if it doesn't go for the love to the metal, you can be sure that nor we would leave the bed or of the bar (laughter’s). Whole of course has our responsibilities out of the band and that is difficult in our country we live exclusively of the music, but meanwhile it doesn't roll we have to administer the things with caution and to leave the heart to speak higher than the reason, because most of the bands ends when they very thoroughly enter in the financial subject.

It is very good that the bands return your activities. However, some bands after they return no longer they have the same sonority of formerly, the same ones end for doing a commercial sound. Did Scars have this concern of giving continuity to the initial work of the band?
Yes, clear! Because the idea was to give a continuity to the quality work that Scars had already executed previously, or be in spite of the band to be stopped by 7 years, we were sure that the return of the band could not be classified as a simple “returns the activities”, but a continuity of a work that was in “Stand by” for 7 years, and I affirm on behalf of all of the band that if it doesn't go for that fidelity our origins, certainly our return would be impracticable.

When did you throw your first work ’ Ultimate Encore ’, in 1991, which was the repercussion that you obtained?
It was the possible best, because it evidenced plenty the name of Scars at that time, resulting in several matters for several media types, besides until a very interesting one for the program of the Fantastic where to today the people that know comment us to respect! However the most legal is that when Scars made official your return, we received several messages of Fans of every Brazil, that said to have bought the ultimate encore at that time and that still listened to it as before. The good repercussion of the cd also continues now in evidence in our site where impressed us the amount of accomplished downloads of Ultimate Encore music.

Why did you decide to stop your activities for so much time? Was a united decision, did some exist dissatisfaction type on the part of the members?
In the same way that today a series of positive factors motivated our return, in that time a series of negative factors took the band to contain your activities, the scenery no longer it was more the same and many houses of shows there were if closed, the space that was already small it was still smaller, many annoying ’ tendencies ’ appeared in the scenery, Thrash Metal was also discredited with great bands ending or trying to change your sound to accompany the fashions of the time more closely and that also believes me that it affected the members of the band where after several attempts trying to outline the situation without success, the band half that naturally contained your activities.

As felt the meeting of the group again? A considerable part of the bands that you are returning changes your line-up, what is not the case of Scars. Do you think the fact of changing the formation of the band influences that sorts out band?
Because it is as I already mentioned it was in a show of Destruction year passed in São Paulo where everything resumed, thereafter one went removing the other of the bars and we are again to the scenery! (Laughter’s). With reference to our line up is true, our formation is practically the original, all of us already contributed in a certain way with Scars in the past and once again we are again together, stronger than never, because we believed that a solid formation is one of the principal factors for a band to grow and to stay in evidence in the scene, it is enough we look at the example of Slayer.

Talking about your current release EP “The Nether Hell” (what is very good), as it was the process of recording of him? Because you chose to record in Lumen Studios with Tito Falaschi?
Thank you for the praise! The recording process was relatively calm in spite of the band to be moved away a good time of the recordings. We had some problems with calendar that put back a little our recording goal, but anything besides that that is routine in a studio of recordings and speaking individually believes that all the objectives were reached and the quite positive result. With reference the choice of Lúmen, not the great professionals of the market, we wanted to bet in something new or be to differentiate a little of the current patterns, then we found the Lúmen studios that was also throwing if in the branch of the recordings, we talked with the whole team Lúmen and we got right the pointers where besides the recording of EP we also developed with them our site and all our artistic production as shows and arts for popularization. This being a quite gratifying partnership for us.

Both we know that a band doesn't just live of the sales of your disks, due to the tax burden and other more things. Many studios are appearing, besides bands already record for own studios in the attempt of fleeing of this amount of absurd taxes that you are collected. Did Scars think about this during the choice for the recording studio? And which your opinion on this subject?
Yes that was also evaluated, because it worries us plenty that subject and the things are not easy for anybody. I believe that that is a subject that involves strategy and knowledge in a possible negotiation for recording or distribution of a cd. It is necessary as in any business that we make to study the situation and to certify that the investment and the cost benefit of the business is viable for the band.

It also exists the other side of the coin, not only producers but the fans also need to support and to attend the shows. Unhappily in some cities people that say to be ’ Headbangers ’ exist but nor they attend in shows; if the purpose of the Metal is to unite the mass I don't know it because of not supporting. Does that happen there in the area? Will it be that the possibility of the producers would not exist they increase the amount of shows if the public attends?
In spite of the difficulties that the Country is passing, I believe that good part of the problem can be solved with a good popularization, be her through magazines, of radios or even in the mouth to mouth, or be it is necessary to set on fire the public so that they come to give prestige to your band, however I also believe that if the producers support a little more the scenery, placing accessible entrances for place of the event and not a fixed price, would still help more the subject. Here in our area, we have been verifying a growing incentive mass and supports to the scenery for the public in itself, but that cannot be something passenger and yes a constant philosophy.

Is the national scenery replete of good bands, like you it does analyze the scenery underground of the Brazilian Metal?
Extremely exciting! It is impressive the amount and the quality of the national bands that act today in the scenery and that is for all the vertigos of the metal, be Melodic, Thrash, Death or Black, the quality this present in all of them without he doubts! I believe that Brazil in material human doesn't owe anything else to the foreigners; I think lacks yes still incentives and support of the great media channels and producers and organizers of houses and shows.

I really agree with you in what tells respect the support lack. Unhappily they are happening some sad facts with great bands of Metal in the national scenery, do some recording ones make a contract with the band and are they disposed to throw the CD of the band, however when does it arrive her the moment of pressing the CD the recording I didn't simply execute your part, leaving the band in a terrible situation (did that happen with a Brazilian band which I won't mention the name for ethics subjects). Which your opinion on the subject?
Yes, until we met her referred band and it is something very sad of if, because all are subject to that, the band is months composing for later to be weeks recording, most of the time until leaving family and work of side in search of a dream for later to have all your expectation and discarded anxiety for the irresponsibility of other. It is necessary to join and to place in evidence that people's name, because only this way that situation type will be avoided, otherwise that unhappily can become a sad routine in the scenery.

Now Scars is making several shows publishing your new material. Is the public's obtained answer the expected?
Better of than waited, therefore we didn't know as the public it would receive us after so much time without arising to the stages, but soon in the premiere show where we played in Osasco in the Arena metal with Korzus, it was very exciting the public's reception and soon later had the shows with Anthrax that only came to confirm it i give prestige to of the band with the public, that is also confirming if through emails and messages that we received daily, in few words is being excellent!!

A sad fact that is happening in the national scenery it is that some bands are subjecting if to pay to open shows for foreign bands (I find that an absurdity), especially because like you said in a previous subject, Brazilian band doesn't owe anything the bands outside of the country. Did Scars already receive some similar proposal that what I mentioned?
Yes I agree with you that it is an absurdity, but unhappily it is not fact and yes a hard reality. I can affirm that the great majority of the national bands, even the ones that are in evidence in the national and international scenery they already passed and very probable they still go by that situation, with Scars it is not different. I think in that case the band should have the foot in the ground and to decide what is better for her, because in my opinion only two ways egg whites exist of seeing the situation; or you think that is a tremendous respect lack and sees the backs and it leaves or sees that as an investment that of some form can join some popularization value your band, because I don't still see how we can combat that directly.

Unhappily I didn't still have the chance of attending a show of Scars (do I hope to attend very soon). As it is the show of Scars, quite energy? For what can the fans wait of a show of you?
Face, you don't have idea than this losing!! (Laughter’s)... In the good, we give the Maximum of us in our shows, it is the reflex of our whole work and dedication to band, it is the result end of everything that we built until then, we worried about all the details related to the show, sound, illumination, visual and production, because if everything is working in perfect harmony, we were more comfortable and safe for just to play and certainly the integration with the pubic will still be more intense, we tried to please to the ears and the eyes of the galley in our shows, that is what the fans can wait and certainly they received from Scars in our shows.

I thank for the interview opportunity given in by Scars. To purpose when you have to do a show the more possible abbreviation in Bahia so that I can have the satisfaction of seeing your show!! Leaves your message the all the readers of this interview...
In first place would like to thank on behalf of the family Scars, to you of Paradise Metal the opportunity to manifest our ideas and words with all public metal. We believed that the second semester will still be more productive than the first for us, because we are having plenty contacts for shows and we intended to still be rotating good part of Brazil this year, besides Bahia from where we received great amounts of support messages and incentives to Scars! A great hug to all and believe in us, believe in the national metal!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 17, 2005

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