Goregast survive with their beer and Bratwurst lifestyle

Guten Tag brother, I hope everything is well with you?
Buenas tardes, I’m fine, hope you to. Just have a lot around the ears after my holidays. But I’m satisfied.

First would you tell the readers about Goregast and how long you guys have been together?
Goregast has his origin  in 1993, under the name of Distress. 2 demos were released in the mid 90’s, then in 1998 we put the band on ice. In 2004, the band was heated again with some new musicians. Therefore, we change the name into Goregast. 2006 the first album, “Viva el Animal”, 2007 “La Revancha” and now number 3 “Desechos Humanos”.

The band will be releasing their debut album “Desechos Humanos” on FDA Rekotz. Has there been any reviews of the album yet? If so, what the reaction been so far?
The album will be released  in 3 weeks so there’s not so much response yet, so far 3 reviews are flown in, from Spain, USA and Germany. Each one very good full points or almost full points! An absolutely fantastic start.

What is the average age of the members of the band? You guys seem pretty young to play old school deathgrind which is cool to me, it’s better than that bullshit deathcore that’s going around.
Pretty young? Are sou serious? Anyway, thanx man! No we’re not young, we only looks like teenager because of the german beer and Bratwurst. Me and the bassist are already mid-30s, the other three have now reached the 30’s mark. You can call me Daddy..haha

Who turned you on to bands like General Surgery, Morgoth and Carcass?
We ourselves. I bought the first Carcass album, “Reek Of Putrefaction” in 1990. Since I was enthralled with this kind of music.1991 have seen Morgoth live in Berlin for the first time. It was the good old “Cursed” time... My God, the time is running fast as hell.

Can you tell me about the album title and who came up with the idea of the album title?
I came up with a lot of ideas for the album title and proposed to the other band members. Desechos Humanos we liked most, it fits very well with the lyrical content of the album. Human Waste. Desechos Humanos deals with many facets of sickness, called humanity.

I know there’s an another young german band named Hackeyed, what’s up with them guys? Seem like they disappeared from the face of the earth?
I only know the band name, never heard their music, but I know it’s a kind or mainstream death metal. Not my case.

There’s a couple of spanish song titles can you give the readers the english interpretation of the song titles?
Right,some titles and lyrics are in Spanish. For example “Desechos Humanos” means “Human Waste”. There is a sadist who likes to torture his victims, whether humans or animals. “Puerco de Dinero”  means “Money Pig” and acts of superficial proles who do everything for money. We love the Spanish language.

I never heard of your label FDA Rekotz is that a local label and how long they been around?
FDA  Rekotz is a death metal / grindcore underground record label and mailorder, exists since 2006. I published in early days grindcore and crust only, which has changed more into old school styled death metal. I published 35 releases to date.

What other bands are on FDA Rekotz?
For example Entrails (swe), Dead (ger), Blood (ger), Keitzer (ger), Sinners Burn(swe), Blood Mortized (swe), Ominous Crucifix (mex), Massive Assault (nl), Deus Otiosus (dk), Strychnos (dk), Afgrund (swe), Death Toll 80K (fin), Necromorph (ger) and some more..

Are you guys pleased with the job Clawhammer doing on promoting the USA side?
Clawhammer do an excellent job, they’re fair and true supporter of the underground music scene. I can personally recommend !!

What kind of kind of distro the band got going in the US and how’s that working out?
The big distro partner in USA is Century Media, because they’re working together with FDA’s distribution Twilight, but you’ll find the album also in smaller US mailorders/ distros like Dark Descent Rec. (hello Matt), Razorback Rec. (hello Billy), Sevared Rec. (hello Barrett) and more.

What are your favorite horror movies? Being a horror fan I like the french ones like Haute Tension and Frontier(s)?
I like each kind of horror movies, but my favorites movies are with almighty Bud Spencer. Just last week I was at the location (Tabernas/South-Spain) where they recorded the movie “Four Fists for a Hallelujah” with Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill back in 60’s or 70’s. A great experience!

I like to thank you for the interview. Is there anything you like to add
Many thanks to you for the support, good luck with your zine. Thanks to those who have endured so far. Concert bookers or any other can write us direct to: fda-rekotz@gmx.de

Check us out on Facebook or myspace.com/goregast

Please also visit : www.fda-rekotz.com  - VIVA EL ANIMAL -
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Aug 19, 2011

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