Help Holy Cost lose their virginity

Hi bro, wellcome to BRUTALISM. How are you?
Horny, hungover, and really high, we hope you are too!

This is your first interview from Europe or did you received others before?
No, we have always refused interviews in the past. This is our first one.

Well, can you introduce Holy Cost to our readers? Where did the idea of forming it?
Pornogrind made me do it.

I see your name writting in two different forms: Holy Cost and Holy Co$t. Which is the correct form and what's the meaning of it?
Whichever way you want bro! The Holy Co$t is pornography. Figure it out.

If you search Holy Cost in Metal Archives and you take a look into the "Similar artist" option, you can see that a person compares your band with Maruta and Weekend Nachos (??). What do your think about it?
We don't care about Metal Archives...and who the fuck are these bands?

Can you describe your music to those who did'nt listen to Holy Cost yet and don’t want to be confused with the information shown in Metal Archives? Wich are your main influences?
We play groovy tupa tupa cui cui oink oink pornogrind bro. Our main influences are C.B.T., Rompeprop, Pigtails/TPF, Gerontophile, Tu Carne... Too many to list bro!

Usually the bands who speak about drugs, violence, sex or anything else like that, have problems with the authorities. Did you had some problems with your releases or shows in your country?
No, never. But we've had death threats from some cunt feminists in the past. Hilarious.

I supose that you listen to bands who plays the same genre of music that you play. It's correct or do you prefer to listen other styles?
Yes. We also like noise, and Wu Tang Clan.

Some people think that the extreme music scene in Canada it's limited to Fuck The facts, Cryptopsy and Kataklysm. Can you tell us something about the canadian bands and the scene there?
Yes, the scene sucks here. But there are a handful of obscure bands if you dig deep enough; Gerontophile, Biological Monstrosity, Squirt Tsunami, Human Jerky, Deche-Charge, Creamy Anal Pie, Purulent Cystocentesis, Miscarriage Remains, and many more... but the scene still sucks!

You are going to take part in the american edition of the Obscene Extreme Fest. I supose that you're honored to play there with great bands like Putrid Pile, Malignancy, Immolation, Broken Hope, Agathocles, Jig-Ai... It was a surprise for you? Are you preparing a special show or any surprise to the fans?
Fuck yeah we we're honored and very surprised! Yes we are preparing something special for OEF America. We won't say anything right now, come and see us play.

After de release of the EP entitled "Pornodose" in 2010, we had to wait to 2014 to listen more stuff from you. This year you worked a lot and Holy Cost releases three new works (two albums and one EP) in only five months. Do you have more free time this year than the last years?
More motivation. After the addition of Brian on vocals, and getting settled in a new rehearsal room...pornogrind made us do it.

"The last orgy" will be your next album and some sick people of other bands like Pierscien (Dead Infection), John Pigtails (TxPxFX/Pigtails), Joey (Goremonger) or Leo (Clitorape/Brutal Sphincter) will collaborate on it. Can you tell us something about this release?
Yes, it will be more tupa tupa oink oink than the last two albums.

In adition of your participation in the OEF and the release of your new album, do you have some plans for the near future?
Touring, many splits, and possibly lose our virginity –lol- just kidding, t-shirts, more merch, like stickers and shit, in the future.

Would you like to add something before the end of this interview?
Smoke weed everyday. May the pornogrind be with you.

Thanks for spend your time answering our questions and good luck.
Cheers from the Co$t, Hijo del Dolor!
Interviewer: Hijo del Dolor
Jul 28, 2015

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