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Hell-o Gore Minister, well-cum to BRUTALISM, how are you?
Pretty fine… Just molested a nice rotten corpse, drank a beer and so the day can start in a good way.

You started in 1993 as a black metal band called Funeral but only one demo after you change your name and style. What was the reason to take other way?
We were never a fucking Black Metal band, even if the cover of the first Demo looked like Black Metal. But we always had some little Black Metal influences, because in the past Black Metal was just as dirty and rotten like Nekrokore. In the end we changed our name, because a million bands with “Funeral” in the name popped up and we recognized that this name won't fit to our disgusting style of music. So we used a more distinctive and ugly name. Too many exchangeable bands out there!

Then, you recorded "Die Kadaverficker greifen an" your first demo as Kadaverficker, but suddenly you took a break to dedicate your time to other bands and projects. Why do you decide to return with Kadaverficker five years after this?
Until 2011 Kadaverficker always was a project and we rarely played live so we focused on more “serious” bands, haha. We also took a break, because “Die Kadaverficker greifen an” wasn't really successful and we believed the time wasn't right to continue. After these five years of silence we couldn't take it anymore and had to enter the Leichenhallen Studios again, just to make real annoying noise to disgust people. That was always the basic idea. With the Demotapes “Gehirnpenetration” and “Zyklische Katastrophen aus Fleisch” we pretty much reached that goal. Some Fanzine writers even sent us the tapes back and said, that they won't review that shit. Achievement unlocked, haha!

In 2002 you took part in a split with Castrado Cadaver, other with C.V.I., M.D.K., Tumour, Total Penuria and Vomit Sex and one more with Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cyber Anal and Tumour. It was the year in which Kadaverficker became a better known band
Yes! 2002 was a good year and we became more known in the underground, because we didn't stop to penetrate the scene with flyers, tapes, trading and stuff like that. A lot of people traded the “Zyklische Katastrophen…”-Tape with us and in the end around 250 copies were sold or traded. We got more attention and so all those releases happened. Also because Fäkalpapst and myself started a small D.I.Y. Label called N:C:U.

Until 2004 most of your releases were launched by N:C:U (a label property of Fäkalpapst, a member of the band), but you never recorded any work with N:C:U after Fäkalpapst left the band...
Fäkalpapst and myself used to run that label to release Black Metal and Noise/Grindcore. A bad mixture, so after a while we decided to go different paths. Fäkalpapst also plays in a Black Metal Band called NIHIL NOCTURNE, so he focused on that band and the Black Metal Scene with N:C:U. I was tired of those so called misanthropes who end up having a family and child, haha. You should eat them and not breed them if you hate mankind and call yourself misanthrope.

In 2004 and 2005 you recorded some splits with Agathocles, Embalming Theatre / Jigsore / Dysmorfic (sold out in a few months), Unholy Grave, P.O.T., Karmassacre... and then, you dissapear for six years. Why did you decide to take this break when people began to know the band?
As I said before, we broke up with N:C:U and after that I was tired of the whole scene. Also Fäkalpapst wasn't in the mood to record more Nekrokore, because he wanted to do his Black Metal thing and Spermanavigator disappeared. But Fäkalpapst became a well known man in the Black Metal underground. Not under the name Fäkalpapst, but under his other alias Vigridr.

During those years the band change their members, could you present the actual members of Kadaverficker? You are in other bands or projects?
The recent line-up is formed by Corporal Cruel on drums, Grandmoff Ghoul on guitars, Admiral Aids on Bass and myself on vokillz. We surely have other bands and projects, but it's a secret in which bands we play besides. If you're clever you search the internet or fucking facebook to find out, har har har.

Kadaverficker is a name as brutal as nasty because it means "fucker of cadavers", why did you choose that name for your band?
It was the idea of Splattergeneral, our former bassplayer. He came up with that really nasty name and in German language it sounds even more disgusting. That's the reason why we choose it. We always wanted to fuck up people with the music we produce in our rotten minds and trust me, we achieved to be very controversial. Sometimes this isn't helpful, because of our name some promoters in Germany don't book us. We also fucked up the youth welfare of a town called Bochum, so we couldn't play on a festival in that city. No problem, we changed our name for that gig and only played “coversongs”, haha. But I don't tell the secret name we used to perform at this festival.

In a country like Germany where bands like Cannibal Corpse saw their artwork censored, I suppose that you had some problems with a name as controversial as yours, isn't? You had some problems in other countries?
Yea, some people really hate us here, but their hate is our gratification. Fucking morons. Funny thing is, that we never had any problems in other countries. Outside of Goremany the people embrace the stench of Kadaverfickers Nekrokore and always shows us nice hospitality.

Your lyrics are written in English and German, why do you choose two languages instead one for your songs? What do you say in your songs and what's your inspiration to write it?
Sometimes a word sounds better in German and sometimes it sounds better in English, so we switch all the time. A song who starts in German can also end up in English. Why not? We don't care and most of the time the songs are kind of fragments of our creepy inner self. In the songs we often talk about how fucked up society is and use classic horror-movie influenced lyrics. But I also like to write weird stories. It always depends on the title we create. Every time it starts with a title for the song and then we create everything around it.

You define your style as Nekrokore... What are your main influences (music styles and bands) when you de-compose your songs?
We all have different influences and spill them out like guts in a bucket of piss. To create Nekrokore it's important, NOT to follow a style. You want to start the song as a D-Beat and end up in Black Metal? Let's do that! Or you want to mix Grindcore with Doom Metal? No Problem! We never plan anything and we don't rehearse like other bands. We just meet once a year or so and record stuff without ever rehearsed before. That makes the whole thing very spontaneous. We just hate it to reproduce the songs to play them live afterwards, haha…

You have only one full length recorded in studio in 21 years, but you have several splits. What's the reason for it? You didn't receive offers from labels to release more albums?
We don't like full length CDs that much, but we love Split 7”s, so we always try to record splits. On the other hand we never believed that the people can stand a whole CD of our shit and not try to blow their fucking brains out afterwards. Mmmh, when I start to think about it, we should record more CDs so people DO blow their brains out, hahaha. Death by listening to Kadaverficker. Sounds good…

Most of your works are recorded on cassette and vinyl, why do you choose this format instead of CD?
Vinyl just rules!!! We love the sound of vinyls and the look of tapes. CDs never ever attracted us really. That doesn't mean we never released something on CD, but we prefer Vinyl.

In your dis-cum-graphy we can find versions of Depression and Doom. Do you play some versions on concert that even you have not recorded?
Let me think. Once we covered “Dead” of Napalm Death live and didn't record that song before, haha…

Your official web page is completely out of date. Are you not going it to be reused? We can buy merchandising of Kadaverficker through your official Facebook profile?
The website still exist? Didn't knew that, hahaha. A friend of us created that one back in the days, but we lost contact, so from now on you can get all informations on our facebook page. And yes, you can also order merchandise via facebook. Just write us a mail and tell us what you need. We surely need your money… All of it!

Kadaverficker played in OEF 2014 and I really enjoyed it. What's your opinion about this crazy festival?
Thanks! Well, to describe the OEF there's just one word: AMAZING! The organization is awesome, the people are friendly and the area is perfect. A dream came true to play this great show!

You gave beers, masks, vibrators and toilet brushes with stickers of Kadaverficker to the people who came to your show. Who did the idea and when you started to give those gifts to your fans?
We always try to deliver the people a show of sheer “nekrotainment”, so little gifts, guest appearances and ideas are always part of our show. Bands who only play their songs, don't communicate with the audience and leave the stage are boring.

I took part in the funny battle of vibrators against toilet brushes that you organized in the special "wall of death" called "penetration of death" in the past edition of the Obscene Extreme Festival. It was a special performance for this edition of 
OEF or you repeat it in all of your shows?
Yes! This show element was just for the Obscene Extreme Festival. We hate to repeat ourselves so every time something different happens on stage. Okay, we give away beer to the audience pretty often, but no party without beer, right? On top of that there´s always something happening the people won't expect.

You recorded two live albums, Halle 2013 and Paderporn Bloodfeast 2014. When you are going to record a new studio album? What are your plans for a near future? Do you have concerts planned for the rest of this year?
That are no real “Albums”. We recorded the stuff during the gig and after the show we done some CDr of the show and people could buy a live CD right after our gig for some bucks. After that we put it on the internet for a free download. That was a part of our “Nekrotainment”-Show for these gigs. The next REAL album will be out in 2015, but we can't talk about details now. Just one thing: Expect the unexpected! We will play a couple of shows this year in Belgium and Germany and then the year ends. We don´t like to play too much live shows, so people get bored. It´s not good to see a band several times a year. It's nothing special anymore then.

Do you want to add something before the ending of this interview?
Let me thank you for supporting Kadaverficker and real Nekrokore. Spread the word to the corpses and convince them to embrace the destructive effect of our music. Everything ends, when we start. Gory greetings to all the corpses who supported us in the past. You know who you are!!!

Thank you very much for spend your time with us and good luck!!!
Interviewer: Hijo del Dolor
Aug 30, 2014

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