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Please let our readers know who is the webzine is talking to about the band and what is you do in the band?
Hello to everyone, I’m Leonardo, bassist and last acquisition of the band. The webzine who spoke about us are mostly Italian: Eddies, Metal Italia, Metal.de, BRUTALISM.com, Power Metal, Metal wave, prog rock, French Metal, Rock line, Metallus, Eraskor, Metal Storm.

How did Ibridoma get its name and why?
When the group was formed each of us listen to different music, who listen to hard rock, others heavy metal, therefore it was decided to opt for one genre but influenced by what we listen to, also covers ranging from rock to metal. We were a hybrid band, hence Ibridoma.

What inspired you into metal, specifically power/heavy metal, to make Ibridoma what it is today?
As was said before the music we always listened to inspire and make us the team that we are now.

First metal show you went to anw how it impacted you?
The first metal show I went was to the Vsion Divine in Civitanova Marche, and I was very impressed to see the grit and passion with which they played their pieces, which led me to want to join a group that did their own songs and not just covers of other groups as do many bands.

Are there any bands you really revere, metal or not?
Yes, there are many bands that I revere: Iron Maiden, Death, Scorpions, AC/DC, Nickelback, Dark Hall, Megadeth, but we need a whole page just to list them.

OK, similar question. Where was the first metal show the Ibridoma performed and how is it different from being in the crowd versus being on stage at one of these shows?
The difference is obviously very far, when you're on stage you feel the center of 'attention and they are all there waiting to begin the concert, but when you're in the crowd, you feel anxious and anxious to see a good concert, maybe some of your idol. Our first metal show was a contest called "ROCK AROUND THE ROAD" in 2004 where we reached the first place.

Assuming Ibridoma has done some extensive touring, do you have any crazy stories you’d want to go back and why?
Between February and March 2009 we were on tour in Italy with Blaze Bayley, it was great, I remember one evening in particular, at Rome in a room called "Stazione birra", we were very much impressed to see people cheer and sing melody of our songs, even if they did not know the words, then, as we went to the next city, we drank too along with Blaze and his band at some point he stops and says "I'm hungry, I'm going to make me a sandwich” a few minutes later comes back with something disgusting in hand, we went to sleep horrified while Blaze eating this crap, the next morning we found him sleeping half naked on the couch of the tour-bus.

Do you find touring difficult or more exciting than working from the studio?
Undoubtedly it was much more exciting to go on tour, because performing live is the main reason that encouraged us to get here.

Discuss the metal scene in Italy. Is it a big thing or more underground? Any prevalent genres?
In Italy the metal scene is very active,in fact most of the guys who listen to metal in Italy play an instrument, the problem, so to speak, is that in today 's world there are too many ways to be heard and this creates a 'surplus groups.

In the aspect of musical style, how does Ibridoma try to make their mark and sound differently from so many other power/ heavy metal bands out there in the world?
Our musical style allows us to speak through our music riffs looking for original and avoid, if it’s possible, not to be trivial and spacing between many atmospheres. Simply this is our sound.

What’s the biggest inspiration for the lyrics that come off the album?
The inspiration of our lyrics born from what happens to us every day, or just something that hits us from our' s mood.

Compared to your very first EP, Lady of Darkness, how has Ibridoma’s S/T come so much further in sound and maturation?
Our changing and maturation is due mainly to the change of line up, Pietro Alessandrini was replaced by Marco Vitali on the rhythm guitar, while I have replaced Lorenzo Petrini on bass and this change brings new life to the creation of the songs.

Are there any songs that are personal favorites with meanings the band would like to express significantly with the readers and fans?
Honestly I can’ t choose one song. It would be like if a father had to choose between her children what he love most.

There’s a lot of repeated songs on the album from your EP and demo, Page 26. Any particular reason why?
This is the first album we recorded as Ibridoma, and we would be very disappointed not to put in the tracklist some of the songs that have accompanied us during these nine years.

In today’ s crazy metal world, which do you think the fans look forward to more? Shows or albums?
Fans anxiously await the two things the same way, however different they may be, both transmit strong emotions very different.

There’s always people who say, “Back in the day, metal was awesome because it was like this… Now it’s crud!” Do you metal has becoming somewhat stagnant or just more and more vibrant within 2009/2010?
Metal has evolved, now there are many more nuances, of course the golden age of metal came in the eighties, but it doesn’t mean that today’ s metal songs are garbage.

Any advice to those that want to make it in the metal world, big or small?
The only advice I can give is to count only on their strengths, because there will always be someone who will try to fool you.

Lastly, is there anything specific you’d like to say to the readers and fans? It can be anything.
Always follow your dreams and do not be discouraged by those who will tell you that you do not do anything, always give the best of voistessi and you could make it.
Interviewer: devilmetal747
May 8, 2010
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