ICS Vortex and the tales on twisted grooves

I remember meeting ICS Vortex a few years ago in Kansas City when Dimmu Borgir was touring in support of 'In Sorte Diaboli' tour. Though the under the haze of alcohol and weed I remember me and Vortex walking through the art entertainment district drinking and eating gyros. The Vortex I met was generous, nice and very socialable 66.6 gentle giant. When I first heard he got kicked out of Dimmu my first reaction was shock and surprise. When Vortex left Borknager to concentrate solely on Dimmu his vocals gave the band much more dimension, depth, and range that some black metal bands was lacking. Like many great artist who in most cases when they leave a band ICS Vortex quickly dusted himself off and quickly got going with his new band with a little help from his mates. They went in the studio and recorded which ICS Vortex helped produced and recorded in his own studio. His debut album "Storm Seeker" is one of the best albums I heard in quite some time. With some prog rock elements "Storm Seeker" is quite a departure from his black metal days with Dimmu Borgir. I know there's some that will be disappointed that "Storm Seeker" is not a 'black metal' album but it's good enough for me. "Storm Seeker" mixes elements of prog rock with a little of 70's rock a la Deep Purple. Overall it's a hodge podge of musical badassnes.

Hellish greeting Vortex!
Howdy Sir:)

Tell me about the new album. What feedback have you been receiving so far?
I thought I'd see more whining about the material not being satanically correct, but it turned out that a lot of folks out there share my enthusiasm for honest tales on twisted groove. Lies on toast is out..

Your vocals really shined on this album overall. Would you say that “Storm Seeker” has more of a prog rock feel?
Prog is one of many ingredients. I guess you can say that makes it even more progressive, but I do not feel it's a prog rock album.
Which doesn't suck at all.

When did the song writing process start for "Storm Seeker"? Were some of these written during your time with Dimmu Borgir?
50% of the material predates 2008 and "Skoal!" was written about 7 years before I joined Dimmu.

Which studio did you record "Storm Seeker" at and who did you pick as the producer for this album?
The album was recorded mostly in Top Room Studio. Bass and keys where done in my own Studio Qul. Which is qul... Børge Finstad Asgeir Mickelson and I produced the album together. I worked alone while recording bass, vocals, guitars and keys. I produced the drums with Asgeir, and he did all the editing. Børge is the man for microphone setup, and audio levels.

You got some killer musicians for this album! Will they join you on the road when you tour?
Yes, if they are not preoccupied with satanic rituals.

Why are you signed to Century Media instead of Nuclear Blast?
Century Media was first choice due to the fact that all the bands I know signed to CM hails the company for their work and attitude. They also give you free ice cream.

I know that Norway is going through a tragic period right now. I would like to give you and your fellow countrymen my symphonies. I would never have thought something like that would happen!

Seems like the country is more united since that happened?
Yes, we are united in sorrow. If it was Islamic fundamentalists which I bet 99.9% of us who felt the blast first thought, we would be united in hate.
It is surreal, tragic and sad.

What is the metal community doing to raise money for the victims’ families?
The lawsuit is calculated to hundreds of millions NOK. The Norwegian State will cover all this with something called voldsoffererstattning. (Meaning: Victim of violence bill) The victims families will get psychological help as well.

Brutality is part of the metal scene, but firstly we can show support to the victims by condemning the poser BB and his utterly fucked up look-at-me-I-am-a-one-man-knight-order. The shock is still great here in Norway. There will be markings I am sure form the metal scene, as it will be from all communities in Norway.

Have you gotten any offers about doing any shows yet?
Oh yes. The first show will be in Spain, then the plan is to include London, Paris, Berlin and I am sure a few concerts here in Norway. Nothing is planned for North America, but it will happen someday. Someday soon I hope.

I would like to thank you for your time, and I'm glad to see you back in action! Anything else that you would like to add?
Thanks man! I want to thank also for all the support from the USA and hope to see some of you on tour soon. www.icsvortex.com will be launched the 15. August