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Death metal friends, Illogicist compile a violent sonic combination of technical ability, rhythmic asymetry, melodic sickness and lyrical frustration to reflect a dynamic and emotional vision of suffering and introspection. Illogicist's inner core, comprised of guitarist Luca Minieri and drummer Remy Curtaz, was formed in the Summer of 1997. Their immediate goal was to write material that reflected their musical direction, and find strong musicians to complete the line-up. Upon coming across bassist Roberto Zeppa, the trio began finalizing material for its debut release. Mere weeks before the studio sessions, former Nefarium guitarist Fabio Filippone is added to the ranks, completing the now-four-piece line-up. Polymorphism Of Death, recorded at One Voice Studio with Daniele Giordana, represents the first official output by Illogicist. After the recording, Fabio and Roberto left the band for personal problems, and two new members joined Illogicist: the guitarist Diego Ambrosi and the bassist Emilio Dattolo. With this new and stronger line-up, the band starts working on their new material, playing live, and still looking for a label.

interview with Luca on 25-8-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
My name is Luca Minieri, I'm 21 years old and I live in Aosta, a small city between mountains in the North-West of Italy. I play guitar and I love music, in particular metal, from Iron Maiden to Death.

How would you describe your role in the band?
I've founded the band with the Drummer Remy. I play guitar and try to sing, write lyrics and compose the music.

Why do you make music? Thought you could do it better?
I make music because I love it and it's the best way I know to communicate my feelings and emotions to the people. Sure, I could do it better, I thinks is normal, there is always a sort of evolution in writing music and in playing my instrument.

Did you have had musical education? Still have? Are you giving musical training yourself?
I've studied for 2 years when I was 10 years old, then I've started playing electric guitar the first time I've heard Iron Maiden. I've studied theory and technique on books and on video bought by myself. Then studied technique with a guitar teacher for 6 months... and then again by myself. I think the best way to improve my style is playing with my band.

Why is the MCD dedicated to Chuck?
The MCD is dedicated to Chuck because Death are the band I like more, for they sickness in playing music, and Chuck has been my best guitar teacher, even if I've never know him personally. Then I ’work’ on graphics for the site.

Think that you are related to Chuck in a sort of spiritual connection?
Yes, I think that! I think I have a vision very similar to his one, from music to life.

Describe in a few lines the birth a of a song? When is a song finished?
We usually start from a riff I find jamming with the drummer. Then we try to play this riff again and again, looking for more idea. The same process can be made by myself, alone, in my bedroom. The song is finished when we understand that all the ideas related to the single project or concept we have in mind have been exploited.

Why are the song longer than 6 minutes?
Simply because maybe we have too much idea for developing them in less then 6 minutes! :)

Are there some ingredients that has to be in a song?
I think sickness, sickness and sickness.. and violence! :)

For the lyrics do you read some special lecture? Watch TV?
All lyrics are written by Remy and me; we don't read any particular lecture for writing them, we only try to put down on a sheet of paper our feelings, emotions, fears.

Why does eveybody say that the lyrics are important?
I don't know why, because I think that the music is more important then lyrics. I consider lyrics as a sort of another instrument like a guitar or a bass, but absolutely not more significative.

Do you have other activities in the metal underground?
No other activities, we all play only in Illogicist.

Why is it important to spread your talent? What would you hope to reach?
Music is a way of expression: I don't know if there is or not a talent, we only try to make in music our feelings and to try to spread our songs and attitude around.

Does your father like what your doing? Or would he have seen you as a lawyer? father really like what I do! he loves music, in particular hard rock! :) My mum too!

Are you proud to be an Italian? Tell us something about your hometown?
I'm proud to be Italian... it's a good question! I like Italy yes, but I think I don't consider me like only an italian person... we live in the same world not? My hometown, Aosta, is a small city placed in Aosta Valley, near France and Switzerland, in the North West of Italy, between mountains. A very good place for living, even if you can do more then play music or drink wine or beer! :)

Do you have interest in other countries? Other culture? Do you go on holidays?
Personally I really like Scotland, Netherlands and nordic countries. I'm not sure till now for my holidays.. I will take a decision during the next week.

Also driving one of the great Italian cars? What is your fav car? Do you own it?
Yes, eheh, there are some good italian cars like Alfa Romeo or Ferrari, but I think my favourite car is a black BMW Z3. Not so bad right? I have a Volkswagen Golf, a really good car!

Do you have problems telling about your personal life? Ever visited psycho therapy?
I've not have absolutely any problem to talk about my personal life, actually I live in Aosta with my parents and my 2 younger brothers! I've never visited a psycho therapyst.. I prefer pubs! :)

Is there something you would to share that is important to know?
I would like to share only our music and our feelings: we are actually looking for a deal even if we are in contact with some labels. We believe in our music.

Final word for promotion of Illogicist?
If you are looking for a music not so regular, if you like rhytmical asymetry... please check out our stuff, you can download MP3 from our site, they are all free, but if you want, you can order the professional printed out version.

Last rites?
Thanks to you Twan and to, to all the people around the world and to all tha magazines for the support! ’Let the metal flow....’
Interviewer: twansibon
Aug 25, 2002

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