Immemorial hates polish traditional cultured music

interview with immemorial

Immemorial came into existence in June 1997 in Elblag, Poland. The band recorded its On first album ’IUS PRIMAE NOCTIS’ in Selani Studios in Olsztyn (home studio where recorded bands like: VADER, BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATD, YATTERING, CHRIST UGONY, TRAUMA ect.), Poland in 1998. The album contains about 40 minutes of melodic and majestic death/black metal. The band also released a music video clip which accompanied the composition entitled ’Betrothal With The Death’. The music of Immemorial has received very favorable reviews both in official press and underground magazines. The ’Betrothal...’ composition was also placed on a compilation CD ’Blood To Come’ vol.8 in Thrash'em All magazine (one of the best in Poland). Immemorial has played a few concerts in Poland and has been always acclaimed by the public. In December 2000 the band recorded its second album ’A MONOLOGUE’ . This time the album is filled with 40 minutes of highly energetic sounds without limitations in terms of style. ’A Nightmare’ - one of the compositions is also accompanied by a music video clip. Moreover it was placed on a compilation CD ’Blood To Come’vol.14 in Thrash'em All magazine. On the end of 2001 IMMEMORIAL signed recording contract with CONQUER RECORDS to be release ‘’MONOLOGUE’’ album on CD.

‘’Monologue’ get a lot of very good reviews and interviews around the globe.

On beging of 2002 band choose to change Marta on vocal and KAROLINA took her place. After few weeks IMMEMORIAL plays several concerts around Poland and the band join Conquer Records festival in Poland and when they played European Tour 2002 with YATTERING, HELL-BORN, DEVILYN and MESS AGE including 3 shows in UK.

interview with a spider eater on 3-8-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Well, we are Immemorial from Poland hehe and we like death metal!!!!!!!!

Why the hell do you play death metal?
Because we like it!! You think we should to play something other????

How would you describe your kind of death metal?
I don't know what is this, hehe. some said that is death, some black... For me this is fuckin cool music!!!!

Do you like to be catagorized? Or do you just play music?
It's doesn't matter really, this is opinion of people. We like to play and we'll play all the time, hehe.

What kind of music do you absolutely hate and never will buy? Do you have some of that music at home?
There is one kind of music here, that make me sick. I hate polish traditional cultured music, that names Disco-polo. It's a specific kind. I don't have any of those bands at home (fortunately).

Can you remember when you first heard some metal bands? Remember which ones?
Yeah! I remember good. Pestilence, Slayer and my gods-Deicide hehe. I was so young then, hehe. Old times!

I am now watching ’Enter the Dragon’on TV. Do you like that kind of movies? Your fav movies?
I must worry you! I don't like that movies! I like black comedies and parodies for example ’Monthy Pyton’ hehe. I love to laugh from people, they're so fuckin ridiculous!!

Do you see the band as a kind of escape from daily life in Poland? Think your life is better now playing in the band?
Well... I think it's no escape, although... I always wanted to play in the band, you know. I've played in many bands and still live the same living. I have it in my own blood, hehe!

Do you like touring? What were your fav gig till now and with what bands?
Yeah!!! Of course we do! Touring is our life, hehe. It's like fuckin a good whore!! We play many gigs here, in Poland but most of all I remember in Europe on last tour with Yattering, Devilyn, Hell-Born, Mess Age. It was very funny!

In which tour package would you like to play? Why do you choose these bands?
It's indifferently. I can play everywhere and with everyone! I like live shows and people from the band too.

Which alcohol drink is be sold most in Poland? Do you brew your own liquir?
Hehe... We drink everything what has procents!! We are second after Russians, hehe. But I like beer rather. In summer times we make our own wine which kills!!!!!

Do you have some bad habits that are no good for your body?
Yes. I'm priest, hehe... Hmmm... Habits or habits?? My bad habit now is going in cemetery for fresh meat yet, hehe. I've threw smoking away and now I smoke shit good stuff only, hehe (from Holland).

What about the religion that your body is a temple?
Well.... Good question... I'm not a christian. I hate church and his gays!! But it is necessary to share ground with them. My body is exempt from god! Do you?

How do you feel about the end result of the album?
Completely normaly. I'll not be reflected about this album. The end result is that it is. We are satisfied of this job. That album recovered meaning in our creation.

Was it hard to record it? Tell us some secret details of your recordings?
Sometimes is hard, but it is necessary to devote oneself. After many hours we have enough ourself. We work together, sleep together, drink together and fuck together, hehehe... ENOUGH!!!!!!!! But we are men only.

About secrets... There's no any. We just play and all machine is rolling after us.

How do you start writing a song? Does every bandmember has something to say?
I make first framework with guitarist, later are coming next instruments only. At last vokal.

For the lyrics. Are they important? Where do you inspiration from?
The lyrics are matter our female fatal, hehe. She writes them and we censure it, hehe. All is in our heads!

Can you name 5 insects you can eat without throwing up?
Hehe, what a stupid questions! I eat flies and spiders, hehe. I tell you... Try!

What are the plans for the future? And how do you see the band within three years?
I don't know, maybe we'll die... Who knows?? We wanna to play untill demise of the world!! Gigs, gigs and one more gigs!!!

Feel the need to say something to promote the album?
Well... Listen to our music and buy our album!

Last rites?
Thanx for this mad intie and rot in peace!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Aug 3, 2002

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