Inferion, not better but different

I just got your album "This Will Decay", is this first album for Horror Pain Gore Records?
Yes. It is the first of hopefully of many more.

Correct me if I'm wrong, the band was on Prosthetic at one time?
Correction. You might have us confused with another band. We have worked with quite a few labels in the past (some of which may not be around anymore) They include: Audio Virus, Golden Lake (distro), Unholy (distro), Blasphemy and Fire (1998-2000), Inferno (distro), Salem, Glory to Hatred (distro only), and Bad-God (Cimmerian Shade).

How the band ended up in getting hooked up with Horror Pain Gore Records?
The owner of the label Mike, was a mutual friend of ours though the guys at ClawHammer PR. We sent him the rough mixes of the album and he agreed to put it out.

I been listening to "This Will Decay" and what stands out to me is how the band manage to be melodic but brutal at the same time?
We started off very thrashy black metal (late 90's), then started to get influenced by some elements of melodic death/black metal which made their way into our earlier albums. After that, we began incorporating our Floridian death metal roots and combined the two and the sound just evolved naturally overtime onto this album.

How many personal changes the band made before "This Will Decay"?
The band has had MANY personnel changes over time. If I had to calculate I'd say about 9 changes. Some musicians came back to work on later albums like Juan Santiago (who was an original member) and Carlos Delgado (which did drums for Cursed Path).

Can you tell me about some of the songs on the new album?
'Lament', 'Aftermath Of Destruction', and 'Tempted By Failure' were written in 2005 and were edited and recorded in 2014. We found that they fit best on this release as opposed to the ones in between. All of the other songs were written throughout the last couple of years. We wanted to keep a balance of intensity and aggression while we were writing. We wanted to take it a step beyond our last album "The Desolate". Lyrically, most of the songs were inspired by the book "The Only Thing Worth Dying For" by Erich Blehm.

Were any written doing the band's last recording session?
'Lament' was. The rest were written individually since we live in different states.

Besides Inferion and Malevolent Creation what other bands from Miami worth checking out?
Ha. There is quite a list... Thrash Or Die, Solstice, Rite to Bare Arms, Silenmara, Suffering Tool, Plagues Of Rhyzktus, Belzeth, Sapraemia, Faethom, Orb Weaver, Koroidia, Gnosis and like fuckin' tons more...

Are there future plans for a tour after the album is released?
Since the military keeps me pretty busy these days, not really any tours planned. But we are performing at the Black Kult Fest 218Oct.2014 @10:00-10:30. We'll probably be doing random festivals through the year if our schedule permits.

You feel that this album is better than the previous album?
Not better, but different. Angrier for sure. Much more music on this album than all the previous albums. We had much more inspiration writing it.

What are your favorite albums of 2014?
Down - IV and Judas Priest - Redeemer

Which bands Inferion planning or want to tour with?
We'd like to tour/play with (whether or not they want to play with us, they're still alive, or we fit with their music is another story): Solstice, Silenmara, Sapraemia, Rite to Bare Arms, Thrash Or Die, The Doors, Enslaved, Nachtmystium, Benny Goodman, Behemoth, Deicide, Stan Getz, Ween, Blue Oyster Cult, Sonic Youth, Johnny Cash, At The Gates

What the response been from the fans to the new album?
Most people haven't heard it yet. But the exclusive tracks that have been played have generated mostly good responses.

Before we end the interview I like the new album and this is the first time I heard any of your music.
Is this a question? Thank you very much!

I like to thank you for taking the time out of your to do this interview is anything you like to add?
Thank you so much. Here are some links
Album comes out 21OCT2014
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Oct 12, 2014
Next interview: The new age of Nothgard

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