Infernal Poetry’s disturbing tones and schizophrenic elements

Born in Ancona (central-west Italy) in 1996, Infernal Poetry is considered to be one of the most important and original extreme acts in Italy.
An incessant live activity all over Europe (with Dismember, Rotting Christ, Impiety, Behemoth and many more) was the key to earn the name of ‘Killer Live Act’ and to step out the deepest Italian underground.
Starting like a mix between American brutality and Swedish melodies, Infernal Poetry’s sound is now evolving into something new and refreshing, with disturbing tones and schizophrenic elements. Media from all over the world are labelling their sound ‘Schizo Death Metal’. And let's see what Daniele had to say about this.

Please give a short introduction of yourself again. And yes again as we already had some talk in 2005. (And why is it not mentioned on your Myspace?)

Infernal Poetry project was born in 1996…3 full lengths, some European tours, an incessant live activity in our shitty country… here we are! Born to reap your nervous system with our nerves-wrecking music. Sorry for not mentioning you on our Myspace, I must ask to check it out…

Also some new members in the band as the last time you had actors, writer and a painter?

The line up didn’t change since our last interview. It’s the same since 1998, except the drummer that entered the band in 2004.

Your latest album is "Nervous System Failure" and it starts with an user advisory. I like this idea so who came up with it and who is the woman?

My fault, I confess. We wanted to stress (in an ironic way) that Nervous System Failure is not a conventional metal album. Actually its heretic approach is quite clear since the very beginning, but we decided to enrich the album with this female voice here and there to add a touch of additional oddity. Who is she? She’s our ex-label manager!

Your style is indeed not conventional as you stated. So what do you gather under conventional? 

Extreme metal can be very conventional. Standardized structures, voice registers, drum paces and bass/guitars works. Why? ‘Cause the audience is young, and young people is often mind closed. Period. So the first thing we tried is to create an album with a strong idea. Everything in Nervous System Failure goes toward the same direction: music, images, lyrics. The purpose is to shock, to surprise, to twist, yet being extremely ass kicking...NSF creates an illogical/paranoid world where mind tries to grip on slippery walls. Failing.

Is it difficult to compose and play conventional metal? Isn't this for musicians who just start their career?

We have nothing against conventional music, I want to put it clear, and is not a matter of easy/difficult (at least from a technical point of view). It’s a matter of artistic research. For example a song can be extremely simple to play, but extremely hard to write. We think about ideas: often they are quite complex to be played, but that’s just a side effect.

The most unconventional about your songs are the twisted guitars parts. I won't say the jazzy parts as there are more bands implementating this. But what makes it unconventional to you?

We don’t have any jazz influences, except a swinged solo in the last song. And I think that voices a very uncommon as well, with lots of different registers that change accordingly to the music. We tell stories. Therefore voice must change. More, bass and drumming are quite uncommon too. And lyrics: have you read them? Quite strange.

Do you also get some positive responses outside the metal scene? What kind? Expected or not?

It’s not so unusual to meet people at your concerts who says: “I’m not into metal, but you really got my eyes stuck on you guys”. People have fun when we play. And so we do!

How would you suggest to absorb your music best? Stereo, car, headphone or concert? Or is there a better way?
I think the best is stereo car for the power, and headphones for the richness… you can hear a lot more using your headphones, believe me! I was travelling in South America some months ago, and I decided to run Nervous System Failure on my mp3 player… my intention was just listening to the first song. Well, I was so surprised about particulars that I thought: “oh my god, did we really put this on this record?”. It was such a long time since I listened to it and well.. I listened to whole album with immense pleasure and… yes, surprise!

And when I listen with a headphone will I hear subliminal backward spoken words?

Sure, but I won’t tell you more.

What do you think of subliminal messages?

Very effective.

And what is the message behind your artwork? Those sketch images and the colours are really getting on my nerves!

It’s a brain cells mass suicide.
The goal? Rip your nerves, just like the music.

Another thing that would get my nerves itching is when Infernal Poetry would cover a song of Lady Gaga!

Hopefully soon. I love some songs from Lady Gaga, she’s fucking sick.

With Infernal Poetry you have created a style that doesn't fit everybody. Is it not difficult to get gigs? Or do you fit best in a package deal or festival?
We get a lot of gigs in our country each year and we had several European gigs in the past in Germany, Holland, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia. We are first of all a live band, our gigs are very direct, very straight to your fucking face. We often headline several Italian festival and we joined for 3 times to Gods of Metal bill, but I have to confess that we prefer club gigs: we want to look people in the eyes.

Can you recall your best show ever? And maybe also the most funny remembrance that happened backstage?

I can recall different excellent shows, but I couldn’t tell you about the best one… I can recall a crazy show in Grenoble (France) on Halloween night, or freaking situations in a Austrian gig… and really a lot of great concerts in Italy.
About backstage remembrances… really don’t know at the moment, but we collected a lot of experiences travelling all around… and that’s maybe the reason why we keep on going on!

And why has Paolo dreadlocks? Does he think he is the incarnated Bob Marley? You know that dreadlocks arer never hit by shampoo...

Maybe because he is very curly and it was impossible for him to manage is hair!

But why do you not suggest people to continue listening in "La Macchina Del Trapasso"? And who is fukking that woman who does the announces?

It’s the usual voice: she warns at the beginning, she suggest before this song, and she thanks at the ending. So the suggestion is a sort of second chance to quit the album…

About fucking. Why not name your favorite female pornstar, because I assume you prefer girls.

Speaking for myself: I don’t like famous pornstar so much, I prefer the “next door slut”. Unknown porn debutants fro example… but if you want a name, I think Belladonna is outstanding: beautiful without being unreachable, skilled without being too technical, extreme without being disgusting….

Ever think Infernal Poetry will be asked to do the soundtrack of a porn movie?
Any suggestions for the title of the movie? 
I don’t think so, but it could be interesting. 
Possible title: “Axes&Asses”.

Also sex is coming to an end and so does this intie. Anything you want to add that has been forgotten?

Look at our latest videoclip HERE and listen o the whole album HERE.

Last rites?


Interviewer: twansibon
Mar 5, 2010

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