Infinited Hate, not 40 but 100%

Infinited Hate was created in August 2003 by Aad Kloosterwaard, the drummer of Sinister and Houwitser.The easiest thing to complete the line-up was asking all other Sinister members for this sick and twisted death metal project. All members were already thinking for a longer time to mix the old school death metal with the new US death metal style, something that they cannot do with their own band.

interview with Aad on 20-05-2004

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hi Aad here my current bands are Infinited Hate / Houwitser / Blastcorps, ofcourse all bands are death metal.

Did you choose the bandname because Sinister stopped?
O no I had already the name for a long time, I have this from a band called MISERY it's one of there titels.

So where comes all this hate from? What pisses you off in todays society?
I hate alot off things in todays society, but it's better to keep it for my self i think.

Did you cut off your hair because you paid too much for shampoo every week?
Ha ha no man it was not that great anymore so it was better to cut it, it's fucked up but what can you do.

What makes Infinite Hate different than Sinister and Houwitser?
I think that Infinited Hate will sound a bit like Sinister but what can you do about it when you still have al the same members in the band, I think Houwitser sounds really different than this two bands, it's more the new US death metal from today. With Sinister we had already 6 tracks for the new one, but now they are for I.H so than you know how the new I.H will sound ha ha, only more faster and more brutal.

Think you can get also a cult status with Infinite Hate?
I don't think so, Sinister was one of the first only than you can get a cult status I think, same for bands like Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse, but it's great to know that you think like this about Sinister that's a great compliment for us. With I.H we like to make good musickkk and we shall see what the future will bring for us.

Playing extreme metal for a long time is it not difficult to create new ideas? Not affraid to copy your previous work?
No not really, as a band we have enough ideas to make something new, and we are not looking back, when we have new stuff and everybody thinks it sounds killer than it will be on the next CD from us, ofcourse there will be stuff that sounds a bit the same but that's not strange after so many CD's we have.

Why did you asked the other Sinister members? No challange to find unknown musicians?
Yes your right I had no challange to look for members, that was also the reason why I split-up Sinister it's so hard to find members, and why new members when we have killer ones in the band already.

What do you think of the death metal scene today? Is it still exciting like 10 years ago?
No way man, back in the days everybody was more cool than now, more support from other bands, now everyboby thinks that they are better than other bands FUCK THAT SHIT.

What does attract you in metal music? What and when was your first metal encounter?
The brutality and the speed I love that big time, and that is also the only musickkk that I like to make.

Don't you think you disgrace your familyname (klooster= monastry, waard=landlord) to be involved in this diabolical band?
What the hell ha ha, I can not help it then you have to speak with my father, but that will be hard because he past away already for many years.

By the way, never knew Rachel was your sister when reading the names on the booklet?
Ha ha no man and I am happy for that, now I was able to marry her last year

What is absolutly not tolerated in the band? Why?
When you like to play in our band than you have to that for 100% and not for 40% than it's time to go.

Will Infinite Hate perform life? Any guest musicians on stage?
At the moment we are looking for members for playing live shows, when we have that than we will play live for sure.

How long will you continue making music? Any idea what you careerstep is after musiclife?
I will go on with making musickk when I still have fun doing it that's really important for me, what I will do after musickkk??? I really don't know for the moment I have still alot of fun with playing with Infinited Hate and Houwitser.

Ever thought starting your own coffeeshop?

What is your fav JackAss stunt? Ever tried to do one yourself before the camera?
I can not answer this, I never look to this stuff.

Any correct political, non racist, animal rights respected, female friendly or non sexual statement wanna make?
What the hell, NO.

Last rites?
Yes check out the Infinited Hate CD, you never know maybe you like it.
Interviewer: twansibon
May 20, 2004

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