INRI and the Hyper Bastard Breed

interview with I.N.R.I.

Insane Non-commercialised Rock Institute

Dutch death metalheads I.N.R.I. started out in 1994 as Stigmatheist, releasing their debut cd 'It all ends today' in 1998 through Voices of Wonder. After the necessary line-up changes the band decides to completely change track: a more direct way of songwriting now is chosen. With their 'Do or Die' attitude the band appears on stage again in the beginning of 2001, now under the monicker I.N.R.I. After some well received gigs with bands like Morbid Angel, Darkane and Krisiun, the band decides to record an album at Franky's Recording Kitchen (God Dethroned, Altar, Severe Torture):
DEATH METAL the way it was meant to be played! Brutal, with furious grunts and killer riffs, combined with catchy songwriting. The main keywords describing I.N.R.I. 's raging style. Influenced by bands such as The Crown, God Dethroned and Malevolant Creation the band is an excellent newcomer in the Dutch Death Metalscene!

interview with Henri on 28-09-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
My name is Henri and I am the singer (or whatever you call it) of I.N.R.I.

Explain the band name because it is not mention in the dictionairy?
I.N.R.I was carved on a wooden sign nailed on the cross above jesus’ head. It means ’King of Jews” in a sarcastic way.

You started as Stigmatheist. What was the band like? What style?
Stigmatheist played metal in a style of Bal-Sagoth.

Do you still play ’It all ends today’ at home?
'It all ends today' still is a good album but not the album we would make again.

Why did you changed to INRI? Musical differences?
Back than, half of Stigmatheist stopped because of metal-weariness. Patrick, who sang those days, grabbed the guitar and made the music more extreme. I came to spit my filth over his compositions. A new band, a new style, a new name; I.N.R.I.

How did you manage to get on stage with Morbid Angel and Krisiun without having an album released?
Hard work and a bit of luck, we released a promo in 2000, and with help of our manager we got the change to support bands as Morbid Angel, Krisiun, Darkane a.o.

You now are about to release the debut. Does it have the energy from the live shows? Or did you do things you cannot perform on stage?
It absolutely have the energy from our live shows. It’s a fucking punch in the face as it should be in metal!

How many albums do you own of Duran Duran?
I own them all, where else should i put my bottles of beer on without scratching the tabel? (....)

What is your definition of death metal?
My definition of metal in general is: Honesty, Being true, Rebellion and most of all Heart.

Why are people playing nu metal? And who the hell does buy that?
I don’t leave them be, we know better.

Which three things do you hate the most? Why?
Organized religion: I saw what it does, escape its foulness!!
Falsehood: I can’t stand people who lie to enrich their feeble existence.
Psychic Vamps: They suck you dry of your energy to feel a moment of might; they are lower than life.

You mention God Dethroned as influence. Do you say that because you are on ColdBloodIndustries?
Before this album we recorded a demo which contained four songs comparable to the style of the old God Dethroned. Those days are surely gone, we think.

Do you watch the Ozzy Osbourne show on MTV? What do you think about him?
I saw the show a few times. I think Ozzy is the king “Fuck you all”, an important metal ingredient, therefor I respect him.

Who do you see as the big leaders in the metal scene? Why?
The biggest leader is yesterday’s leader: Morbid Angel with Davind Vincent grunting hate!
Nowadays leaders to me are: The Crown, Malevolent Creation, Satyricon, Vader to name a few.

What did you felt with your first tattoo?
Pain, but I was the man, hahaha.

How many times do you have to rehearse the songs to be able to play them?
It all depends on the difficulty of a song , sometimes one evening, sometimes a few weeks.

Did you ever got a black out on stage and didn't know what to play for a few seconds?
Yes it happened and surely will happen again, but hey, it’s all metal.

How do you correct mistakes on stage?
When something goes wrong, I am in charge, I give the signals and the band knows what to do.

What is your fav drink before, during and after the gig?
We only drink a few beers, or more, we are such brave motherfuckers.

Say something shocking about INRI so people will buy the album?
I am father of two girls, you see, I.N.R.I also for the family man. Is it shocking enough??

Last rites?
With the thrill and rush for death on speed, we proudly present us, Hyper Bastard Breed!
Interviewer: twansibon
Sep 28, 2002

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