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interview with Daniel on 16-08-2004

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hey there! My name is Daniel, and I am the bass player of Insision. Apart from my work in the band I write books and run the publishing house Tamara Press. So far I’ve released and written one book about Italian exploitation cinema (Violent Italy) and one book about Swedish exploitation cinema (Svensk Sensationsfilm). At the moment I’m working on new songs for Insision, as well as writing on a massive book called Swedish Death Metal. This book will be the definite history and guide to the glorious genre that has fed the world with so much great bands.

Congrats with the album. In what way did you improve?
I think we managed to make to make the music for Revealed and Worshipped as a band, whereas Beneath the Folds of Flesh was mainly Rogers songs. We worked harder on each songs, and wanted all of them to stand for themselves and contain some hooks and groovy parts as well as blasts. Also, I think Carl worked more determined on the lyrics of this album. Further, the production is better, and we also had more time to mix it.

How many blood, sweat and sperm did you offer to improve your skills?
Much sweat (endless rehearsals), some blood (cut up fingers) and no sperm (celibat).

Some describe death metal lyrics as simple and childish. What is your drive to write lyrics? What are you achieving with this?
They sure can be, just look at all the Gore Grind bands. Such lyrics are funny for about 3 seconds... But I think that the superior Death Metal bands has fantastic lyrics that deals with inner feelings, the fucked up state of this world and how you should cope with it – just look at Morbid Angel! About the lyrics, I guess that works as a kind of therapy for Carl. He needs to write them to stay alive, and I sure hope that he can put some force into other people as well with them... or at least achieve some kind of feeling. You need feelings to live.

Thanks a lot for your homage to me in ’The Unrest’! Why did I deserve this?
You deserve everything, like all good people on this planet.

Can't deny you are inspired by Suffocation. How did it feel to go on tour with them? Some anecdotes?
They are one of the best bands in the world ever. Especially our Guitar player Roger keeps them close to his soul. To tour with them was so great. Perfect. Anecdotes? Well, they were just a bunch of normal guys like ourselves, stayed cool all the time and always delivered a perfect performance. Easily the best death Metal band I’ve ever seen live. So tight, so crystal clear, so perfect, such intensity...amazing. Anecdotes? Well, I can tell you that I can’t understand hoe Terrance can play after all the shit he smokes! In France he bought the biggest piece of hashish I’ve ever seen! And I’ve seen a lot... he can also perform some Dismember songs with his mouth – complete with drums and everything – you must see it to believe it!

Where you nervous to meet them? Where did you talk about? No rockstar attitude?
No. Never needed to, they were just hyper-cool from second one. Friendly, open, respectful and cool. They are from New York you know, so they are a lot like us Europeans. Rockstar attitude? Nothing of it!

Are there bands you don't have respect for?
I have respect for all bands that makes good music. Of course, if you meet a band that you love and they turn out to be assholes, you feel very let down. Luckily, I haven’t seen that much in the Death Metal scene. I guess that is something for bands in other genres, like Black Metal and Crust Punk. My experience is that Death Metal bands don’t have bullshit attitudes.

For me metal is a way of life? Do you agree and what is your description for this?
It sure is, even if I have many other things in my life as well. But you know, when you started to love metal as a suddenly had to fight against the whole society. Your parents didn’t like how you looked or what you listened too, and at school they hated it. You weren’t allowed in some places because of your clothes and hair, and not one day passed without some fucked up macho idiot commented about you appearance. That makes you tough inside, and that gives you a mark for life. Being a metal kid, I guess I got a hint of how it is to be black or homosexual. Or a girl, for that matter. Everybody was just against you for no reason at all. Fuck them all!!!

What influences had Mieszko had in the recording? Never afraid to turn out as a grind band?
Ha ha, oh no. We had him in our palm. But he was great since he really loved our music, and wanted us to do our best. Unlike other producers I’ve worked with he sat and watched you intensly as you played. If he thought he saw you do an error, he made you re-do it even if nobody could hear a mistake. Also he explained how some of our ideas just wouldn’t work in the mix, and taught us a bit about how sounds work together. He also showed us how the studio worked, and let us record some stuff alone at night. What a great guy!

Who do you worship and why?
The only person I have ever worshipped is my best friend Jenny. She understands life in the same way as me, and can show me through the darkness. Nobody has ever been able to make me feel good as she does, never. I would die for her, and maybe one day I will.

What are the plans for the future? Or do you live by the day? Is it important to make a 5 year plan for the band?
Just short plans. You know, make the next song as good as possible, rehearse into perfection for the next tour. If you plan too much, I guess you can forget what you are doing at the moment, and your work will suffer. You can’t live in the future, because you don’t know if it exists. Tomorrow we might all be gone. So, live for today. Every day.

Is Insision still a hobby band or a little company? Are you smart enough to earn money with it and save it?
Insision is our lives. It’s our souls. All the money we make we put into the band immediately. Rent for rehearsal room, amplifiers, merchandise, tours... If it turned into a company I guess the light would fade, and our quality would decrease.

How is economical situation in Sweden? Are you musician full time or also working for a boss?
All of us have to work with shitty jobs to stay alive. We have never made any money out of Insision. Every payment for gigs or record sales is spent immediately on the band. We produce for you, not ourselves.

Are you involved by social life in your town? What are you contributing to the community?
I used to work at a youth center, to take care of kids that nobody else in the society cares about. Metal kids, kids with problems at home, immigrants, drug addicts, alcoholists, hellraisers. Kids that reminds me about how I used to be.

What is your family status? Married? Father? Or planning to be one day?
Right now I’m totally alone. I never see anybody, just sit at home and work for the band and on my books. If Jenny will marry me in the future, I will go for it. (so ask her yourself!! - Twan)

Do you like watching SpongueBob Squarepants? Or rather watch other kind of television?
I never watch TV. I read books or watch movies.

What is the dark and evil side of the pope?
All the sides I guess, like with all people who thinks that they are totally right and that others should follow them. My advise is – don’t trust anyone. Find out what you think for yourself.

Your change to promote Insision in uncensored words.
Well, we are really trying to make some really good Death Metal. So I think you should at least give us a chance, and listen to our work. We go for what we do with everything we’ve got, so if you go for us with everything you’ve got I’m sure we can create something fantastic together. Open yourselves to our music, and it will open itself for you. If you want to arrange a gig or tour with us we will surely give you everything we have – just contact me and we’ll work something out!

As a gratitude for this previous question, how are you gonna support BRUTALISM?
Send me all the flyers and information you’ve got, and we’ll spread it! Perhaps we can put a banner on our hompage – Carl?

Carl- I sure do that... been in contact with Twan a long time. Just let me know! Equal support is the idea!

Last rites?
Well, if anyone might be interessted in buying one of my books or some Insision merch – just get in contact! Also, like I said, we are always looking for gigs. Get in touch, and we’ll work something out!
Thanks a lot for this interview, it’s people like you who keeps the scene alive! We would be nothing without all of you out there. Remember, we are all the same. We make this together, without you we would be nothing.
Interviewer: twansibon
Aug 16, 2004

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