Interview with Mariano of Septycal Gorge

You can read the full history of the band on the MySpace site and so you know that Septycal Gorge is almost 5 years on the road of brutality, 3 years have past from the last album and now, a new album is on the way to be released in October 2009. Let's see what Mariano Somà has to say for the upcoming album!

SG have been seen on and had 3 reviews from the past albums Delivering Hidden Mutilation, Growing The Seeds Of Decay, Promo 2007. More so, other zines had outstanding reviews for them too. How would you react on the reviews being given?
Hello there! Marius (vox) answering! Well, you're right, our previous works had a lot of attention from the underground brutal zines, particularly our first album "Growing Seeds Of Decay"... Personally, I've always been really surprised about it. Of course all these attentions and discussions about us are a pleasure and a great satisfaction - seeing our monicker near other great brutal bands we really respect is so enthusiastic and a little 'unreal'! -, by the way reviews have never been fundamental for the songwriting and the evolution of our sound.

We're hearing some awesome news for an upcoming album. Introduce it to us please.
ERASE THE INSIGNIFICANT" is our second album... We know lots of people are waiting for it... and it's amazing, a great emotion! We tried to give our best: in my opinion, after 3 years from the first album, there's a new selfconsciousness, better technical capacities, more experience, but also a really differnt line up... The songs are faster, more complex and cleaner... Generally the mood of the cd is really aggressive, obsessive and dark. At the moment everyone of us is really satisfied of the results - in these days we're waiting for the mastering - but we know that just the audience will have the last word.

How did the process go with recording it? Any ups and downs along the way?
There's one thing I'm really proud of Septycal Gorge: we were born in 2004; we always changed a lot of line ups... but we've never stopped writing songs and playing the more we can: the ups and downs are linked to the frequent changes... Creating a new coesion with new members, finding spaces for the tastes of everyone, losing some ideas to try to look for something that can satisfy everyone are typical aspects in every band in the world... but I think that in Septycal Gorge these dynamics are crazier, because of those frequent line up changes: in 5 years of existence we changed 2 drummers, 4 bassists and 3 guitarists! I know several bands that are inactive since ages because they can't find a drummer or a bassist or whatelse... Maybe I'm not modest, but I'm really sure we've always been enough crazy to believe in our projects and in our dreams... that's really enthusiastic and productive, but it also could be painful and it needs a lot of sacrifices...

Having the new album "Erase the Insignificant" on the tracks, how do you think SG's listeners would react about it?
Uhuhuhuh, I really don't know!! I don't know if everyone will like our new stuff... but I'd feel really thankful and satisfied if every listener noticed our evolution: during these last 2 years, we worked a lot; "Erase The Insignificant" is our new creature and, as everyone does, we'd like to be respected for all the time we spent on it... Of course if our second album will be a worldwide success (seems a dream!!), it'd be perfect!

Seeing some had already commented in your myspace page regarding the new album, can you tell what the future holds for "Erase the Insignificant" and for Septycal Gorge?
As I told you before, I've always been really surprised by the enthusiasm which several worldwide brutal death metal listeners have for my band... Everytime we wrote something new, we've always got new possibilities for touring or playing in cool festivals: everytime the level was higher... and that's what I'd like for the future: more cool possibilities to spread our music everywhere!

Hearing the new uploaded tracks from the new album, some said, songs from "Growing Seeds of Decay" was much more better than the new songs. How will you react on this?
De gustibus non disputandum est... Everyone has his/her own personal tastes, it's not a problem: of course, we'll keep on performing some tracks from our first album, because it's fundamental for our career... At the moment, in the worldwide scene, we're the Italian guys which wrote "Growing Seeds Of Decay", so I think having a particular affection to that cd is pretty normal. I don't want to repeat always the same things... by the way... at the moment 3/5 members of the line up weren't in the band when we were jamming, composing, writing the first album; thinking about that, I think changes are normal... and, well... At the moment there's just ONE new song uploaded on if there's someone not liking it, I hope he/she'll give us a possibility listening to the whole new album...

Working with Permeated Records since 2008, and we see that they're working with you for the new album. How's the relationship been going on with Septycal Gorge?
The guys from Permeated Records are good friends of us since 2005: at the moment it's a cool deal; in Europe it's an important underground reality, they're cool people with serious ethics of job... I hope "Erase The Insignificant" will help the growth of the label and, of course, the label will help our growth!

October 2009, Permeated Recs will be releasing the new album, how are you guys feeling?
We can't wait for it!! We started writing new songs since Summer 2007... then we loose our drummer and bassist, then spent months and months looking for someone new, then spent a lot of time to learn to jam together and taking consciousness of the way of what new songs should be... When the new album will be out, it'll be like being free from a really heavy weight, eheheh!

Septycal Gorge's listeners haven't heard the whole album yet apart from the new uploaded tracks on Myspace. What are they expecting from it?
I think they're waiting for what every fan waits from his/her beloved band: not betraying the attitude and evolving the sound, keeping the research for a good personality... and that's what we've always offered.

Last question for this pre-interview. Any thing to say to those who have helped the band in the process of the new album?
Uh well, of course a big thank you to everyone! Labels, people recording our stuff, mixing and mastering it... and of course the closest friends: all people which listened with patience our problems when we were in the darkest moments, the true friends and our girlfriends, for their presence and love... Without contacts with reality, we couldn't do or create anything... Bless you! Thanks for the interview, Joyce, and thanks to, probably one of the best webzines ever!! Cheers! We're waiting for you on October 2009 with "Erase The Insignificant"!!!

Joyce Fama "ourladyofsorrow photography
Interviewer: twansibon
Sep 12, 2009
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