Iron Lamb supports energy, aggression and madness

Iron Lamb contain members of various death metal bands like Dismember, Repugnant and Tyrant. But these guys play rocknroll the way it supposed to be played! Loud, rauciuous and philty. Inspired by Motorhead and alcohol. Iron Lamb recently caught the attention of Pulverised Records who in turn released their debut album "Original Sin". With the artwork by Watain mainman and master of filth decadence himself Erik Danielsson. When you put on this sick puppy it's listening to Motorhead colliding with charged GBH. Now I hand the floor over to Daniel.

Greetings brother it's hotter than a japeno in hell down here. How's the weather in Sweden?
Lucky bastards! Here it has been raining like hell for weeks now, not a sun in sight. As usual, we just drown the gloominess with tons of beer and loads of rock n roll!

First tell me a little iron lamb how you heathen got to hook up with each other?
Johan, Tomas and Grga played for some time together in Repugnant, and have been hanging out since then. Some years after Repugnant’s demise, they just decided to start a new band – this time with no rules, just plain dirty rock. Later they lured me into it all, which was no problem since they are all great musicians and crazy guys (like me). Me and Tomas had also been playing together for many years in Insision, so we work very well together.

August 29th will be releasing your debut album "Original Sin" from what i heard so far you guys are going to win some fans over?
I think the reception has been great so far, more and more people turn up at our gigs and the 7” singles has been flying away. The LP version is actually out already, and it seems to be selling well. I think the album turned out very good, so I think it will attract people who likes the same stuff we do – no bars hold metal/punk madness!

You think this album is go over well with some Motorhead fans? I hear alot of Motorhead influences except the vocals are a little more cleaner than lLemmy's?
I hope so, since Motörhead is one of the best bands in the world. If our music  can create the same kind of feeling as Motörhead, we have succeeded. About the vocals, you have to remember that Grga now has the same age as Lemmy did when he started Motörhead. With all the drinking and smoking he does, I guess Grga will sound even rustier than Lemmy in a few years!

I just heard from a friend that Wurzel just died. It's kinda hard to believe that he's dead?
It really doesn’t come as a surprise, any guy that tries to keep up with Lemmy’s intensity for some years risks his health! It’s actually a miracle that Mikkey and Paul is still alive.

Me and my friend talked about our favorite Motorhead album. We also liked "Another Perfect Day" with Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson. I thought that was a great album!
It is for sure one of the very best Motörhead albums, highly underrated! Brian Robertson is a wonderful guitarist, and his style gives that album a unique feeling. Man, I’m gonna put it on today!

How the Plasmatics? How would you rate them as a band?
Wendy was a great character, and Plasmatics had style written all over them. Even though they might not have produced that many classic songs, their attitude sure kicks the hell out of almost any band out there today. Respect.

Most of the members come from a death metal background. I respect the fact that you guys never hide your love for dirty, filthy rock nroll seem like rocknroll don't have the passion and like it used to have?
I guess we all got a bit tired of death metal during later years, it tends to follow to many rules nowadays. On the other hand, much of the new “action rock” bands seemed to lack just about everything we love about it. Aggression, attitude, dirt, hate...madness! So we set out to create a band with no rules, just to blend everything we love about metal and punk into the same pot.

My own honest opinion is that Iron Lamb is bringing the balls that punk or rocknroll been missing for a long time. It's too much watered down these days.
Damn straight! Most band have a radio friendly sound, styled clothes and everything seems so fake. Just rip it up, maaaan!

Name of some of the bands you listen to now these days?
Thin Lizzy, Bathory, GG Allin, Ramones, Autopsy, The Stooges, Merciful Fate, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Foetus, Skinny Puppy, Birthday Party, Brainbombs...all great stuff!

Despite being involve in other bands is Iron Lamb a full time project.?
Well, we all have regular jobs you know... but Iron Lamb is our main band right now. We rehearse often, play live every month, plan tours, make new songs, plan new releases, make t-shirts... oh, I guess we all have two full time jobs!

Has the band played any lives and how the audience reacted to the songs?
Yes, we have played pretty much recently, and it has gotten better and better. Last week we played with Doom, and the audience just went nuts! During many songs, the entire stage was filled with banging maniacs. When was the last time you saw that on stage? We support such things, energy, aggression and madness!

Name some of the filthiest things that inspire iron lamb?
Well, our latest song actually deals with an incident when one of our members pissed on some members of a band we played with. It was by accident, but that is telling about the filthy stuff that keeps going on on tour. Otherwise, we get inspired by all the sick things around us - the drugs, the piss...the laughter!

Who came up with the name Iron Lamb?
I actually don’t know, but I love the name to pieces. It’s so wrong in a way, and that’s why it’s right! We are all little lambs out there – but only a few of us are made of iron, and tries to break out of the horde!

What drew Iron Lamb to Pulverised Records? I think they're cool underground label and seem very supportive?
Some of us had released albums there before (I with Tyrant), and it has never been any problems. When we got the deal, we just signed it!

Tell how you got Erik of Watain to do the artwork for the album? How supportive he been of the band?
We have all been friends of all the Watain guys for over a decade, and they have helped us out with much stuff over the years. Erik is a very talented guy, so we often get him to design artwork for records, t-shirts and posters. The guys have also turned up at our shows several times, and we feel a lot of support.

What are the band's plans for 2011 beside getting drunk and fucking whores?
I think we will focus on drinking alcohol, taking drugs, piss on everything and laugh all the way! Then play loads of shows, write and record new material, release new 7” records and plan for a new album. Rock and/or roll all the way!

Ok, hope that will do. Thank you for the interview and good luck with all your work in the future!
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Aug 2, 2011

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