Irredemption eliminate the past

After the intie with Juan in June 2002 you can read here a new one done in January 2006 after the release of ’Hordes Of Anger’.

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hi Twan! Well, we are a Spanish band called Irredemption, and we are here for promote our first album, Hordes of Anger (11 songs of Brutal Death) which is finally available after a lot of problems. So here we go!

Tell us something nasty of the other band members?
Something nasty?? I think all in them are fucking nasty jeje. I don’t know, maybe you have to ask Alberto (our drummer) about what he loves to do with a frying pan, he is the number one using it! Or maybe one thing I hate a lot from them is that they smoke a lot! (except our singer).
When we are at the rehearsal room, they are smoking always, fuck! All full of ends cigarettes. So for the rest nothing special, they are a good beer drinkers

Finally the album is out. Why so long and why not released by your own?
Yeah, finally is out. We had a lot of problems as you know. We recorded the album in 2004. After that we started to look for a label, we had some offers and we decided to sign with Extremist Records (USA).
The guy sent us the contract and so, but once we sent the master, he sent us an e-mail talking about “I cannot edit the CD, try to it yourselves or with another label or contact with me in a few months”
We sent him an e-mail to him after a few months, but we are awaiting for an answer from him.
We think that the label now is dead, so we had to look again for labels, and when we thought that we had to released it, from ourselves, Pintxe from Sarcomatose Records (he also sings and play bass in a Brutal band called Impure from Basque Country) contact us, telling “I can help you with the CD”, and here we are. We are happy, after years of work, we thought to left all, but well, we will see the future.
I want to add too, that we had the help from Jean Marc Werly (Dungortheb/Perennial Quest Recs), and from another guy called Twan Sibon (among other people like Dave Rotten etc). Do you know them?)

Why is it hard to get a label contract nowadays? Money or too many bands in the scene?
I don’t know Twan. I think both things, but mainly I think is money, now you can download an album even a few months before the album is out, and if you don’t have money then you don’t buy it! And if people don’t buy albums, then the labels lose money you know... But of course maybe is because too many bands playing more or less the same and labels only signs a few bands. I think this question is better for labels

How dedicated is Irredemption to the UG scene? Any interest in becoming the Spanish Metallica?
We try to do the better as possible to the UG scene, and try to support the scene, of course we don’t like all bands, but I think in the UG scene there are some really good bands.
And about from Spain, we have now good and brutal bands, I think the scene is very strong now with bands like Avulsed, Haemorrhage, Scent of Death, Imbrue, Continuo Renacer, Numen, Impure, Cerebral Effusion for tell you a few names

Buying the album, it gives a free condom. Why this?
We think it’s a good way of promotion. When we knew that with the help of Sarcomatose, the album was released, we made some t-shirts and thongs and also we had an offer for make condoms, so we decided to made it for give one with every CD

And what should I do with it when use? Send it back to you for a contest?
Good question Twan! You can send it telling us if the condom works better when you fuck or when you spank the monkey! Of course, you always can wash it and use it over and over again, or never use it. Also you can use the condom meanwhile you are listening to our CD!

Spain is a catholic country so why preach safe sex?
First of all, religions sucks!
It’s easy, if you are with a girl an if you don’t want to be a father, you use a condom. Also there are a lot of sickness, so if you don’t know the guy or the girl very well, the condom is the better method. But if you have boyfriend or girlfriend you use other methods, or simply nothing!

I know Opeth is one of your favorites. Are you trying to get their vibe into your music?
You are right, I like Opeth a lot, I think Mikael Akerfeldt is a genious!, but not only Opeth, I like other bands like Gorefest (as you know) Death, Cryptopsy or Cannibal Corpse. And about try to get their vibe, I don’t think so, Opeth music is different than our music. They are progressive, they use the feeling from bands of the seventies, acoustics and melodic parts, they don’t use blast beats and of course they are better musicians than us

How do you try to grow as songwriters?
We try to work harder as possible, now we are working with new stuff for the next album, and we are trying to write better songs than in the past

What were the ideals when starting Irredemption and how do you look back to them?
To have a band and record one or tow demo tapes, and now we are here, with an album, working for a second album, and playing concerts. We started in 1996( I am the one in the band since then) and I never thought that one day, we will record an album

Looking back is no reference but how do you look back to 2005?
No, looking back isn’t a reference, but probably we did things in the past, that if we have the chance for eliminate it then, we will do it

And what will be your hope for 2006?
Health for everybody!. Now our drummer has his ankle twisted, and he cannot play for a month! Well, that which does not kill us, makes us stronger je je
Maybe, our hope could be a good promotion of our album and a lot of gigs, but the most important hope, I think, is finally to have a good line up and (last year the drummer left the band for his work and we kicked the singer).
We have to have this line up for a long time. We will see....

What will be the biggest thread in 2006 for society? How can we fight this?
Wars, as always, is sad but true, people fighting for the oil, for religions, the power
Also a big problem could be the Amazonia and pollution, I think we are killing our planet.
And I don’t know how we can fight this, about wars, wars were there in the past, are here now, and will be here in the future, probably we cannot fight with this, but with the other things I told you, if the people is conscientious, the fight will be easier, you know don’t burn the forest, be careful with the water etc

You also did the Death cover. Ever met Chuck? And how did you end up on that tribute CD?
I think I met Chuck with the Human album, I listened to a few songs from this album, and I was really pleased, after that I got Leprosy, and it really kicked my ass! Now my fave album from Chuck is Symbolic. About the cover, after Chuck’s death, we received an e-mail from a Spanish label called Mondongo Canibale Records, talking about they were looking for bands playing Death covers. I wrote them about we wanted to be featured, and they told us: no problem! They gave us a list with the bands and the covers, we wanted to do and old song from Chuck, but all bands were working with songs from Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy, so we decided to try it wit The Philosopher, Zero Tolerance and Crystal Mountain. The Philosopher were unavailable because another band choose it, so finally we decided to record Crystal.
We didn’t like it so much and when we were recording Hordes, Juan Pablo said, why don’t we record again Crystal? We did it, and then we had the offer for be featured in a new Chuck CD tribute. This time from a Chinese label, called Area Death Prod with bands from Asia and European bands like Insision or Dungortheb.
For us is a big honor to be featured in some CDs tributes to the godfather of Death Metal

Will irredemption ever go on an European tour? Are you trying to? Able to get free from work?
Yeah, for me tomorrow we can star the tour! We will try to do a few dates outside Spain, if someone are interested, please, contact us!
About to be able to get free from our works, for me any problem but always we can do the tour during our holidays next summer

What are your jobs?
Of course, we don’t live from music! It’s very difficult to live from Brutal Death jeje
I work as a shop assistant in a hardware store, Juan Pablo is an accountant, Alex is a firefighter and the other two are students
Something to say to those who are reading this?
Thank you for read till the end. If you like Brutal Death, buy our album, 11 songs of Brutal Death (with a DEATH cover), with good production ( the album was recorded at V.R.S. studios with Samuel Ruiz (Avulsed, Imbrue. Haemorrhage, Wormed, Human Mincer)
Also you can support us checking our website with info about us, merchandising etc
Thanx for the support

Last rites?
Thanx for all your help through this years Twan.
Will you come one day to Spain for drink beer and to eat “tapas” with us?
And finally we want horny Dutch girls for the day we will travel to Holland.