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Isolated was founded in Tychy in 1994 and it was known as BASTION. The band consisted of four members: Kornel (voc, bass), Wojciech Czachura (guitar), PaBa (drums) and Kuras (guitar). At the beginning of 1995 band recorded their first demo tape called “Born in Hell”. Just after that several changes in the band were made. Kuras was dismissed and a new member joined the band. Artur Jastrzebski took over the function of vocal. In the same time band decided to change the name to ISOLATED. Unfortunately after some time band decided to suspend their work for some time. Two years passed Kornel and Wojciech Czachura decided to get to work once again but some changes were made: Kornel got back to singing and Wojciech stopped playing guitar and started to play much bigger instrument drums. Later Sebastian Sutryk and Michal Harlender joined ISOLATED, both play guitars. Those people under the ISOLATED flag recorded second demo tape ‘The Cursed Earth’. Demo was recorded in August and September 1999. ‘The Cursed Earth’ demo consists of 5 tracks in brutal death metal style. Twenty minutes of ISOLATED music established band in underground scene as death metal killers and it let them opened shows in front of VADER, HATE,YATTERING,SCEPTIC and some other bands. But soon after was jet another changed line-up. Kornel has replaced by Bart on bass guitar and Michal has decided taken over additional voice and in this way ISOLATED wrote new material for their first official CD ’DESCENT ON THE CROSS’ with 9 tracks. At the moment ISOLATED recorded debut CD in studio which will be financial by themselves. Of course band will continoue their death metal style with more possessed lyrics, so all of you schould beware of intense and monumental attack by ISOLATED.

interview with Bart on 28-6-02

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hail to all of you. Here is Bart/bass from polish death metal band Isolated.

Why did you choose Isolated as a name? Special meaning or because you are from Poland?
No the name not came up with us because we are from Poland. Isolated meaning for us isolation from christians. Also we had to change our name (previously BASTION) because in that time there was another band with the same name. Today ISOLATED is more known as an anti-christian band.

Do you have a reason why death metal is so populair in Poland?
I do not know man. Here are a lot of maniacs of this kind of metal like everywhere but in my opinion could be more promotion agency etc...

Does it help that there are some great bands coming from Poland to clear the path for other bands?
No I don`t think so, it is difficult to get any contact outside of Poland. Really I don`t like this place. There are too much people who are against you and don`t let you create your art like music. Besides all is in hand of the church. I hate them.

Got any reaction from outside your country?
Yes of course we still get a lot of good reactions from outside. It is good for Isolated and I`m happy for that. So we will see what will happen in the future.

How much time do you spend into the band to become welknown? What do you do for it?
Well I spend almost all my free time. All in the band (members) try to send our CD to the magazines and labels. It is very hard specially when you have to do it alone. So far we sent over 150 CDs.

Is it easy to finance the whole shit yourself? What do you do to earn money?
No it is terrible. Here in Poland there is high unemployment. Can you imagin that we haven`t any jobs here? Disaster and fucking live here.

Was it easly to record the album in the studio? Had some experiences before?
The work in the studio wasn`t easy. The main producer doesn`t know metal music. In that studio they record country music.
All in Isolated had experiences in studio exept me. It was my first time record something. Next time we will choose a better studio in Poland. TEXAS studio wasn`t expensive so we were able to recorded “Descent on the cross”.

How do you behave as a real metal fan? Any necessary dresscode?
Well I behave real. I`m no poseur. I do not like superstar here in Poland. Most people think that if you play in a band you must be someone other than yourself. I`m total maniac old classic metal so you can imagine how do I look like ha-ha.

Who would you like to see hang on the inverted cross?
Pope, priest and other its all shit.

Proud that the current pope is coming from Poland?
No I don`t care. In my opinion the Vatican is a place full of whores, kindrappers, anal penetrators, thieves and good rappings.

Can a good catholic schoolboy play in Isolated? Religion important to you?
No all of us are rebels. We had alot of problems with religin in school. But it is past for us today.

What are the main reasons that people start the dumb wars?
I do not know, maybe they have too much money ha-ha.

Did you join the militaray forces? Is an army necessary or just some atomic weapons?
No i wasn`t in military. I had a lot of luck. I hate them.

Do you spare your environment? Seperate garbage? Energy saving light in your house, ect?
I save only energy and separate garbage. Here in Poland it is impossible. Here society is too poor for protecting the earth. Live in Poland is too expensive, daily thousands of Polish worker lost their job. Fucking live.

How does Isolated behave on stage? What could people expect?
People could expect from our show total death. No fucking make-ups only total death on stage and headbanging.

How far was your biggest stage dive?

Since you joined the band are they better than before?
Yes, today ISOLATED is more faster, diabolic and technical band. Our new tracks (are not complete) probably impresive you.

Do you have a favorit quote you like to use? Or any statement?
Thank you for your support, until next time.

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Last rites?
Interviewer: twansibon
Jun 28, 2002

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