Kaos Rising creating solid groove, yet brutal as fuck

interview with Kaos Rising

Kaos Rising Chicago’s premier Hardcore Stomping Death Groove! Influences such as Machine head, Dying Fetus, Mudvayne, Slipknot. Kaos Rising is the next stage. Pure death vox covering pounding drums andd head-splitting bass guitars alternating with tasty and complex guitar licks covering a more complex rhythm. The effect is beyond description.
Kaos Rising is definitely a unique flavor of metal. This five piece formed in the end of 1999 has already blanketed Chicago and its surrounding area with destructive music, not to mention their large fan base worldwide via the internet. Featured in both magazine publications and internet spotlights Kaos Rising has caught the eye and ears of thousands of people in a relatively short amount of time.
Ambition, dedication, drive and foresight are some of the qualities possessed by the members who live to create this audible wrath. Anger motivated music. Focused on the future of the band they are constantly writing, promoting and performing to ensure their place in the industry.

interview with Greg and Casey on 29-7-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
This is Greg and Casey. Greg is the guitarist, Casey the vocalist.

Do you speak any Dutch? Regarding your last name?

Was it your intention to create a unique flavor?
Well we are not too concerned with being the fastest, most technical band. We like to create music that has a good solid groove, yet brutal as fuck!!

Did you used to play other kind of metal/music?
Yea we have all played in many different bands ranging from grindcore death to Jazz/Wierdo shit.

With what kind of music were you raised?
Mostly metal.

Are your parents listening to your music?

You are around for almost 2 years. What did you achieve till now?
Well in the relativly short amount of time we have been together we have managed to achieve quite a bit. Our most recent achievement was getting a record deal with a good label on the west coast USA. But building a fan base takes a bit of work.. playing shows and shopping the shit around, it all takes dedication which pays off etc..

Why is internet important for your promotion?
Well it is a great way to connect to the entire world at once. People everywhere can check out the music and its free. It also serves function for advertising and selling merchandise and all that shit.

What is your goal with the band?
To establish ourselves in the metal industry and create awesome music for people to go insane to.

What do you eat for breakfast?
Steak Canoe.

What do you want to say with the lyrics?
Basically its raw fucking anger and hate. No fantasy bullshit, real life shit.

You spend a lot of time on the lyrics?
A fair amount of time is spent on the lyrics, its hard to put the feelings into words that make sence to lead the listener to feel what we feel... and to relate to it.

What is your opinion of society?

What do you hate in mankind?
Most everything, this is an endless subject. Constantly amazed by the lows that people reach.

And what can makes you cry?
Pop music

Any hobbies outside the band/metal scene?
Yea we all do different shit. Work, sleep, sports, outdoor shit...normal things.

Any addiction that your surroundings don't know? Wanna tell it?
No real addictions but music.

Do you have a college degree?
Hell no. But Matt is going to be a brain surgeon.

What will you be doing in five years from now on?
Hopefully we will have established a strong fan bas and we will be jammin heavier than ever, constantly growing and evolving the original concept.

Last rites?
Die fucking die.
Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 29, 2001

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