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The term Kemet refers to the old Egypt. Kemet, ’The Black Earth’, symbolized the arid and quiet vastness of the desert; an attracting place with the fluidity of its landscapes but also a place of death, against fertility and life.
Kemet attempts to oppose the beauty and the sensuality of the body to the blackness and the complexity of the heart. It's a perpetual consideration of the existential thoughts, a scream against the unconsciousness of the human being, against the poor reality to be.
The melodic and aesthetic aspect of the tracks is to opposed to the darkness of the lyrics. The most intense emotions are also the saddest; the melancholy and deep loneliness summoned through the compositions let predict the passion which emerges from each of them.

The band recorded a demo-CD called ’Pieces...’ which met a quite good success, and releases now its new album, on DeadSun Records / Sonic Wave France.

interview with bassplayer Guillaume on 17-7-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Well, I am Guillaume, the bass player and webmaster of KEMET, and also the last member that joined the band. I play with the other musicians for almost 2 years, I arrived in fact just after the launching of the “Pieces...” demo CD as the former bass player decided to quit music. I knew the other members pretty well and enjoyed their first record, so as I wasn’t playing in a band at that time we tried to rehearse together and it has been working well so far.

Is KEMET the main band or do you play in other projects?
KEMET is the only band I play in at the moment even if some years ago I used to play in several bands at the same time, that’s the main thing when you are playing bass, you get a lot of interesting propositions...

Why does Kemet differ from the other bands you have played?
The bands I played in were most likely into a kind of death metal, but time is running I am not looking for the same music now. When I was younger I was amazed by the skills of guys such as Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse and by the technicity of the songs, I spend hours of practice to develop my approach of music, but now I think it’s better to mix all my past influences and to define my own style, which I can do with Kemet. I am not limited by a fast tempo or a succession of speed complicated riffs. There is more space for creation.

Kemet refers to the old Egypt. Do the songs also refer to that time?
In fact KEMET does not refer to Old Egypt, but to a concept which can be explained through a desert in Egypt. KEMET symbolizes the dualism between the attractiveness and the hostility of the desert. It developps both feelings such as repulsion and admiration. And that point is common to the music of the band, the lyrics dealing with incertainty, love, hate and so forth.

Why did you delete the keyboard parts to the song ?
Well, we had an experience with a keyboard, but it wasn’t a success really, so we decided to base most of the ambiances on the guitars and other instruments for “Dying with Elegance”. Since the recording, we got a workstation we can programourselves to enhance our tracks. On the next recording people will be surprised to discover a new approach of the music with this instrument, but which will still deserves the concept of our music.

Do you believe in alien life forms ?
No, if you mean as a Roswell thing...

What kind of music do you listen to yourself ?
I used to listen thrash, hardcore, death, black and co when I was younger but at the moment I opened my scope to softer music. I do appreciae a lot Nick Cave and the bad seeds, The Cure and so forth, but also other kinds of music as electronic music. In fact as long as I find it innovative and intense, I can enjoy any music or artists.

Is the band a full time job or a spare time filling?
Due to the fact it’s quite hard to live from the music, let’s say it’s an entertainment for me. But I do not mean it’s just to have a good time I play music, it’s more because I want to share something with the other members of the bands and with the people who enjoys our stuff. Music is the best way to share feelings in my opinion, it takes then a importance role in my life.

Do you get reactions from outside Europe ?
Yeap we do, even if it’s not that common. We got approached by an American label some months ago, and some guys from the other side of the Atlantic got in touch with us after they’ve found our website and listened to a few samples.
We also receive a support from some Japanese guys, with which we started to mail quite regularly, and that’s great to see it’s possible to reach people living thousand miles away from our place !!!

What would you do when they kick you out of the band?
I woudn’t do anything against the members because the reason would be probably good, but I can’t figure it out. The line up changed before I joined Kemet but we are still in touch with the other members and the relations are very good. So far the people that left the band always did it for personal reasons.

Ever feel the need to do confession?
No, apart the ideas we share in the music.

French wine or Dutch beer?
Svenskt snus.

Do you have any interesting hobbies?
Of course I have. I enjoy a lot going to watch movies, to travel, but this hobby is not easy to satisfy due to the money it costs. Let’s say that the main hobby I have is all around music once again. I like to listen to music and to share my opinions on it with friends, we can deal with it for hours, talking of the sound quality, the compositions and co.
The promotion of the band became also a hobby, I am quite involved into it, it started first with the homepage I’ve done, and it continues with the support we got until now.

Last rites?
Thanks for that unusual interview, I hope people reading these words would like to visit our page to know a bit more of Kemet...
Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 17, 2001

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