Kerasphorus evokes occultism and spiritualism

Greetings Pete how you doing? It's been awhile since we had any contact. Last time I saw you was rehearsing with Angelcorpse back in '98.
First tell us how Keraphorus first came into being how this band differ from the previous endeavors you been involved in?
Kerasphorus is a new band that I created after moving to San Francisco. Of course I am still playing in Revenge, but Angelcorpse was finished and I needed a new outlet. Kerasphorus evokes occultism and spiritualism both lyrically and musically.

Right now I'm listening to some of the songs from the upcoming release "Cloven Hooves At Halocaust Dawn", I must admit it contain same devasting effect of a stuka bomber.
Thank you. We are very pleased with the savage nature of the recording.

Can you tell us about your label Nuclear War Now Productions and what attracted you to signing to them?
NWN is a good label for Kerasphorus at the moment. They are involved with many extreme bands in the underground and support the movement with harsh releases.

At one time Angelcorpse enjoyed a brief reunion of sorts for awhile then it was put to rest. I hate to bring it up what happened?
The Angelcorpse reunion was something that Gene and I were both interested in doing. We completed a 4th full length album ("Of Lucifer And Lightning") and then toured the US and Europe. Angelcorpse was able to play live for many fans that had been unable to see the band before, and it was a great experience. Gene and I are still friends, but we both realized that we have different visions of what we want to achieve musically, so we knew that it was time to put the band to rest.

Knowing that you and gene both pocessing type a personalities and usually one side won't give on certain things despite that you two manage to be friend after it was said and done?
Yes, I am pursuing my direction and Gene is pursuing his.

You wrote a couple of books a few years ago. You planning to write some more books in the near future?
"The Conqueror Manifesto" and "Controlled Burn" will be re-released at the end of 2010. I am planning to write more in the near future.

How would describe the upcoming Kerasphorus CD. To me it's like trying to survive the battle of Stalingrad.
Bestial Art!

Name some of the songs that really stick out to you on this release and why?
The entire release rises and falls together. I cannot view one song without hearing the other 3. As each song needs a beginning middle and ending, so does an album. Each new release will continue in this tradition.

Are there any plans as far as touring goes?
Currently we are writing new material. Kerasphorus will play the Nuclear War Now fest in 2010 in Berlin.

When is the projected release date for "Cloven Hoovesat Halocaust Dawn"?
Out now.

The band planning on doing any gigs in Europe?
NWN Fest.

What kind of deal Nuclear War Now Productions signed the band for? What kind of distribution deal the got going as far as getting your music out there? Is the band pleased with the deal?
Yes, NWN provides good distribution and total artistic and creative freedom. They are supporters of many extreme bands in the scene.

You played a reunion gig with your old comrades in Order From Choas new years eve in Kansas City in your own opinion how well the show went down?
The OFC reunion shows in Kansas City and Los Angeles were great. It was a pleasure to be on stage again with my old comrades and a real honor to play for so many fans of the band.

Keraphorus planning on doing any shows in Texas in the near future?
Order From Chaos will be playing Destroying Texas Fest on April 3 with Inquisition and Ares Kingdom.

Can people order the upcoming release though the band and the label as well.
Order from NWN.

How did long it take the band to record the album and where was it recorded at?
"Cloven Hooves..." was recorded at Lennon Studios in San Francisco in 2 days.

You wrote most of the music and lyrics for this opus?
B. Wolaniuk and I compose the music together, I write all the lyrics for Kerasphorus.

You have any upcoming material for the next album?
We are currently working on new songs...

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. As always it's good to interview the the true old school metallers, anything you like to add?
Only 4 strings are real.
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Feb 22, 2010

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