Lethal, thrash metal terrorist from the desolate north

intie with Hell Mike on 4-7-2005

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I’m Hell Mike from Lethal, thrash metal terrorist from the desolate north. We will tear you down flying our V’s into your towers!

Why do you play in this band? What is the typical fun for this band?
Because I am a heavy metal maniac – Stand back! I wasn’t around to do this in the ‘80’s so I have some catching up to do. We all like to get very drunk and do stupid things.

Which Disney movie pulls your tears? Why?
Lion King... When Mustafa dies and Simba thinks it’s his fault but it really was that meanie Scar.. Bwaaaaa!!

For what price will you sell your music for the commerial sells?
None. Honestly. If I wanted to make money I wouldn’t play music that’s considered by the gaystream to be dead since twenty years.

How is the metal scene in your area? Lot of gigs? Easy to get them?
Pretty bad.. Many bands, though few thrash acts. Some are good anyway, but gigs are few and far between... We’ve only had three in our entire “career”, but all three were of course hardrockin headbangin fistpumpin beerdrinkin hellthrashin onslaughts from the bowels of hell. At least for us on stage and the (approx.) three headbangers in the audience.

How does a show look like? What does the most fanatic fan gets from you after the show?
Four guys on stage spewing aggression and violent hatred through the amps, bonecrushing heaviness and breakneck speed throughout. We don’t really have stuff to give away and beer is expensive here, but a few demos and sneak peeks of upcoming stuff can always be spared.

What do they have to do to obtain free tickets?
I’d like to say something funny here but it’s not like we have ever had any influence on that stuff this far, and one of our gigs was free anyway, so...

Reacte on these three words (random order):
* sperm swallowers - Women worthy of the name
* green blood - German Carmageddon?
* tumbtorture - OUCH

What is your drive to make music? Did you study for it?
It’s what I live for, simple as that... But not just making music but also exploring, listening, finding new stuff, everything about kickass Metal. No, no musical studies so far, in my opinion stuff like that can be convenient but it sure as hell isn’t necessary and absolutely doesn’t make a good songwriter, it’s not about the brain, but the heart.

How do you keep your memories of your musical career alive? Write it down, video?
I’ve got our very first gig on VHS, someone teach me how to copy such and send me a few empty tapes and you’ll get a copy! Filmed our last one so far as well but the sound is absolute crap on all of it and nonexistant on all except about two songs. Other than that I guess I’ll have to rely on this poor alcohol-tortured brain... So most will be gone soon I guess.

Do you play covers? Some when rehearsal?
Yeah we do, live we’ve played Whiplash (Metallica) and Death by Hanging (Heathen) and in rehearsals we play all kinds of shit we mostly don’t know... The Trooper, various Metallica shit, Agent Orange, Outbreak of Evil, Metal Forces etc etc... Like I said, we don’t know half of most of those even so don’t expect to hear ‘em.

Which bands will appear on your tribute album in 2008?
All of our tribute bands I guess, or as many as can fit... Dark Angel, Morbid Saint, Sepultura, Vio-Lence, Heathen, Slayer, Overkill, Exodus, Slaughter Lord, Holocausto, Sarcòfago, Kreator, Onslaught, Sodom and that bunch, y’know.

Do you have other activities in the metal scene?
Me and Erik both play in Nasheim, Erik does stuff for Royal Carnage webzine www.royalcarnage.com. No real zines or labels/distros or anything, I guess we’re far too lazy for that.

Interest outside the music bizz? What are your hobbies? Sport interest?
None really... Unless beer and masturbation counts? Didn’t think so... Emil used to be a hockey goalie and I think he was pretty good, there’s some important information for you!

Is there life after metal?
Metal IS life.

What prejudice do you hate people have of metal musicians?
That we’re always drunk, loud, smelly and ugly. Oh, wait...
Say something in your language that makes my wife horny as hell?

Last rites?
Get our upcoming 7” entitled DELIVERANCE, check our website for updates http://algol.ath.cx/~erik/lethal. It will most likely be released through Final Punishment in cooperation with Steelfire Invasion just like the demo. Sorry for the short answers but I’m sadly a bit sober at the moment.

Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 4, 2005

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