Lividity ain't talking 'bout musick

interview with dave of lividity

Lividity began as a 1 man project in 1993 with Dave, victimizing the underground with his first 3 song promo '94 recorded on a yamaha 4 track recorder and a drum machine containing 3 songs... Altar Pices, Mortal Impalement, and Spewing Chunks!! The ideas were dark and dismal, yet heavy and torturous!! As you will hear influences taken from such great bands as Hypocrisy, Bloodfeast, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Paralysis, etc... molded into what will become Lividity!!

Tommy Davis joined in on drums and vocals, adding depth to the mix and recording a rehearsal demo titled, ’Ritual Of Mortal Impalement’ '95 with 9 songs like Graveyard Delicacy, The Process Of Disembowelment, Food, etc.. 6 of these tunes were released on the split cassette from Illinois' murder junkies, Morgue Fetus in '95!!

After the split of Illinois' death squad, Desecration, we joined forces with Matt (guitar / backing vocals) and Aaron (bass / vocals) Summer of '95! Went to Private Studios (IL) and recorded the 4 song demo, ’Rejoice In Morbidity’ '96 through Immortal Records (Pol.)! Containg the classic cuts of Orfice Reconstruction, Fetal Scabs, Tampered Flesh, and Rectal Wench....

Aaron had left the band and we hired Mike Smith on bass from thrashers Avatar (IL), and Matt moved to vocals!! We went to Sinewave Studios (IL) and recorded the 11 song CD, ’Fetish For The Sick’ '97 through Ablated Records (OH)! This sparked off such twisted anthems as Pussy Lover, Lacerations Of An Unclean Twat, and My Cock It Bleeds as well as rerecorded versions of ’R.O.M.I. ’ demo songs!!

Tommy had left band and we hired Nick Null, Nov. '97.... While we were writing music, we released a Live CD titled ’Show Us Your Tits’ '99 through United Guttural Records (IL) with bonus ’R.I.M.’ demo at the end plus on cassette format through D.I.Y. label Maniacal Brutality Prod. in Latvia (Europe) titled, ’Anal Action Live’ '99!! We went back to Private Studios (IL) and recorded a 9 song CD titled ’The Age Of Clitoral Decay’ '00 through United Guttural Records again! Also was licensed to Erebos Productions (Slk) on CD, cassette, and t-shirts in September 2000... licensed to Extreme Souls Productions (Indonesia) on cassette May 2001... bought / licensed with Apidocere Records (Fra) August 2001....

June 1999, the Europe nation welcomed Lividity as we set off to play 3 countries with fellow demons, Fleshless (Cz) and Sanatorium (Slk) w/ special supports Godless Truth (Cz), Perversist (Cz), Intervalle Bizzare (Cz), Appaling Spawn (Cz), Amorph Pneuma (Ger), Demented Retarded (Cz), 4 Seats 4 Invalides (Cz), Monolith (A), Grind 6.4 (Cz) amongst others!! We trudged through Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia....

On a sad and tragic note... we have had the oppurtunity to excell and write some of the best music we could conjure up from our blackened souls with the creative help from NIck Null!! His life was taken from us July 2000 with a fatal heart attack and didn't recover, so our thoughts and love are with Nick everyday and his family!!

James Whitehurst has been slamming the skins for us since April 2001 and is a machine and will only help solidify this unit... We have entered Mercenary Digital Studio (IL) March 2002 to create what we hope will be a landmark release! ’...'Til Only The Sick Remain’ will be the title and street date is set for June 24, 2002 through Morbid Records (Ger)!! Will contain such songs as Coated With My Semen, Snack Size Tits, T.L.C. (Tight 'Lil Cunt), The Second Cumming, Fetal Scabs, Unrelenting Homicidal Obsession, A Womans Place Is On My Face, Conception Through Ingestion, and more!!

’...Til Only The Sick Remain’ released Summer 2002!! We are working hard to create some crushing tunes that will be more mature in structure yet unrelentless brutality in true Lividity fasion!! Cum support the band that supports the scene!!!!!!!!!

interview with Dave on 18-9-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I am Dave and play guitar for this fucked up band! Passion for perversion and metal is what I crave!! Started Lividity in 1993 as a 1 man project and since '95 have had a full line up to rage with!! We are from central mid west United States (Illinois) and play a style we like to call ’Cum Soaked Torture’ death metal!!!

So would you rather be a porn star than musician?
Never, I love the stage and a crowd to much to give that up!! We can all fuck on our own time, and don't get me wrong, fucking and pleasing the ladies is always well worth the effort!! Satisfaction gauranteed!! But I feel creating music is something that can't be touched when it comes to a successful accomplishment, like the responses we have been recieving since the demos started!! That makes us work harder to stay on top of our game as a band and tightening the tunes!! Pretty much like an orgasm I would say!!

How long did you orgasm last when the new album was released?
Shit, I am still swabbing the puddles of semen out of my pants each day!! And as the killer response keeps trickling in, I keep cumming... can't believe the impact we are creating!! It's definately a nice feeling!!

Was there a release party? And did you only invited virgin girls?
Well, there were release parties set up, but since the album was postponed for 3 - 4 weeks from scheduled date, we still did the shows and when the CD's came, we just released our loads on the CD's and made the virgin bitches watch it fly!! We just laid the CD's on the tips of their nose, you know, where the hole is.. and gave them the facials of a lifetime!! haha, thats funny shit!!

Do you remember your first sexual dream? Did you have them regular nowadays?
My sexual dreams change each day, so I don't remember the first right off hand!! Nowadays, they are still popping in my brain about every 6 seconds!! There went another thought!! And another!! Shit, it's time to turn some porn on!!

How many inches can you stick your tongue into a womans mouth?
I can stick my fist in her ass and my tongue down her throat, then I can grab my tongue from inside her and pull it down a couple more inches!!
When you move your hand on the neck of your guitar do you relate that to masturbation?
All the time!! It's just to bad I don't have another set of arms and I would play my guitar, stroke my cock and stick one finger in my asshole!! Then I would be getting my ’groove on’!!!

Do you think masturbation is a shame or just passing time?
It's an art!! You know your good when you get the chicks off by watching you stroke it!! The emotion hits your face, the stroke becomes wimsicle and effortless, the pulsating thickness of your sword just makes her bust a load in her own drawers!! Now that is skill!!!

What teenage magazines do you read for lyrics inspiration?
I'm Only 13... Young and Bald... Daddy Is The Best Kisser... I'm Only 13, But My Sister Is 9... Young and the Breastless... etc..

How many hairs are on your scrotum? Or do you shave them off?
Man, your starting to freak me out with the penis envy there Twan!! Now if you have a room full of ladies while doing this intie, I will gladly count them for you and send you the results!!

Do you think you can get impotent by listening to loud music?
Never, it strengthens my juice!! I can listen to raging brutal death metal loud and my shit is ready to fall out!!

Ever experienced an anal orgasm?
You mean??? With her?? Right, again your freaking me out and I'm glad we aren't doing this interview in person!!

Thought of playing gigs totally naked?
All the time, but I'm afraid the damn Illinois crickets might jump in my ass!! I would never get any sleep with all that chirping up there!!

Do you underdress girls with your eyes when you are on stage?
No, we just yank their clothes off, why dream when you can get the real thing!! Dirty little whores should be treated as such!!

How willing are your groupies? Do you select them yourself?
Yeah, it's like a police lineup and we are looking for the criminal to do the duties!!! It's like playing Russian Roulette and spin the chamber... hopefully that one won't have a disease that will make your dick fall off!!

Do you believe in tantra sexual education?
I don't have my dictionary with me... you know I play death metal... you must think I have some kind of education!!! Is that like spider sex!! You mean Turantula??!!!

What is your favorite stimulation booze? Mix it yourself?
I like high grade beer, and a good Jack and Coke for me!!

How many porn tapes do you own? Who is your favorite actrice?
I don't have a favorite chic, I just like the ones that swallow and show the camera the backwash fall off her lips!! I don't own more than 5 - 6 copies at a time coz we have a notion to take them on the stage and throw them out to the crowd, preferably the guys and gals who aren't getting enough on a regular basis!

Ever thought of joining a gangbang to break the world record?
No, I want to be the victim and have 560 gorgeous chics balling me!!

What size of condoms do you use? Your favorite taste?
I don't use condoms, I'm an idiot.... But if I did it would have to be the flavor that milk turns after soggy Cap'n Crunch sits in the bowl for a while!!!

Your orgasm wish for the future?
That I have 560 gorgeous chics balling me one right afetr the other and I can start the first male record!!!

Last rites?
Your a fucking freak... but we dig it thanx for the interview bro!! May all your nights be filled with muff and never ask me about my scrotum ever again!! Support the bands that support the scene!!! Keep it sick!!!!!