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Maggots was formed at the end of 1998. It was started by: Luc(vocals),Alex(guitar),Mike(guitar),Laup(drums). We first played a couple of covers. That didn't work out for us so we started to write our own songs. After a half year of practicing we found laury(bass). The style we play now is brutal death/grind with lots of variety like grove, fast blast beats and deep grunts mixed with high screams.

The 19th of may 2000 we finally got on stage and did our first gig. This was a succes, more gigs followed soon after. We brought out a live video tape and a live tape to promote ourselves, in april 2001 we decided to go into a studio to recorda cd called: Zombies From Tha Hood. We had few problems with pressing the cd. That's why the cd came out at the 17th of august. After we got out of the studio we started writing new songs, hoping that we can recordsome new stuff in the beginning of next year.

Gigs we played with: Bloodboil, Fuckface, Bile, Extreme Sicking Punishment, Defcon one, Houwitser, Cock and Ball Torture, Lomp, Fleshripper, Total Fucking Destruction, Suppository, Nyctophobic, Ingrain, Stoma, Last Days of Humanity, Insult, Aborted, Pentacle,Maligant Tumour, Groinchrun, Gorerotted, Consolation, Altar, Form, My minds Mine, Benediction.

interview with Paul on 18-9-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hello my name is Paul (my friends call me Laup). I'm the drummer of the death/grind band Maggots from Holland.

Explain your nickname to the non educated folks?
I don't know who started with it but they call me Laup so long that some people only know me like that. Why they say it and what it means I don't know but it doesn't matter to me I think it's funny to have a nickname.

How many maggots do you eat per day?
You can't eat enough of them because the are very healthy. Lots of eggwhite you know. (good for a healthy sperm). I don't eat them I'm a vegetarian so I only eat real beef.

Why the name Maggots? Any reference to something?
Because we started up playing death metal covers we wanted to rub it in that we were a death metal band. But because the covers didn't work out for us and started to write own songs and could not find an other name so we just kept it.

Which covers did you played in the beginning? Why didn't work out?
When we started Maggots, one of our guitar players didn't play guitar so long and I never drummed dubbel bass or played blastbeats. So we thought that we could cover songs from Six Feet Under. But because we were to lazy to search out the songs it didn't work out. And we started to write our own songs.

What is the kick to write own songs?
Playing music what you like and the coolest is if you play it live and the people like it and start moshing and banging there heads that's the best.

Ever wrote a song you thought it was top and the rest found it shit?
Then we don't use it. We write songs all together and yeah somethimes someone comes up with a rif we don't like but that's mostly not a problem

What is your reaction then?
We try to write a new and better rif for it so every body is happy then.

What kind of posters are hanging in your bedroom?
Posters from gigs I played and a big one from Homer Simpson he rules.

What was the feeling at the end of the first gig?
Men we have to get on stage again. The first gig we played was with Consolation so we were a bit nervous but we praticed good and the gig went well. The people liked it and there was a big mosh pit. Lots of people showed up to see our first gig.

Is performing the best side of being in a band?
Yes when we are playing live it's the best feeling for me being in a band.

What do you do to get the crowd excited? And if it fails?
Play our songs good. And if it fails we probably played bad or there is a stiff crowd.

How do you get in shape for the fast drumming? Sport, coke?
Mastrubate every day and every thing comes good that's my only tip.

What was the nicest band to go on stage with? Why?
All band who are friendly and helping us out if we need it are nice to go on stage with.

Did you meet some bands with rockstar attitudes? What is your reaction to them?
We play lot's of gig's with grind bands they mostly have no attituded but some of the death metal bands we played with realy had an attituded. I think it's stuppid and makes the most of them assholes and it's bad for the band.

You are a young band. What can you improve to the songs?
Yeah we now play almost 3 years under the name Maggots and we started the band when the oldest of us was 18 so we are still youngsters in a young band and learn a lot now. In the beginning we played a lot death metal in our songs but now we are making more grind in it and want to keep it that way. We almost all like it more and grind scene is much friendlier and nicer to play with.

What is your goal with the band? Plans for next year?
My goal (wish) is to go to Chech Rep. with the band. The plans for next year are playing more in other county's. Boris from Suppository told us that he is planning to take us with them and my minds mine to the Chech Rep. And we are now hoping that it will work out as he plans.

How do you spend your day during the week?
Eating the boogers out of my nose and scratching my butt.

Your favorite quote?
Underground rules.

A day without sex is like......?
Finally rest.

The last change to promote your CD?

Last rites?
Yes, thanx for the intrest you liked the info I gave you and keep on grinding your ass of.
Greetings Laup and Maggots
Interviewer: twansibon
Sep 18, 2001

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