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interview with Mastic Scum

Mastic Scum was founded in 1992 - inspired from the metal/hardcore scene of the early `90 s. We are a four man combo, making noise in the classic way - drums, bass, guitar and vocals. Our sound can be described as Grindrock – “Melvins” meets “Napalm Death”. Our lyrics reflect the daily shit that happens on our world - in our sarcastic way. We draw our inspirations from the mankind – about the human scum.

Till now we played a lot of shows in countries like Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovenija, Croatia as well as in Turkey. We also did some small tours like the “Infection Tour” 1996 in the Czech Republic, the “Döner Tour” 1996 in Istanbul, the “Hang Over Tour” 1997 in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany and the “Fuck The Commerce Tour” 2000 in Germany.

The CD “Zero“ was rereleased on “Demonware Rec.“ from Austria in october 2001. It was released as “Enhanced CD“ edition including 4 bonustracks + 1 live video. The recordings were remastered at “Wild One Studios“ (Vienna) in july 2001. The video was recorded at the “Fuck The Commerce III“ Festival (Germany) in spring 2000. This CD features 21 songs of fresh, grooving Grindcore - our heaviest and most punishing record to date.

At the time we are grinding away some new scum for you. We entered the “Boom Room” Studios (Austria) in november 2001 to record our next full length CD. It will be the progression of our latest cd “zero“. New album to be released in spring 2002.

interview with Man and Steff on 03-02-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
hi there; here is mastic-man (one of the founder-member in 1992) playing the drums and steff, the sup-end in mastic scum since 1994.

How can you entertain us with noise?
man: put our cd in the player, turn up the volume control or watch us live – and you'll get entertained from our “noise“

Ever tried to play so pop rock songs?
man: no way man – that's too difficult for us. the life as a popstar would be too exhausting.

How serious do you take the band? Way of life or big hobby?
man: after all the years since mastic scum exists, the band has always got more and more part of our lives. for sure it's our way of live, but it's also still a hobby – we are no profs!

Do you have other hobbies beside the music? What do you do in daily life?
steff: of course we have also other hobbys, everybody should have some hobbys!!! we live here in the mountains and everybody of us is into snowboarding – except our shouter will, he is a very good skier and extreme-sports fan. beside the band we have different jobs run and i hope this will change when we get more popular ha, ha, ha

How many cannabis plants do you have in your house?
man: i live in a big house with a lot of cracy people, so i don't know how many plants are growing at this time. in my room is just a drumkit and a bed...

Jalouse how Holland deals with potsmokers?
steff: that's a good question ha,ha,ha...

Where did you get inspiration from for the lyrics of ’Kill the mute’?
steff: oh, when we tried the song in our practice room everybody sat around and it was very quiet. then i said “kill the mute!!!“. no noise, no entertainment – that's it!

Are your lyrics a vision of you towards human life?
man: yes, our vocalist will and our guitarist harry have all this visions. the lyrics reflect their (our) daily grind – in a sarcastic way.

Are you happy you were born? Or wish you were never or in another time? Do you believe in spiritual life?
man: for sure man!! austria is a beautiful country, but there are a lot of cool places around the world too. i never wished about living in another time – that's bullshit!

What bands do you listen to yourself?
steff: every member of the band is listening to different bands – but we're all into metal stuff.
i prefer old HC-punk bands like no means no, big black, dead kennedys, alice donut and many more...

Tell us something shocking about yourself?
man: i'm 30 years old and i'm a virgin!!!

How far can you stick your finger in your nose to pick something?
steff: do i have to pick something when i put my finger in the nose???

Describe your feeling of humor? What makes you laugh?
steff: sarcasm – i like it. no matter if it happens in films, comics, or real life.

Afraid of the dentist after seeing the movie Marathon Man?
steff: i'm sorry, but i don't know the film. i hope it's not a splatter-film, because then i should look it!!!

What is your drive to go on stage? And I mean playing and not when you visit a gig yourself?
man: it's a kind of freedom, set the emotions on fire.

Are there some gigs you will remember for the rest of your life? When was a gig been a success to you?
man: yes, there are some gigs; once a police stopped a show, or we had a conflict with the organicer, others are gigs with happy people and good after-parties. i always remember, when we played 2 gigs a night on different locations in berlin or our döner-tour in istanbul (our farest gigs till now with a lot of fun beside), also big shows with many people and “famous“ bands are in my mind.

Is there something I forgot to ask what is important? What will you never tell about yourself?
?: that i ...

Last rites?
thanks to you for the inti and support!!! our latest cd (zero) has now been re-released by demonware rec. from austria, with some bonus tracks and a live video. also our new cd will be out in the next time. for the latest news visit our website
Interviewer: twansibon
Feb 3, 2002

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