Mental Degeneration Unit is calling me dumb

interview with M.D.U. mdu

How M.D.U. is born : Littles fish began to go on the ground then with evolution they are monkey then human being. Those humans create town, technology, art, music ... But in the south of France the evolution has been cracked in 1994. 4 degenerated human (issue from traditionnal human activities : death metal) choose to unit their anal mental : M.D.U. . It was : Frozen Anus (bass), Black Hemmoroid Master (guitar), FionStormOfZenorth (noise with his mouth) and Dark onion (drums).

Their lust is easy: no melody, no guitar solo: only noise. After only one year it's a fantastic success. Even they have a fan: Eric (no talk about this young german tourist girl: we beg our pardon to her parents! she didn't suffer!) To have a fan is too commercial for us: we take him on the floor then he can shout in MDU as Rectum Tenebrous.

Beer, Ricard, sperm and noise are everywhere: all which love Legui(Guitar). His sex is hard and heavy his anus homeful: he come in MDU too as Troudball King (asshole king in english)

First demo (I think about you Lord) is recorded. With an exceptionnel world tour (Beziers, Ceret, Perpignan) 6 tapes sold !!!

First Album in april 1999 ’trous du cul’ (asshole in english). All reviews are geants : ’A new time is come with the music of MDU ...’
The lyrics are in the schools. L'Academie Française will want to meet them. TV on front the musician house. Rectum Tenebrous raped by an hysteric swedish girl. The sold are up: 124 albums !
MDU at the top: we can see the musician walking on the streets with sunglasses !!!
Celine Dion ask for a Gang bang with MDU: but they don't accept zoophily.

The Drame: In the next summer Dark Onion naked on the beach is burned on is dick: he don't like anymore sodomy: he's put off from MDU. Julien drummer in a gay black metal band (pleonasm) is integrated in MDU. Cause his sexual life, is name : Tronchton (pigfucker in english)
Again a great tour: Toulouse, Vitrolles, Perpignan, Bages ...

The second album ’Les bijoux de la castafionstormofzenorth’ (Les bijoux de la castafionstormofzenorth in english) is released in March 2001.
Today after 6 month 100 albums sold: we think to reach 500.000 in the next 6 months.

Teens, hudge tits, lesbians and others do not hesitate to write:
Galiana Laurant
23 rue Olivier de Serres
66 430 Bompas

interview with Frozen Anus on 8-7-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
We are very ugly but with a very big dick (except the drumer of course) we never do a short introduction. We introduce large.

Who came up with the brilliant coveridea and credits? And why?
All from MDU and why perhaps it's more original a sharped body for a grind band?

And what about the funny songtitles?
WE talk about what 's interesting and common for all of us: anus beer, cooking, sunglasses on the head: We want to say ’hello for our parents who was in the concorde’

Is MDU a serious project?
8 years of weekly work to make this shit!

Who sold the two copies of the demo? Your parents or yourself?
We buy each other the demo 3 times!

Is it easy to get free of the Mental Hospital to do a gig?
We're lucky cause the hospital director is gay so he liked our music and let us go 3 hours by month in the town.

Why is there a Kronenbourg mix and not a Heineken one?
We have a serious and difficult discussion upon it. But we drink more Kronenbourg and Ricard than Heineken (we want to apologize french product for the exportation and contribute to the economy of our nation) And personnaly don't like Heineken: it seem all Heineken drinker are fat, red and wearing ridiculous shorts.

Why use the french language? In this way you will never sell more than 6 copies?
That's two reason the first: read my answers and imagine how we speak english currently, we'll never laugh in repetition if we don't understand ourself the second reason: I don't think we sell more than 6 copies even in english.

Am I the only one who requested a promo copy?
And free: we don't pay for you take a copy: we are good commercial!

Why am I not getting paid to listen to your music?
You're a little dumb I imagine (of couse you leave in the north!)

Why is your name in the albumtitle?
I'm Frozen anus

Any heroes in the music scene?
Village People, Staline and Mortician.

What do you want lesbians to write you? You will make no chance!
After our surgical operation I hope to be lesbian.

At what age did you lose your virginity? And I mean with a real human girl?
Rewrite in ten years I only practice horses.

How many porn moview do you own?
138 and 75 pedophile and 23 zoophile and 1 pedozoophile (’fuck my baby cat with your painted green dick’ a good movie)

Do you know Jerome le Banner?
He's your neighborourgh? and shout because you listen MDU too loud I suppose ?

Why should I waste space on your intie?
’l'O.L. ça vaut rien’

Last rites?
Thanx to our sponsors: L'oréal , Manix , Tampax, Ricard et Michelin.
Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 8, 2001

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