Morbid Flesh is about putrefaction, corpses and graves

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Hola amigo. Hello and congratulations on your new EP man. It really packs a punch. Give us a short bio of Morbid Flesh. How did it all start?
When a band called Undertaker split up, some members formed Morbid Flesh. I joined the band just after the recordings of "Reborn In Death" LP, because they had no guitar players. Shortly after that, Gusi stopped playing the drums and became the guitarist along with me, and Michel took the drummer’s role. Makeda plays the bass and Vali is the vocalist.

This new EP succeeds a really great first full length. What is the feedback so far?
All the reviews are great. As far as I can remember I haven’t read anything bad about the EP.

Something that really catches one’s attention is the cover artwork. Minimal and dark. It kind of reeks death. Reminds a lot of the death metal covers as they were back in the day. Whose idea was it and who was the designer?
The painter is Javi Castaño ( , a tattoo artist, who did an actual amazing painting, which by the way is now owned by Michel. We gave him a couple of ideas and some classic covers (Transcend The Rubicon, Left Hand Path... you know), but he is the mind behind the work. We were tired of all those comic-style covers with silly-looking horned skulls, goats and shit. Death Metal is about putrefaction, corpses, graves, bones and rats, isn’t it? As you mentioned, I think that the cover captures the real feeling of our band’s style.

The songs are plain and simple in their structure, but the whole outcome is really powerful and tight. What is the procedure you follow when you write new songs and what bands would you think have influenced you as a band?
Many of the new songs were written in the rehearsal room, by creating riffs there or by working on some previous ideas, mainly based on intuition and evolution while playing. We never think in terms of “a Bolt Thrower riff followed by a Grave style one with a Necrophobic lick”, but of course it’s unavoidable to always have our favorite bands of the genre in the back of our minds.

So how do you see Morbid Flesh evolving from "Dying Lapidation" and 2009 to "Embedded In The Ossuary" and 2014. What are the differences one could spot in the band’s evolution? Musical and personal.
As I mentioned, the line-up is different from that of the demo, so of course the composition process and the songs changed too. I think that every release has a coherent evolution, but we still play Death Metal  as tribute for our favorite bands  of the genre, but the band is not about reinventing the wheel.

What is the plan for promoting "Embedded In The Ossuary"? Any plans for tour?
Our next gigs will be:
12.September - Cerdanyola del Vallés (SPA) @ Heaven and Hell
13.September - Manlleu (SPA) @ La Grange
27.September - Moormerland (GER) @ Dark Season Fest 9
01.October - Lepizig (GER) @ TBA
02.October - Wermelskirchen (GER) @ AJZ Bahndamm
03.October - Brussels (BEL) @ DNA Club
04.October - TBA

I read on your Facebook page if I am not mistaken, that "Embedded In The Ossuary" is limited to 500 pieces. This means that when it gets sold out, someone that needs to have it will have to download it. So what is your opinion on downloading? Is it something acceptable nowadays or not? Do you think a band can use downloading to promote its material?
The limitation is for the first edition, as usual. We’re working to release it on vinyl too. About downloading, I download music, but I also buy it because I feel it’s the way it should be. Honestly, I don’t care. We put these new songs in streaming for free and it gave us more promotion.

From the music to the artwork it is pretty obvious that Morbid Flesh is all about old school. Is this what you are like in your private lives? Or you like modern stuff as well?
I don’t know how someone can have an “old school life”. Every member has their own musical preferences, but I bet none of us listens to the last Soilwork album or whatever is hot in magazines nowadays. Lately, beyond Metal and Hard Rock, I’m listening to things like Nick Cave, Sainte Anthony’s Fyre, Euroshima, Arzachel, Suuns, Lana Del Rey and Último Eslabón.

Tell me a little about the death metal scene in Spain. I bet a lot of people won’t know a lot about it and I am sure it will be a pleasant surprise for everyone to discover new bands. What other Spanish death metal bands would you suggest?
First I must say that I personally think that we don’t have an actual bunch of remarkable bands here in Spain, at least not for a country with 50m inhabitants. About active Death Metal bands I should highlight Graveyard, Ataraxy, Banished From Inferno, Agonised (Gusi’s project) and Cruz (although they are on hold) mainly. There are other bands like Insulters, Tort, Andhord, Atonement, Of Darkness or Ered that deserve your attention!

Where was "Embedded In The Ossuary" recorded? Give us a little info considering the situation of the recording studios in Spain. Are there decent places where someone can get the result he wants? What where the hardships you had to overcome while recording "Embedded In The Ossuary"?
We recorded, as the band always did, in Moontower Studios, owned by Javi Bastard (Graveyard, Of Darkness, Korgull The Exterminator, Hellspawn Mag…). I think he’s the best choice to record old school metal of any kind in Spain. Machetazo sounds incredible too, and they used to record in Treboada, located in Coruña. As far as I know many metal bands had problems here recording in “regular” studios, you know: “you are using too much distortion”, blah blah. Recording and mixing with Javi is always easy: he helps you and he also has an amazing Rainbow poster!

Haha…Big hails for the Rainbow poster…..So, 10 years from now. Where do you see Morbid Flesh standing? How would you like to continue? Do you see at some point this occupation with death metal becoming a permanent job?
Only time will tell, but our forthcoming plans are doing some gigs and keep working on new songs. I actually could live with the profits of the band, but I spend tons of money in the casino, so...

Hehe. Yes I get you. It’s a curse. So, what else is there in Spain for a Morbid Flesh member? Where would we find you on a typical Saturday night? Practicing, writing songs, or drinking tons of alcohol in a local pub?
Well, if you came here one day with the classy “Saturday night and I just got paid” vibe I recommend you drink a couple of anise carajillos, eat liver tapas and drink Rioja wine while listening to Thin Lizzy.

Sounds cool! That’s all man. Thank you for your time and congratulations again on this great EP. Last lines are yours!
Thank you for the interview! You can follow us here: or
Interviewer: twansibon
Aug 30, 2014

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