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Mortality was formed in 1994 in Colorado Springs, Colorado and has since relocated to San Antonio, Texas. While in Colorado, they quickly gained the attention of Mosh Pit Records who released Mortality's Demo ’Death Grooves’. This Demo brought a whole new sound to the Death Metal scene by combining overwhelming grooves, brutal drumming, catchy rhythmns and extreme vocal stylings. Their musical style coupled with their skull-crushing live show has gotten them a huge and ever growing fan base. Mortality has had the opportunity to play with bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Fight, Cryptopsy and several other National Acts. Which has helped them become comfortable onstage and given them the experience and confidence to consistently perform their mind blowing set in front of any audience, regardless of size. Mortality currently tours regionally and nationally. They also perform at metalfests around the states.

interview with Pete on 16-01-2003

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
We are Mortality and we play Death Metal.

According to your bandname will the band stop in a few years?
Hopefully not, we have endured through some trying times. i.e. Moving to a different state, different city, drummer committing suicide

Why did you move to Texas? For the weather? Or join the brutal Texas style?
We moved to Texas in order to be centrally located in the United States. We like to get out and play as much as possible. Plus, there are also many more places to play in Texas.

How many twisters did you encounter in Texas?
About 4 myself, I dont know about the other guys.

What makes you better and different than other bands?
Well, I can't say we are better than other bands, we just go out play the fuck out of our songs and try to give people a good show.

Which bands made you decide to become a metalhead? Still follow them?
Well, I can only speak for me on this one. Ozzy is what got me into metal. When I first heard Blizzard of Oz, I knew I wanted to play guitar. Although, lately I haven't gotten into what he is doing.

And bands that made you wanna play death metal?
Carcass, Death, Death Angel, Dark Angel man there is such a long list.

Did you follow musical training or everything DIY?
I had musical training at first. Once I felt I didn't need formal training anymore I started doing things on my own.

How do you get musical inspiration? Watchig movies, reading books etc?
Honestly, hearing our drummer play inspires me to write what I do. We usually end up keeping some of those jams as parts of songs.

Describe in short how a song is born? Still add things to an existing song?
We really write parts all the time. We then play a rhythmn we want to work with and see what parts will flow together well. Once we have the music completed we record a demo and then our singer figures out what he wants to do vocally. We then adjust parts as needed to fit his vocal ideas.

Have you ever tried to join a band and were rejected? What did you think?
Nope, not yet.

What will you do when the others want to kick you out of Mortality?
Luckily, I am the one that does the kicking. :)

Why are American people so fond of fastfood?
Tastes good and its fast.

How hard is it to get a record deal? Or do you want to stay independent?
Well, it's pretty rough. Luckily we are now with FOREVER UNDERGROUND RECORDS.

Is the biggest thrill to release albums or go on stage? Why?
Going on stage is the biggest thrill. The adrenaline rush of a live performance just can't be beat.

I heard that the gigs are wild. Describe an ordinairy gig and one when everything goes out of control?
Well, every single one of our gigs has been pretty damn wild. We have a maniac for a singer and he loves to stir up the crowd.

What do you do after a gig? Drinking water? Looking for groupies?
Pack up and relax. Some of the guys look for booze, smoke and groupies.

What is your sex appeal?

How do you enjoy life? Doing anything that is prohibited by catholic church?
Fuck, LIfe is prohibited by the Catholic church, or so it seems. We enjoy Life and try to make the best of it daily

What is the meaning of life here on earth? Think it is a waste of time?
Life is life, take it how it comes.

Think global life changed after 9/11/2001?
Yeah, things are pretty fucked as far as the United States and their International Affairs.

What do you do to be remember when you are dead?
Just try to impact people however I can. Be it music, my actions or my words.

Have something to say to promote the band?
Pick up the New Release titled ’DECAY’ on Forever Underground Records. 15 songs with close to 80 minutes of music.

Last rites?
No, but thanks for your patience. I have been moving around so much I didnt think I would ever get this done.
Interviewer: twansibon
Jan 16, 2003
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