Murder Rape laughs at charity

MURDER RAPE began its works by the end of '92, with the objective to spread their Black and destructive art, for the Celebration of Supreme Evil. A long time passed for the conclusion of thy symphonies for their debut demo tape, called ’In Liaison with Satan’.
The debut CD ’Celebration of Supreme Evil’ was recorded in '94. After a restrict and respectable promotion, they got the gratitude for the battle fought for the strengthen of the unfinished works of a millenary doctrine.
In '97 the new album ’...and Evil Returns’ was released by the Brazilian Black Metal label Evil Horde Records. It gathers works about ancient beliefs and the obscure feelings of this five gloomy souls, as it preserves the ideals of the ones who are ready to join the Celebration, enjoying the glory and pleasures they have fought for, to sign the foundations of the only and Ancient Religion.
Now comes their third album ’Evil Shall Burn Inside me Forever’. Out on Evil Horde Rec July/2001, after many delays, this new album brings a stronger and faster sound full of fury and evilness. One thing is for sure: the changes in the line up came for better and will assure a good development in the band's music.

interview with Agathodemon on 20-6-2003

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Well, Murder Rape was formed in the end of 93, time when the true spirit of Black Metal was still present in many bands. A time when the true spirit of Black Metal hadn't been violated yet. When Black Metal was much more than just a music style. At the end of 94 we released our debut CD ’Celebration of Supreme Evil’ on Cogumelo Rec. At the end of 96 we released ’And Evil Returns’ at the recently created label Evil Horde Records. In mid 2001 we released ’Evil Shall Burn Inside Me Forever’ and at the end of 2003 beginning of 2004 we will release our forth album this time on Drakkar Rec, ’For The Evil I Spill my Blood’. All of us had been involved in other bands but none of them is or was more important than Murder Rape.

How much anger did you gain the last 10 years? And why?
10 years back in time, I was 20... Now with 30 years old I see that many things that I thought was true was just left aside, many bands in which I believed and got inspired from are now just commercial trash, but this just make me believe my work even more and I surely know how I don't want to be in 10 years. I guess we must have moral and honor over all.

Why is BM an eternal battle? Will it win someday?
Because while other music styles prefer to talk about human decomposition, social problems, elfic tales, etc, the true Black Metal always exposes the true enemy, I mean, judeo-cristianity. The true bands will never mind being boycotted for the ones who think they are victims. If we are going to win or not, it depends on the stregnth and capacity of each one to make its part, time will say the rest.

You play BM from the beginning. No need to change the style?
I think one can evolve inside the same music style. Evolve does not mean to deny your roots or make something totally out of your first proposal.

Describe the brazilian BM style? Want to differ from the US and EU style?
Well, I think the Brazilian Black Metal Style is very singular because while the American bands aim the music quality and sometimes leave the lyrics aside, and the European ones do just the opposite, I guess the old Brazilian Black Metal bands manage to make something between them both, I mean they make the music a complement for the lyrics and vice versa, something not so rotten as Sarcofago and Mutilator and not so technical as Deicide and Morbid Angel.

Do you first rape and then murder or first murder and then rape?
Well, it's always good to keep the blood warm, so...

What is your drive for making BM music?
True feelings, directed to people that are ready to accept them and share the same ideal.

Do you want to spread a message with the band? What message?
I guess the purpose of a B lack Metal band is obvious and clear, the main intention of the true Black Metal bands is to expose the filthy face of judeo-christianity.

How was the European tour? Responses from the audience?
We played for audiences from 40 to 2500 people. It was an unique chance to meet old comrades with whom we used to be in touch for a long time (Horna, Mutiilation, Destroyer 666, Watain, Unpure, Nifelheim, Arkhon Infaustus and many other comrades)

What was the most remarkable show? Why?
Out of doubt the best gig was at Under the Black Sun because it was the biggest audience we played for in Europe, Everything was well organized, stage, backstage, the audience reacted in a way we couldn't have imagined. Many people knew our songs and sang together, and ABlaze magazine elected Murder Rape as the best show that night.

How much do you pratice on your instrument? Any lessons?
When I started playing bass I got some lessons, but they didn't encourage me so much, so I decided to study on my own.

What do you do in normal life?
I work at ’A Obscura Arte’ magazine which is the only pro-magazine in South America to deal exclusively with Extreme Music. It's out each 3 months with 15000 copies. I run the label Evil Horde Records and the virtual store that also deals exclusively with Extreme Music. Evil Horde Rec is also one of the main distributors of Extreme Music for the Brazilian stores.

Do you support some kind of charity? Why do they need support?

Do you care about other humans, nature, environment?
I live in a place out of town, a kind of small farm, I have the less contact with the so called 'normal' people that I can. I like the quiet of the place I live, so I guess I can say that I care about nature. Well, concerning people, once they keep away from me, I don't care.

Why is Christianity a false religion?
How come they have as martyr a person who wanted to save the world but couldn't save himself?!

Can you respect a true Christian? Why yes or no?
A Christian can never be true. A person to deny its essence and life cannot be considere true in aspect.

What kind of religion was there before the conquers came to Brazil?
Brazil was a land inhabited by Indians, so their culture was taken as pagan in the primitive sense. With the come of the Portuguese and immigrants we started to be considered a catholic country. Today Brazil is considered the second biggest catholic country in the world (unfortunetly). I must just emphasize that there arent't any more Indians in Brazil now, as well as they've been extinted in other countries and the native culture has very few influences over the current Brazilian Culture. When the Portuguese court moved to Brazil because of Napoleon's war, the royalty made sure to bring all the European habits they had there, and built the fist public library, museums, theatres and university. Later came the immigrants from Germany and Italy that brought more European customs to our culture together with chistianism.

Are you trying to tell something about this in the lyrics?
My lyrics talk about the way I see things, my beliefs, my way of life and what keeps me alive, I mean it's a reflex of myself.

When do you send me a MR shirt size XL?
Whenever you ask.

What kind of music do you listen to yourself? Fav band, album?
Well, there are many bands, after all for a 30 years old guy it's not so easy to choose just 5 best albums. I like bands such as Mercyful Fate, Black Sabbath, Lucifer Friends, old Immortal, old Emperor, Danzig, Fields of Nephlim, Sodom, etc, but to name the best album I would say ’Don't break the Oath’ from Mercyful Fate. I guess the tittle explains itself.

Also like the horror movies? Maybe other genres?
For sure we cannot watch just Horror movies, but I wish so, hehe. But I like classic movies such as O massacre da Serra Eletrica, Evil Dead, The Exorcist (I and III), Conan the Barbarian, Devil's Advocate, Gladiator, O Silncio dos Inocentes, ’A Meia-Noite Levarei sua Alma’ (At midnight I will take your soul), ’Esta Noite encarnarei no seu Cadaver’ (Tonight I will Incarnate in your corpse) Cora‹o Satanico, Scarface and many others that could take the whole day to name.

Tell us the true spirit of MR?
A spittle at the filthy face of judeo-christianity.

Last rites?
Interviewer: twansibon
Jun 20, 2003

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