Nameless prefers a scientific thinking

The band was founded in 2000 by Ska Bo (Guitar and bass) and they soon gather other members to complete the line-up: these members were Skeja (guitar) Toky (Vocals) Dido (drums).

In January 2001 Nameless recruited Resa (Growling Vocals), to add something new to their sound? More groovy and violent riffs were created, and the Nameless trademark begun to be noticied in their song: amix between ’80ties thrash and death metal, with some references to the ’90ties thrash (Panters, Exhorder, MachineHead).

In the summer 2001 there were a split between the band and Ska (guitarist), so Stefano Gori was suddenly recruited as guitarist, but his experience with Nameless was very short, due to personal reasons.

So, the line-up was: Skeja (Guitar), Toky ()clean vocals & screaming), Bo (bass guitar), Resa (growl vocals) e Dido (drums). This line-up recorded “Nameless” demo, in summer 2002.

In summer 2002, Nameless won the criticism prize at the “Rocksano” contest and in 2003 were selected by Metal Hammer Italy as one of the three underground metal bands to represent Italian Metal in Europe for the NoiseKontest, announced by Noise Records.

interview with Skeja on 12-01-2004

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hi, I’m Skeja, guitarist of Nameless, a thrash/death metal band from Italy.

Why do you use the name Nameless? Lack of inspiration?
Maybe... we were really confused when we had to choose our name and somebody said: “why don’t we call nameless? Sounds cool!” and, due to the fact that it sounded cool to everyone, we are Nameless.

How does it feel to see the endresult of the album? Satisfied with the demo?
Surely! We are really satisfied of its results. Our demo has received a good feedback and we have also sold several copies of it.

Was it easy to record it? Having difficulties?
The recording wasn’t so easy, because it was the first time we entered a studio... and multitrack recording was something really new to us. We also had to work a lot on our sounds to achieve a good result.

How would you describe your music to your deaf granny?
Banging my head in front of her...

You're mixing thrash with death. Are these styles your favorit? Or listening to others as well?
Surely these styles are our favorites, but we all listen to other genres too... for example, I like black metal, brutal, grind, ambient, industrial and everything extreme in the music scene too...

You were selected for the NoiseKontest. Have you played for it already? Think it will help in the future?
NoiseKontest wasn’t a live contest: we had to send our promo to the redaction of metalhammer Italia and they have choosen us and other 2 italian metal bands. The three promos were sent to foreign redactions and here there was another selection that we don’t passed. I think it can help us as a part of our “curriculum” that could encourage people to give us a chance.

Is it easy to get some gigs in your area? On your own or having a booking manager?
It isn’t so easy to get gigs... pub owner are always sceptic about a band they don’t know, we don’t have a booking manager, so we administrate our gigs on our own; the best thing to do is to play a gig in a pub supporting another act, known by the owner. We are lucky, ’cause here in Veneto (the region we live in) there is a strong metal alliance, to help each other getting some gigs.

How do you travel to your gigs? Own cars?
Yes, we usually use our cars.

How does a typical Italian breakfast looks (taste) like?
Coffee... lot of coffee, a pair of biscuits and a cigarette.

Do you eat foreign food? What kind is populair in Italy?
We don’t eat so much foreign food... We have probably the best food in the world, so why eat something inferior? (hahaha)

How do you see the future for the band? What would you reach in 5 years?
I really don’t know... here in Italy it isn’t so easy to emerge from underground. I hope to record a full-length album and to have lot of gigs, maybe all over Europe, but nothing’s certain.

Do you give your telephonenumber to girls?
Sure! Why shouldn’t I?

Are interested in philosophical thoughts? Or do you have a favorit quote?
No, we are a band of ignorant people... Jokes apart, philosophy never interested me so much, I prefer a scientific thinking than wondering years and years about the sense of life.

What are your favorit puzzles?
I hate puzzles! I don’t have the patience to complete them...

Your last chance to promote the band?
Visit our website, (soon available in English, we’re working on it) and listen to our songs in the “media” section. Then, leave a comment in the guestbook!

Last rites?
Pussy, Beer & Thrash Metal!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jan 12, 2004

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