Necromatory prefer the underground as opposed to the spotlight

If one has never heard of Necromatory, there is a good reason for it. This death metal/ grindcore act is a well kept secret of Oshawa that was originally disbanded in 2008, but has now reformed but wants to keep quiet about it. Despite being a loud and brutal band, Necromatory would rather grind their way through hard work and integrity rather than fall prey to the over-commercialization of mainstream life. With just a MySpace and very little information, one really has to listen to Necromatory to get them rather than try to figure them out by reading through a bunch of web pages and pictures. I got a chance to discuss the band’s reformation with drummer Zach Smith and what the group is looking for with their newfound stability of time.

Hello from BRUTALISM. So what’s been happening lately for Necromatory?
There is a lot happening. We just played our first show together in 3 years on July 22nd, recorded a new demo, and we're running a death metal/grindcore fest in August...lots coming up!

Is there a fresh sense of energy and inspiration for the band since you’ve reconvened from the break up in 2008? What made 2011 the moment for this to happen?
Yes, there is definitely some new life that has been pumped into the band since we got back together. We're back and better than ever. The writing is a lot more fluent and matured as well.

You guys are pretty low key at the moment with such limited information out there. How do you get yourselves out to the general public to be heard, aside from things like MySpace and Youtube?
We have always been a very low-key band. We don't give a fuck about being popular. If you hear our band and like it, then good for you! It's not what we're set out to do though.

So I guess the first obvious question would be… how did Necromatory come together?
Necromatory came together when 2 bands from Oshawa, Ontario split up. Those bands were Carnage and Batteries Not Included... Brad Mcsherry (Guitar), Myself (Drums) and Bob Shaw (Vocals) got together after the bands split up and formed Necromatory.

How would you describe your sound, and why choose it? Grindcore seems to be a dangerous genre because while it is very extreme, it also tends to be one that few can stand from all the ‘noise.’
Our sound is very percussive, lots of drum-lead passages. It's also a very abrasive, brutal sound. The riffs are pretty intricate as well. If you're going to play death metal / grindcore you'd better not be expecting to have very many fans, so that doesn't really matter.

Any particular influences you’d like to name?
We like a lot of stuff...I listen to a lot of classic rock, blues, prog rock, etc... so that shows up a lot in my drumming...I know Brad and Bob really like the old stuff too... as for brutal/grindcore stuff we like anything good, and hate stuff that sucks.

What’s Necromatory’s philosophy as far as music goes? If you had one thing to prove to listeners, what would it be?
We don't have to prove anything to anybody. Our musical philosophy is this: Don't suck.

Any tours/ shows planned, or will Necromatory rely on being a studio band at this point?
We've got a lot of shows lined up right now, and some more in the works that are still to be announced. We might hit up the studio and lay down an album this summer, who knows?

Looking back on metal and grindcore/ death metal when it started out in the late 80s/ early 90s and then how it has evolved today, do you think it has gotten more brutal for better or worse?
I'm not a big fan of very early didn't get good for me until the mid 90s. Lots of "core" bands are ‘shitting up’ the metal scene...who wants to hear more about that though?

Does Necromatory have a pretty big fan support, or are most of the ones who support your other bands just getting wind of this ‘new’ project?
We have a relatively decent fanbase, nothing too crazy. It’s just enough to keep us playing at the shows! If you're just hearing about us now, chances are it's too late to do you any good.

What’s the best thing a fan (or even just a stranger) has said or done for the band that has really inspired you to keep going with what you’re doing?
Our fans are Shitboys.

If you could choose the best and worst thing that’s come along in music history- metal or non metal- what would they be?
Mainstream anything sucks donkey ass.

That’s about all I have for now. Any last words of wisdom to fans and readers?
Thanks for the interview. Keep it brutal, and remember to wash behind your ears. BRUTALISM rules!
Interviewer: devilmetal747
Aug 8, 2011
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