Necrotério and the third world chaos

interview with Necrotério

Necrotério started its activities in 1993, launching the first demo-tape in 1995. The band had some line-up changes in 1996 and in 1997, when the formation became stable with: Evandro Maidl (Bass), Emerson Lima (Drums), Marcos Lima (guitar) and Gustavo Grando (Vocal)

Through all these years, Necrotério played in more than 70 concerts in Brazil and realised 2 South American tours in 1997 and 1998 (Brazil, Bolivia and Argentine) and 1 European tour in 2001 (Germany, Belgium, France and Czech Rep.) .
In 1999, Necrotério launched the first full length CD, called “Lament of Flesh”.

interview with Evandro on 30-7-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
My name is Evandro Maidl, the bassist in the band Necroterio, I’ve been playing in this band for the last 7 years. I also do the backing vocals. I’m 23 years old. Our style is into the brutal death metal and grindcore music.

Did you play the bass before you joined in? Played in other bands?
I played in a thrash hard core band, named Monophobia about 10 years ago, but the band didn’t record anything. The trues is that my career started in Necroterio.

Why did it last 6 years before the CD was released? Finance, label etc?
It did because we’re an independent band, and here in Brazil there are a lot of difficulties for these kind of bands, actually, we recorded 4 demo tapes before we did the CD.

Why did you choose to play this kind of metal?
Because, this is the most brutal and agressive kind of music, this way we can expose our points of view and show our hard reality by music.

What is the strength of the coop between the bands of Curitiba?
In fact we have a really nice scene here, there are a lot of great bands in may differents styles of metal, some bands are more cooperative, and other are like vegetals. But, the only way to make shows here, is working with another bands, because the lack of professionalism is realy big here.

Does it help that you work together with other bands? Why?
Yes, it really helps a lot! Because we don’t have any other type of help, so, if you want to play in an underground show, you must organize it directly with the bands.

Do you also work together with bands from other countries? Which?
Sure, we are always playing in another countries and making friends around the world, so it helps to have cooperation from another bands. There are a lot of bands that we work together in different ways, and it makes impossible to talk about all. But some are: Hellblazer (Germany), Apalavia (France), Total Fucking Destruction (USA), Profanation (Germany) among a lot of others...

What are your favorit bands? Maybe some non metal bands?
Well, I have a very ecletic influence, I like a lot of bands, into many differents kind of music, my favourite bands are: Napalm Death, Six Feet Under, Ratos de Porão, Social Distortion, Cannibal Corpse, Type o Negative, Brujeria and a lot of others!!! I also like new age Artists, like Enya and Vangellis.

Think Brazilian bands will always be compared to Sepultura?
Is really hard to escape from this kind of comparation because Sepultura was a really important band for the whole brazilian scene, they helped the bands from here to be recognized in the world.

What do you think of the new Sepultura? What about other bands that exist for more than 10 years?
I really do not like the last cds of Sepultura, I think they lost too much when Max Cavalera left the band, I think this band is not the real Sepultura. They still doing some good songs, but it’s less than they can do. I think it’s natural that a 10 years old band change its style with some new influences, but there are bands like Napalm Death, that are always getting new and good influences.

How do you party the Brazilian carnaval activities? Dressed up like a halfnaked woman?
HA HA HA, sure, we dress up like indians and then we go to the streets to dance and to fall down drunks, then we wake up in the end of the partys and we are back to our hard reallity, with misery, anger, and sickness... In fact, we really hate this kind of Brazilian culture, because these people that are dancing in the four days of carnival, are very poor and do have anything even to eat for the whole year, and in the part of the year, they forget the difficulty and start to dance and drink and make sex... The poor people unfortunatelly are too ignorants, and they forget that our politicians are motherfuckers, that have always stolen our hard earned money, and making us sick and miserable.

Did you celebrate the victory of the worldchampion football? Also think Brazil should have lost?
NOOO!!! Brazil is the best football team in the whole world, we are the champions my friend!!! HA HA HA. Actually, we are very happy that Brazil won the world championship, because we are the only five times champion in the world, I think we won because we have the best individual players.

Are you currently working on a new album? Any news on that one?
Yes, we are working on our new album, wich is already recorded, we are finishing the cover art and the graphic layout, we also are waiting for a record label to help us to release it. It’s a 12 tracks cd, with one cover of the english band Doom.

What are the topics of the lyrics? Where do you do your research?
We always try to leave some message, about the society, the world and the universe where we live in. We use the splatter language to make the lyrics more expressives. Our lyrics are influendced by terror and trash movies and by our life experiences.

Can you make us a nice recipe for some alcoholic drink?
Well, I’m not the best guy in this band to talk about alcohol, because I don’t drink it, but I think the most popular brazilian drink is the ’Caipirinha’. It's a drink with Cachaça (a brazilian destiled drink) blended with lemmon. I think when you come to Brazil or when you call a brazilian to visit your home, you should ask him to make this drink for you, you won’t forget...

You have been touring Europe. What are the big difference between Europe and South America? What did you like and dislike?
We toured some countries in Europe last year, we’ve been playing in Germany, Belgium, France and Czech Republic. I think the biggest difference is the professionalism and the good conditions to make concerts in Europe, where you can have some money to play, what don’t happen in Brazil. It’s hard to say what we dislike, we really loved to be in Europe, I think the worst thing was the rain, in some places it rains a lot...

Do you think it is important to know other cultures?
Sure I think, we are always trying to learn something about the culture in the places where we go.

Do you believe in freedom of speech? If yes why may we not discriminate each other?
I beleieve that everyone have the right to speak what you think, but I think the discrimination is a shit!!! Why some bastards think they are better than others just because the skin color, or because they were born in a rich country? I think everybody is human and deserve respect!

Are you political interested? Do you vote each time? Could you imagine yourself as a minister?
No, I can’t see me like a minister or mayor, or president! I am always trying to read and to learn something about politic, but I confess, it’s really hard to understand what the hell these guys have into they heads!!!

Is there any job you would love to do (outside the music)? Why?
I have another job outside the music, I give computer support in a store here in my city, but it’s not what I like to do. I love to play and that is what I want to do. Maybe I would like to be a footbell player.

Do you find it a kick when zines want to interview you? Try to describe it?
Yes, I really like to answer interviews, I think it helps people to know what your band think and try to say. There are some commom questions that really suck, but in general, we love to answer this shit!!! he he he.

Who can contact you and for what?
All the freaks that love the brutal and savage death metal grindcore, because we have a lot to say, we want to tell you the true of the third world and we want to make your ears bleed!!!

Last rites?
Thanks a lot bro, for this really cool and funny interview, keep supporting the underground!!! ’Come to know your worst nightmare! The third world chaos!!!’ And please, go in our shows next year, when we are touring Europe!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 30, 2002

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