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interview with Makis on 10-12-2004

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Well my Name is Makis, I am the singer of the band, I live in Athens Greece and I’m also born here 30 years ago. I am in the band from the beginning along with John our “main” guitar player since the early 90’s.

Why do you use the term Satancore? Why not Christcore?
Our music is a bit devilish and the attitude in general would never fit with something like Christ. We prefer to be a bit evilish if I can use the term, because we live in such a society. We like a wicked kind of approaching from today’s reality, but also a clever way of expressing. Finally we obviously do not play Christian music and that is that!

Is it difficult to blend different styles? Is it because the members have their personal favourite music?
Each member of the band has its own influences and musical likes & dislikes. Sometimes the same, sometimes totally different. Because of that I can’t say that it is difficult to blend the sounds we like, but I could say that it is more difficult to find out the appropriate dosage of each music element. The main thing is that the root of our music is in Thrashmetal and after that we do the mixing thing among the other music styles that we like.

How did you get involved in metal? Ever tried to become a hip hop-maniac in a training suit with gold chains?
We go back with this one... Everything started years ago when I was not musically oriented and I was trying to find out something that could make the difference in me and for me. So because my friends those days were into metal, I decided to try out this music myself. I realized immediately that this was the one. The sound, the mood, the hole thing was damn great and exactly what I needed and looking for. I listen to many types of music-styles and sounds. Sometimes totally different sorts of music, but my main theme, my main likes are always into the sound of metal. I don’t think that any other kind of music could express me and my way of seeing life and things in general. It is certainly a way of life...

What is the perfect jewellery for metal fans? What can you recommend?
This can change from person to person. I prefer silver rings and silver bracelets or maybe jewellery made from leather or wood. I also like jewellery made by piercing material such as surgical steel or titanium.

Are you excited when seeing a vaginal piercing?
At the beginning it was a very unusual and a very different thing! Nowadays I believe that it is more common and I have lost this excitement I had in the beginning. It is something unusual maybe and I like it very much but it has become something common.

How is the scene in Greece? Easy to establish? Any control or restrictions by local authorities?
As in every other music scene it takes a lot of trying. Here in Greece the problem is that there is not much interest for the metal scene, with exception ofcourse the people that gets involve with it. The music industry here gives attention to music that can be described as “folk”. Easy listening refrain songs that repeats the same words again and again with out any meaning of existence. That’s why the bands here are always in some kind of underground level. There has been a lot of changes for sure, the bands are playing much more maturely and professionally and the scene is much more stronger than before, but many things really need big changes. There are no restrictions by the authorities but they are always there in one way or an other.

You also played in Turkey. What about the historical struggle betweenthose countries? Felt rejected in Turkey?
Strangely, when we played in Turkey we felt better than we did while playing in some places in Greece. All this things about the struggle between our two countries is cultivated by the authorities and by many other kind of interests which has nothing to do with how the two nations feel. We had a great time in Turkey from hour one till the end of the whole thing and we were respected and also treated as professionals with a professional way. We had a damn great time!!!!

Does Turkey must join the EU community? What positive side will come from their side?
Yes why not? I believe that as a country there are some things that they must change and also follow different paths in a lot of things, but I think that Turkey is a big and strong country that EU has to pay attention to.

Can you give us some Greek words we should know?
Well it depends on what do you want to say.... One very common word here in Greece is malakas that means asshole... but if you have the opportunity to come over here we should meet and I will tell you many more different words for different occasions.

If metal fans ask you to be their tourist guide can you guide them around? What will be your fee?
I believe that I would be able to show them around and take them to places they will want to see and as for the fee... I think my beers should be fine....

Are there plans for a European tour? Which bands would you like to join your tour? Why?
There are always plans for something like that and for sure we would like to play along with bands that are in the same kind of musicstyle as we are. I don’t believe that I could say names of bands because when you have the opportunity for something like that you just do it. There are so many great bands out there that this could take many more lines in this interview. Mainly bands which are in the same music mood as we are....

Are there many bands visiting Greece? Any chance to see the big names?
Things have changed in the last years for Greece. Yes there are a lot of bands that visit Greece and this is getting better as the time goes by. As for the “big” names as you said I believe that in every live show I go to see there is always a big name among the other bands. If you are talking about historical names then yes we have a lot of them here too.

Why is BRUTALISM not add in your link section?
Well this can be arranged...I will just have to talk with our webmaster...Sorry about that but the database of the link section is always changeable and there are so many links that we could add.

Are you promoting on the internet frequently? Like visiting forums, MSN or something like that?
Sometimes yes sometimes no, it depends on what we want to do and what our plans are for something. It is nice though to get in contact with people and have this kind of communication.

Why are you promoting
We don’t see it as a promotion. We just liked the site as we like Freeones or Rotten and we just added the links. We do it without having something for return. We just like the quality of those links.

When are you gonna perform in such movie? Or writing a soundtrack?
There is no answer to that...When, doesn’t depend on us but if we will have the opportunity to do something like that, I believe that we certainly do it.

Any thing you wanna add that makes sense?
People must open their ears, eyes and minds to what is happening out there and not just say..”oh this is sooooo bad but it is sooo far from me so I don’t care”.... Humans have gone mad and care only for their own and their financial status. We as a race must re-act to all those lies of the so called ‘freedom world wide democracy’, because it doesn’t exist. Everything is done by powerful humans on this planet just for more power and domination. And this my friend is the reality they wanna put into our minds and our lives.

Last rites?
On behalf of the rest of Negative Creeps I would like to thank you for this interview and the opportunity you gave me to talk about all this stuff. To all the humans out there...
...keep your mind safe...Cheers.-
Interviewer: twansibon
Dec 10, 2004

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