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It is no wonder you did not find biography and discography - they simply do not have those on this page so far since they are almost a brand new band relying on pure enthusiasm and having no financial support whatsoever. All band members were previously playing in different bands of Bishkek (which is the capital city of Kyrgyzstan - the country we live in - one of the countries of CIS) - the bands which performed both heavy and light sorts of rock and metal. Having decided they would like to do some stuff that was really different from what they had been doing before, they got together as a band and as a team of friends in fall 1999.

Neocrima has a demo made that consists of 5 songs as home made MP3 files. You can only obtain them to contact the band for downloading the files. And I suggest you do because the songs they have made consist of a great variety of metal styles. The vocals are near grunt, the guitar is on the foreground, tempo changes and sometimes a surprisingly female vocals. It is not typical death metal but a lot of different styles. So give this band a try and contact for downloading and hopefully there is a label that has interest to let them record a professional CD.

interview with Andrey vocalist on 5-3-2001

Give us a short introduction of yourself and the band.
So, the story is like that: some dudes who were in different bands of Kyrgyzstan, playing very different music - from hardcore to grindcore, decided to get together and do something brand new for them and for others.
Beauty and high quality were the main postulates for them (us). About band's name, well, Neocrima is a made-up word. That doesn't mean we're some ’neo criminals’ or something, but sure band's name means something new - at least for us. Current line-up is: Andrey - vocals; Emil, Anton - guitars; Rodion - bass-guitar. Well, here we are, pretty happy with each other.
Personally, we think that ’melodic technical death-metal’ term would fit our music perfect. But there are different opinions among those who heard our music. So, it's up to you to decide what the fuck we play really. We are from 20 to 22 years old. We are students of different majors - a programmer, a doctor, a manager, a physicist.

Is Neocrima a real band or a sideproject because you all play in different bands?
Neocrima's not sideproject it's a real band. We have no other bands and Neocrima is the only life style we concentrate on.

Tell us something about the metal scene in your area?
Well, we can't say much about that all. We DON'T have metal scene, zines, labels here. We have to play gigs in an underground club, which is the only one in our country. Looks like we live in some Zimbabwe.

Is it easy for you to obtain metal music in your area?
Easy?It's IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!! At least , FUCKING difficult.

If there is not a metal shop how do you get your CDs etc?
We have to listen only to mp3 music.

Is there a change to see bands live on stage?
No chance at all cuz, no band visit our damned country.

Did you preformed live yourself?
Yes of course. The only experience of ours is a local uderground club.

What are your favorite bands?
In general, we listen to Scandinavian melodic metal, like Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, At The Gates, Children Of Bodom, etc. Those guys rule!

Do you only listen to metal music?
Of course No. We prefer listening any music of high quality

Last rites?
Thank you for the interview and we hope that fans of technical death metal will visit our site, give a change and ask to download our songs. You won't be disappointed!
Line up:
Emil Sarnogoev - craft: lead-guitar
Andrey Romanov - craft: throat
Anton Kaluzhin - craft: guitar
Rodion Tel'pizov - craft:4 strings

We are the ones who follow the way of technical melodic death-metal but without any fear of experiments and other genres influences. In the world of hardcore and grunge we still try to keep up the unfabled line of ours. Don't expect us to fall like many others!
Interviewer: twansibon
Mar 5, 2001

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