Nerlich being lost of consious

intie with Mikka at 5-7-2005

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Nerlich plays old school death metal in the vein of Death, Suffocation and Pestilence. The band was formed in autumn 2003, in year 2004 we did two demos: ’s/t’ demo (spring 2004), ’Isane creations - inorganic echoes’ demo (autumn 2004).
In this year Nihilistic Holocaust -label released the second demo on a split release with Gorgasm and Decoherence, and we recorded a new promo (summer 2005). The new promo can be downloaded for free from The line-up has changed few after the beginning and at the moment we are rehearsing with new members and writing new material (and ofcourse hoping to be signed).

Nerlich is:
Miikka Merikallio: guitar/vocals
Teemu Mutka: drums
Otso Kirvelä: guitar
Tommy Metsälä: bass guitar

Why do you play in this band? What is the typical fun for this band?
I don’t know, I just like death metal. It’s a twisted urge, I want to acomplish something significant. The typical fun for the band is just being stupid and searching our drummer when he happens to disappear.

Which Disney movie pulls your tears? Why?
My little ponies. I have always wanted to have a pony and eat it.

For what price will you sell your music for the commerial sells?
For 3 euros (the new promo), 2 euros without postage.

How is the metal scene in your area? Lot of gigs? Easy to get them?
Well fortunatelly some good bands plays gigs quite often here. It is not so dificult to get gigs, atleast if you know people and have a good band.

How does a show look like? What does the most fanatic fan gets from you?
Manic depression.

After the show?
Hopefully I get pussy and the partner propably gets manic depression.

What do they have to do to obtain free tickets?
To be good friends or to do something with me that leads to manic depression.

Reacte on these three words (random order):
I don’t have a dictionary here and don’t know what reacte means, but I’ll improvise. Yeah, haha.
* sperm swallowers - Oh, I dig them if they are not males.
* green blood - It is something that has to circulate in your brains. So it means Marijuana.
* tumbtorture - I just lost a part of my finer tips skin, the same size as my nails. Hurt like hell and it looks very disfigured. Gab from Nihilistic Holocaust said that finger fucking has it risks. I wish I had knew it. So you know what is thumb torture, and evil and nasty hole.

What is your drive to make music? Did you study for it?
I partly answered this one in the beginning of the interview... No none of us have studied it, well our other guitarist know lot of theory.

How do you keep your memories of your musical career alive? Write it down, video?
Just hoping I don’t forget the things + I write the gigs down on our homepage, take live pics and do recordnings.
We have one video of our first gig and hopefully we can do a proper live video sometime.

Do you play covers? Some when rehearsal?
We usually play two cover per gig, one in the middle and one as the last song. At rehearsals we play a lot of Suffocation and other covers.

Which bands will appear on your tribute album in 2008?
Slayer, MegaDave, Suffocation and maybe even some big bands. Maybe Matti Nykänen also.

Do you have other activities in the metal scene?
Our drummer does have many bands, I mean many. Other of us doesn’t have anything to mention.

Interest outside the music bizz? What are your hobbies? Sport interest?
Wandering and being lost of consious.

Is there life after metal?
Yes, and death too.

What prejudice do you hate people have of metal musicians?
That they like Sonata Arctica. Because I like death metal (and little bit other styles too) it doesn’t mean that I like Teräsbetoni, Kilpi or some fucking terrible bollocks.

Say something in your language that makes my wife horny as hell?
Mä pistän sun reikääs toisenki sormen, jos nyt lähtee palanen sormen päästä nii mä tapan sut huora.
I bet she’s horny now.

Last rites?
Loved to death. Yeah Megadeth!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 5, 2005
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