Neuraxis can't be found in an ordinairy dictionairy

Neuraxis. The axial, unpaired part of the central nervous system in contrast to the paired cerebral hemisphere. ’When one gets attacked by such an extreme sound, at once brutal and melodic, the nervous system becomes affected by all means. The neuraxis is the last gate to cross before reaching the state of sensible insanity... Once the spinal cord is under the band's control, one becomes a slave until the pulse ceases.’ - Stephane Mellul (Brave Concerts Intl.)

NEURAXIS was originally formed in 1994 by Steven Henry and Yan Thiel in Montreal, Canada. Several live performances were done with the original line-up. 1996 saw the recording of NEURAXIS's debut album at Montreal's Peter Pan Studio, produced by reputed engineer Jean-Francois Dagenais (KATAKLYSM). The 12 songs on ’Imagery’ reflect the band's early death/grind sound, yet hinted at a melodic style that is still in constant development.

Autumn 2000, the group entered Le Studio-Du-Nord with engineer Yannick St-Amand to record ’A Passage Into Forlorn’. The new EP fully showcases their melodic edge while brutalizing the listener with a progressive and technical approach to extreme-metal.

March 2002, NEURAXIS enters Z-Sound Studio once again with Yannick St-Amant to begin the recording of their next album entitled ’Truth Beyond...’. The album will contain 13 tracks of NEURAXIS's most extreme, diversified and well arranged music to date.

September 2002, the new album ’Truth Beyond...’ is completed. NEURAXIS signs with Montreal's GALY RECORDS for a full Canadian license deal. The release date is set for October 1st 2002, distribution being handled via Local Distribution. The album's artwork was designed by Mike Harrison (Misery Index, Dying Fetus). The band is now set to unleash the most extreme brutal and melodic death metal album of their career.... prepare for the nervous pulse of NEURAXIS!

interview with Steven on 14-04-2003

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I'm Steven Henry from Neuraxis, Neoblast Records and member of 6 other bands not related to Death Metal. Me and Yan Thiel are the founded members of Neuraxis back in 1994.

So what kind of persons are in the band? What is their mental state? Their social life?
We are ordinairy folks who to party and have fun. By the meaning of ’Ordinairy’ is we aren't snobby or arrogant, I would say we're cool guys who enjoy life by having a great time, smoking weed and drinking beer, no hard drugs. We're happy dudes man! heheh

How long did it take to come up with the bandname? Did you get some help with a dictionairy?
Back in 1993, me and Yan were playing underanother moniker, I thought about the name of NEURAXIS a long time ago but I wasn't sure the other members would like it since we were in a brutal band a la Cannibal Corpse / Suffocation / Carcass. NEURAXIS can't be found in an ordinairy dictionairy, you have to check in the medical dictionairy were I found it.

Because I was a huge fan of Carcass (I'm still one though) and I wanted to know every words they have in their lyrics so I stepped on Neuraxis and I liked the definition and what its related to.

How important is the bandname? Is it more than just a name? Think it is your lifestyle nowadays?
I think it's more important than ever because there are so many bands with crappy names and I want to avoid being related with them, hehehee.
In the past, it wasn't a big deal but today, metal has evolved and its standard has reached a new state that metal has to be intelligent and have a meaning. Neuraxis is pretty vast for subjects, it doesn't limit us...

Do you think metal in general is a lifestyle? Explain to a hiphop guy what metal is all about?
Yeah, Metal is a lifestyle because it's been more than 20 years metal is present in this world and it still a fight to keep its place. Hip hop came from Rap, it's more like street music which has message to spread, it's only beats - ambiance. Metal have a deeper meaning because of it's integrity, how hard we have to work to get this far. To be a good metal musician, it take years of practice comparing to a Hip Hop/Rap and Techno/Rave which takes a lot less. I'm not criticizing other styles exept dance and other fruity music (fuck the commercial industry! I hate you!). I respect Hip Hop/Rap/techo/Rave music because it has soul and rythm. A thing for sure, not everybody can live on metal financially... that's why it's special to me, I really love this genre because we're not doing it for money, there is a meaning to do this. Against all odds, we still play music just because we want to and we don't care if it doesn't sell millions, what counts is the quality not the quantity. One day, maybe in 2100, metal will be more considered and fully respected because we stand for it without thinking about the money factor. It's an art, you can't put a price on this!

How fanatic are you in the scene? What did you do before you were in the band?
I'm a huge fan of metal, punk and harcore music since I was 16. I bought my first guitar (Ibanez Roadstar) at the age of 17. My first band, I was 19 years old. So before I was in a band, I was just listening to music and go to shows like everbody. My dedication to the scene came in 1995/96 when I started Neoblast productions. I have so much love and energy for metal, I knew I could help out and do something more than just be a witness amongst the crowd. I believe alot in the QUEBEC scene, but it's not easy to get the recognition we deserve...

Do you ever think about the future? What will it be in 5 years? What will the band do? And yourself?
Sometimes I think about the future but I rather not plan my life in advance, you never know what will happen. Maybe I will die in an accident or I'll step on an amazing opportunity then things will change. But right now, everything is fine and I still want to continue in this way: playing music and do business in music until I have nothing to offer, right now I have so much to do and I dunno when it's gonna stop because every day I have new ideas and my goals are highter everytime, it's the challenge that keeps me alive. When there will be no challenge thats when I will be dead...

What is your favorit sport? Some typical Canadien like ice hockey? What kind of sport is totally uninteresting?
Curling is the most boring sport ever! I'm a hockey fan but I don't practice sports except Bowling, hehehe. I would say that I'm not a sporty guy, I should do sports to keep myself healthy instead of working in front of a computer and doing partys.

How big is your record collection? Still buying some or get them because you are a rock star?
I used to have a huge cd collection before someone robbed more than half of my collection. What I love is indie bands, stuff you don't see everywhere in stores. Promo cardboards and vinyl. Hey by the way, I'm not a rock star, maybe a metal star...heheheh

Which attitude is necessary to survive in the music business? Do you like this or not and why?
I hate being a dickhead but sometimes you don't have the choice to stand on your ground. Like in every business, you have to argue and fight for everything, if not your gonna get fucked. Metal is getting more professional with the years and things are getting harder, meaner. I rather deal with Punks and Hardcore folks, they're smoother and cool, they don't use that crappy attitude like the Motorhead tour manager had (what a fucking asshole that bozo Red hair!).

Did you ever used some drug? What kind or why not? Understand why people start taking them?
I don't do hard drugs because we all know it's bad and also it's risky. I smoke weed once in a while, not everyday. Anyway, I'm 30 years old, if I want to stay focused and productive, I have to cut a bit on alcohol and weed though. Some folks are just weak persons who need something to get rid of their inner pain, to distract them. What a pitty to use drugs to hide, they just don't get it. You can run but you can hide, one day or another some will face the truth and maybe they won't be prepared for it and fatality will come and hit them right in the face! Doing drugs isn't a way of life and I hope some dudes will get the message...

Did you follow some media training to deal with interviews and other media exposure?
Nope, I learned by myself the hard way, hehehe.

What is the use of this interview?
Spreading the word about Neuraxis, I guess.

And why do rabbits shit in little balls?
Like chickens when they shit eggs I presume.

Can you describe your sense of humor? What makes you laugh? Understand when people don't laugh at your jokes?
I love silly and sick jokes such as pranking (Tom Green) and stunts like Jackass, CkY and Bumfight. My sense of humor is really weird and silly, I love saying non-sense shit to patronize people. Most of them don't dig my stuff and it make things more hilarious.

How is your family life? Do you have children? Visit your parents regularly? How do you celebrate your birthday?
Usually when it's my birthday, I don't need gifts and cards but bring some booze and we will party. Get shitfaced is what I'm looking foward to. I don't have kids and as far it goes, I won't have any. I'm not a family guy, I'm like my father, very independant. I see my parents maybe 2 or 3 times per year. They don't dig what I'm doing and I don't ask them to be supportive, I thank them for putting me in this world though. My true family are the musicians I play with which I share everything with, that's why I love music so much!

Respons to this words please.
* war in iraq - Crap crap crappy politics, money and fucking oil!
* pornmovies - Good for wanking, nothing else.
* insects - Little animals, facinating world.
* V8 cars - Muscle cars, I love them but damn it costs a lot for gas!
* Elvis - King of rock, first classic crooner! Without him, metal wouldn't be like what it is right now! Hail to the king!
* Heineken - Great European beer, silimar to Corona with less pee in it.

Everything you wanna say to promote the new release?

Last rites?
Thanks Twan, I really enjoyed replying to your questions, some of them were silly and dumb but I like it this way. I hope folks don't take me too seriously because life is a joke, we will all finish to an end and it's death, no one can escape so enjoy it while you're alive and do something special for yourselves(all you readers)!
Interviewer: twansibon
Apr 14, 2003

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