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interview with bjorn of night in gales

Formed in 1995 Night in Gales has steadily grown as a death metal to keep an eye on. After three releases for Nuclear Blast the band signed with Massacre Records. The band also did numerous gigs with well known bands like Hypocrisy, In Flames, Dismember and always showed on stage that things kick bad ass. Also the style changed from death metal to death metal with thrash influences and melodic voice. If you play ‘Necrodynamic’ you want to step immediatly into the moshpit and shows that the extreme metal doesn't have to boring. Listen to the thrashy riffs, catchy rhythms and understandable voices. Night In Gales will score high on the metal charts with this piece of thrashy death metal.

Night In Gales are:
Christian Bass: Drums
Tobias Bruchmann: Bass
Björn Goobes: vocals
Jens Basten: Guitar
Frank Basten: Guitar

interview with Björn the vocalist on 18-4-2001

Please introduce yourself and your part in the band?
Yeah... cheerz out there... My name is Bjoern and I'm the damn singer in NIGHT IN GALES.

Why did you release ’Necrodynamic’ upon the world?
Why ?! I have no idea ?! Maybe you can tell more 'bout that ?! Well... I think ’Necrodynamic’ is a raw and groovicious bastard ready to shake the stages, man ! And cause we’ve sold our rotten souls to Rock'n'Roll we can’t do anything else than releasing albums with some blackelectric heavy shit, killin' your stereo...

Do you think you made progression with this album? Do you agree that ’Necrodynamic’ is more thrash orientated?
If we didn't think we've made a progress with ’Necrodynamic’, we would have split up. Being a band means being creative, innovative, everchanging, everbleeding. Music = Evolution. Nothing else. Musically spoken ’Necrodynamic’ is more thrash orientated indeed. We don't have a problem when somebody says that. I think the core of NIGHT IN GALES is nevertheless still Death Metal, but a modern and catchy kind of. We kept ’Nailwork’’s good elements and kicked the handicaps. Everything is more simple now, less melodic and more rythmic and groovy, with lots of melodic vocals and stuff. So this may be the thrash thing now... We've realized that some ’Nailwork’ stuff was, refering to the songstructure, a bit too bizarre. We've already played some ’Necrodynamic’ songs live on stage, and they really rock, man ! Though we aren’t really satisfied with the new album... for example the drumsound is much too weak and the production in general was pretty tensed and stressed... we think we're on the right way to the real NIGHT IN GALES sound... ’Necrodynamic’ will be our sound for 2001, and I guess there'll be some bloody foreheads, hehe....

Any difference between Nuclear Blast and Massacre Records?
A record company is a record company. It just depends on the daily cooperation and the enthusiasm of the label. A deal with a one-man underground label may sometimes be much better and effective than a lifelong majordeal... however... Massacre have the ability to push us further, let's see what will happen... So far we did our part of the deal, which is to produce a good album, now it's up to them to handle it the way it deserves it...

What are your favorit bands?
There are so many great ones... far too many to mention.. but some of my current faves are definitely... AGENTS OF OBLIVION, DANZIG, THE TEA PARTY, COMMERCIAL BREAKUP, KERBDOG, PISTON, ACID BATH, KATATONIA, RAMMSTEIN, PHONEHEADS, A-HA, CHROMA KEY....

For how long are you in the metal scene?
I think the first guitar stuff I ever bough was some ZZ Top album, but this is more bluesrock stuff... I guess I bought some albums of Obituary, Megadeth, Blind Guardian and Manowar somewhat around 10 years ago...

Could you image a life without metal?
I could maybe imagine a life without metal, but never without music at all. Music is my religion, my love. It's one of the strongest drugs and it sometimes brings you really close to beloved persons that are far away... I think such a precious gift is worth to be kept !

Where can people find you in your spare time?
Most times I am in my apartment in cologne in front of my computer, doing some graphics for bands (check ! ) and lots of business stuff for NIGHT IN GALES... or you can find me in the gym sometimes, I also often watch concerts and meet some friends at festivals and stuff... here in cologne there aren't that many good clubs unfortunately... But if you really want to meet me, read my lyrics !

What do you think of fans trying to contact the band?
It's o.k., I don't have problems with that. It's rather a compliment, when someone tries to get in contact with you... Finally the fans are the most important people in the whole fuckin' business, cause without fans there won't be any fuckin' scene, no fuckin' concerts, no fuckin' market, no fuckin' labels and most likely almost no fuckin' bands...

Who did you visit when you came ’Right From The Morgue’?
I met myself but I wasn't pleased with what I saw.

Which beer is better: German, Dutch or Belgian?
Each country has wonderful and terrible beers... Right now I have your Heineken in my hand, which is pretty good. Last week I drank a Stella Artois, which is from Belgium, right ?! They also have these crazy fruit beers... I like the cherry beer, yes..! Kriek or somethin'... One of my geman faves is Warsteiner... but most times I prefer the sweet chemical shitbeer called Desperados...

When do you freak out?
In general I am a very peaceful kind of guy. Playing concerts and goin' to the gym is a good outlet for aggressions, so I never use physical violence. My weapon is the word, but this may be really lethal sometimes... But well, there aren't that many reasons to freak out for me. One thing probably is when someone fucks up our band's work, like being fuckin' unprofessional and stuff, another thing is maybe bein' lovesick, I even think this can drive me totally out of mind... cause love is what it's all about, man ! Love for music, Love for pain, death, hate, sadness, sickness.... love for damn love....

Last rites?
We played in Belgium last weekend at the No Mercy Festival in Antwerpen in the Hof Ter Lo... It was a really nice show. I hope we'll come back to Belgium soon, playin' some more ’Necrodynamic’ shit... until then you should have bought it, dudes ! Hehehe... Remeber next monday, april 23rd !! This is the damn release of ’Necrodynamic’ !! And don't forget to visit !! over and out...
Interviewer: twansibon
Apr 18, 2001

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